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Sword Among Us (Web Novel)




Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts

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When he returned to the World of Martial Arts, the game was filled with blood and battles! Chen Kaixin had chased after the footsteps of the one emperor, two empresses, three princes, seven dukes, and thirteen aces for three years, but during the eve of the Sword Among Us tournament in Mount Hua, he was ambushed by evil bastards, and was killed so much that his level dropped to that of a newbie. He completely lost the chance to join the ranks of the powerful players in the game! In great disappointment, Kaixin quit the game and got drunk so that he could forget his sadness, but during that stormy night, Chen Kaixin found that he had actually dreamed for a total of three years, because when he woke up again, he woke up to three years ago, when he was still a student.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 974: Golden Saber Constable2020-12-02
Chapter 973: Danger2020-12-02
Chapter 972: Old Acquaintance2020-12-01
Chapter 971: Let the Killing Intent in You Weaken2020-12-01
Chapter 970: Flame Wolf2020-11-30
Chapter 969: Madam Wang2020-11-30
Chapter 968: Contact Wandering Know-it-all2020-11-30
Chapter 967: What Is Your Name?2020-11-30
Chapter 966: Fight Against Wild Wolves2020-11-30
Chapter 965: The Sky Demon Plays the Zither2020-11-30
Chapter 964: Dream Clouds’ Experience2020-11-30
Chapter 963: Top Ten Battle Replay!2020-11-29
Chapter 962: Blood Spills Across the Land2020-11-29
Chapter 961: Sword Technique Revealed2020-11-28
Chapter 960: Killing Intent in Ghost’s Domain2020-11-28
Chapter 959: The Prophet Wrote a Letter Over2020-11-27
Chapter 958: Astonishing Discovery2020-11-27
Chapter 957: Solo Kill, Try Again2020-11-26
Chapter 956: Demonic Venomous Larva2020-11-26
Chapter 955: The Three Wolves Appeared2020-11-25
Chapter 954: It’s Me2020-11-25
Chapter 953: Happy’s Change2020-11-24
Chapter 952: Didn’t Die!2020-11-24
Chapter 951: Grieving Needle2020-11-23
Chapter 950: Dream Clouds’ Orders2020-11-23
Chapter 949: Ghost’s Domain2020-11-22
Chapter 948: Qi Cultivation Increasing By Leaps and Bounds2020-11-22
Chapter 948: Qi Cultivation Increasing By Leaps and Bounds2020-11-22
Chapter 947: Fu Tianqiong2020-11-22
Chapter 946: What’s Wrong With Chen Kaixin? Verify Ability to Move to and Fro2020-11-22
Chapter 945: Confession and Surprise2020-11-22
Chapter 944: A Troubled Night2020-11-22
Chapter 943: A Tug Before Twelve2020-11-22
Chapter 942: Level Up, Moksha Realm!2020-11-22
Chapter 941: Work Together2020-11-22
Chapter 940: Reservation, Participating2020-11-22
Chapter 939: Bathe2020-11-22
Chapter 938: Attention from Phantasmal Shadow2020-11-22
Chapter 937: Return in Defeat2020-11-22
Chapter 936: Indestructible Body2020-11-22
Chapter 935: Madam Wang’s Portrait2020-11-22
Chapter 934: Blood Alliance’s Members2020-11-22
Chapter 933: Delightful Surprise in a Predicament!2020-11-22
Chapter 932: When You Run Into A house, Don’t Enter It2020-11-22
Chapter 931: Hunter Clan2020-11-22
Chapter 930: Mountain Villa of Ten Thousand Beasts2020-11-22
Chapter 929: Using Heaven Crystal to Intimidate Enemies2020-11-22
Chapter 928: Plans for the Other World2020-11-22
Chapter 927: “Hey, Man”2020-11-22
Chapter 926: Clear The Game, Choice2020-11-22
Chapter 925: Witnessing the Buddhist’s Lion’s Roar Once More2020-11-22
Chapter 924:2020-11-22
Chapter 923: Ten Moves2020-11-22
Chapter 922: One with the World, Mad Monk2020-11-22
Chapter 921: Reemerge in World of Martial Arts2020-11-22
Chapter 920: Great Dao Heart Demonic Seed Art2020-11-22
Chapter 919: New World of Martial Arts2020-11-22
Chapter 918: Chen Kaixin’s Counterattack2020-11-22
Chapter 917: Sudden Pain2020-11-22
Chapter 916: Surprise in Reality, Unexpected Cohabitation2020-11-22
Chapter 915: Established2020-11-22
Chapter 914: Use Superior Military Tactics, Then Move to Diplomacy, And Do Two Things at the Same Time2020-11-22
Chapter 913: Take Under His Wings2020-11-22
Chapter 912: Opening the Doors to His Mansion and Setting up a Banquet2020-11-22
Chapter 911: Entire Situation2020-11-22
Chapter 910: Send an Army to the North2020-11-22
Chapter 910: Send an Army to the North2020-11-22
Chapter 909: Hundred Flowers Enchantment Secret2020-11-22
Chapter 908: Blood Drenched Mountain Trail2020-11-22
Chapter 907: Disciple in Using Sorcerer Clan’s Gu Poison2020-11-22
Chapter 906: The Precious Saber, Dragon Saber2020-11-22
Chapter 905: Happy is Injured2020-11-22
Chapter 904: Wandering Universal Eight Trigrams Souls VS Bright Sword Technique2020-11-22
Chapter 903: Happy’s Path2020-11-22
Chapter 902: At Equal Grounds2020-11-22
Chapter 901: Zhentian Goes Up The Stage2020-11-22
Chapter 900: Wine Offering, Kill2020-11-22
Chapter 899: Flames of War Rising Everywhere, Asking for Teachings in Shaolin Temple2020-11-22
Chapter 898: Ambush and Battle at the Ore Mine2020-11-22
Chapter 897: Aid in Fighting2020-11-22
Chapter 896: The Strength of Foreign Elites2020-11-22
Chapter 895: Two Great Elites2020-11-22
Chapter 894: Sword Will Rushes to the Clouds2020-11-22
Chapter 893: Hanago, Do Jin2020-11-22
Chapter 892: The Corpses on the Barren Lands2020-11-22
Chapter 891: The Deadly Still Town2020-11-22
Chapter 890: Final Madness on the Plains!2020-11-22
Chapter 889: Choice, Giving Up2020-11-22
Chapter 888: Dream Clouds’ Ambush Plan2020-11-22
Chapter 887: Sorry, Wrong Apartment2020-11-22
Chapter 886: Great Era2020-11-22
Chapter 885: The Prophet’s Rules2020-11-22
Chapter 884: Stealing Techniques In Frenzy2020-11-22
Chapter 883: Accumulate Strength2020-11-22
Chapter 882: The Mighty Descends on the Plains2020-11-22
Chapter 881: Easy Prey! Crush Them!2020-11-22
Chapter 880: Mobilization of Troops, Noticed an Elite Squad2020-11-22
Chapter 879: The Mongolian Army Attacks2020-11-22
Chapter 878: Violent Wind and Bloody Rain’s Determination2020-11-22
Chapter 877: Escape Through Smoke and Fire2020-11-22
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