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Talisman Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1541 – A Divine Arrow Arrives Abruptly

Chapter 1541 – A Divine Arrow Arrives Abruptly

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Book Sixteen — The Ancient God Domain

The Last Days Domain was the source of the energy of the calamity in the three dimensions.

Once one took this path, then even a god would find it impossible to turn back. This meant that unless one found the passageway that led into the Ancient God Domain, one had no way to retreat.

This path was extremely long, it traversed through boundless space that was completely filled with chaos, and as one flew within it, it was like traversing the torrent of time.

It was deathly silent here. Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the Talisman Armament while moving endlessly through space, and it seemed as if there was no end to it.

It’ll be a new beginning for everything, so I absolutely can’t be careless… Chen Xi took a deep breath and stopped thinking about it, and with a command in his heart, two Divine Artifacts floated into appearance in his surroundings.

One was a chilly and seemingly illusory net.

The other was three copper coins that were suffused with bright golden divine radiance.

The Overarching Heaven Net, an ultimate treasure of Oracle Mountain, and it was ranked at the sixteenth position amongst the hundred and eight known Natural Spirit Treasures in the three dimensions.

This treasure was unfathomably profound, and it could capture the traces of the Heaven Dao, fate, and Karmic Luck. All those years ago, the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, had relied on this treasure to seize the River Diagram in a battle of the gods!

The Copper Coin of Treasurefall was ranked at the twenty fourth position. It possessed monstrous divine might that was beyond imagination. So long as it was utilized, it was capable of making all Artificial Spirit Treasures fall before it, and even if it was amongst amongst Natural Spirit Treasures, it was still a rare treasure.

Presently, besides the Talisman Armament and the Netherworld Register plus Condemn Evil Brush that were branded with the Terminus Dao Insight, only these two Natural Spirit Treasures remained from all the Divine Artifacts Chen Xi possessed.

At this moment, for the sake of avoiding any mishaps from occurring, Chen Xi had withdrawn both the Overarching Heaven Net and Copper Coin of Treasurefall to defend his surroundings. After he did all of this, Chen Xi finally felt slightly secure in his heart.


Chen Xi closed his eyes while the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness droned lightly and emanated a pure and illusory glow.

After that, an incomplete diagram floated up into appearance from the River Diagram fragments.

On the diagram was a damaged iron sword. Half of it was dyed scarlet red with blood that seemed ready to drip at any moment, and the other half was scorched black as if it had suffered a heavy injury.

Even if he’d stepped into the Godrank Realm now and became a true World Enlightened True God, a trace of a tremble still couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart when his consciousness locked onto this damaged diagram.

It was a form of reverence and terror. He felt as if he was an ant, and his cultivation at the Sword God Realm which he took pride in seemed to be weak and powerless before this bloodied damaged sword.

Because the aura of this bloodied damaged sword was too terrifying. Even if it had already been destroyed, even if it was only an incomplete diagram, it was sufficient to throw the universe into chaos and destroy all the Daos in the universe!

This aura was absolutely not something that could be possessed in the three dimensions.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi suspected that when this bloodied damaged sword was born, even the might of the Overarching Heaven Net that was ranked at the sixteenth position would be insufficient to be compared with it!

Presently, my cultivation in the Sword Dao has already stopped at the perfection in the Sword God Realm for too long. With this incomplete diagram, it should be able to allow me to step foot into the Sword Emperor Realm as soon as possible. Chen Xi held his breath in concentration while he immersed his heart and mind into the incomplete diagram, and he comprehended it in meditation.

In these past few years, he’d frequently comprehended this incomplete diagram, and it allowed his cultivation in the Sword Dao to advance by leaps and bounds. This allowed him to be able to erupt with astounding combat strength in the numerous battles of the past.

However, this didn’t represent that he’d already grasped all the true essence within this incomplete diagram, and this clearly displayed exactly how extraordinary the origins of this incomplete diagram were. Merely comprehending some of its profundities had allowed Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao to improve, and if this were to be known by others, they would probably not dare believe at all that such a terrifying inheritance existed in the world.

Reality was indeed so. This incomplete diagram was absolutely the best in the world because it came from…the River Diagram!

On the other hand, in terms of the Sword Emperor Realm, Chen Xi had always had a feeling that so long as he was able to breakthrough to it, then some sort of special transformation would occur.

If it was said that his comprehension in the Sword Dao of the past was a type of quantitative accumulation, then once he stepped foot into the Sword Emperor Realm, it would be a qualitative transformation.

Chen Xi really looked forward to this.

Time flowed by silently, and over a month swiftly passed by.

On this day, Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes.


Right at this instant, this expanse of chaos had suddenly started to tremble. Space warped into an expanse of disorder, and it seemed like everything was about to collapse and be obliterated.

When he saw this scene, Chen Xi wasn’t shocked but delighted instead, and a wisp of a smile of understanding suffused the corners of his mouth. I’ve finally arrived!

Shockingly, within his field of vision and at the depths of the extremely chaotic space, an extremely enormous vortex had appeared.

The vortex seemed like a blackhole at the deepest depths of the universe, and it ripped the chaos in the surroundings. The circle after circle of currents within the vortex caused even Chen Xi to feel a strand of extremely heavy pressure, and he felt suffocated.

So long as I pass through that vortex successfully, then I’ll be able to arrive at the Last Days Domain.


A strand of obscure chaotic energy surged over like a sharp glow, and it grazed Chen Xi’s sideburn as it passed and had almost struck his head.

This was caused by the terrifying energy emanated from the vortex, and it was extremely shocking.

It really is extraordinary… Chen Xi took a deep breath before he suddenly charged over. His entire body was suffused with the glow of Divinity, and he seemed like a roc as he tore through layer upon layer of space to flash explosively towards the vortex.


A grey and hazy ray of flowing light that carried Chaotic Qi flickered with the glow of Divinity, and it was dazzling and resplendent.

Chen Xi’s figure dodged repeatedly, but those grey colored rays of flowing light were too densely packed, and all of them had been shot out from within the extremely enormous vortex. No matter how he dodged, his shoulder was still grazed in the end.


Blood sprayed into air. With his current strength at the World Enlightened True God Realm, Chen Xi had actually been injured by this strike!

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when facing this. He puckered his lips while divine flames surged within his black eyes, and from the beginning until the end, his figure hadn’t stopped at all.

Along with the passage of time, he grew closer and closer to the vortex. However, the attacks he suffered grew more and more dense, and they were like a storm that enveloped this area.

It was unknown what sort of energy those grey and hazy flowing lights were, but they were extremely terrifying. They caused even an expert at the Godrank Realm like Chen Xi to feel extremely great pressure and danger.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Another expanse of grey and hazing strands of flowing lights flew over, and they carried misty Chaotic Qi. Such a force was even sufficient to terrify gods.

Chen Xi had nowhere to evade it. In the end, he gritted his teeth and took the risk of injury as he dove while breaking through these attacks with the Talisman Armament in his hand.


In the end, he passed through them successfully. However, a hole had still been torn open on his chest, causing fresh blood to gurgle out, and it had almost penetrated his heart. It was extremely dangerous!

When one was within this passageway towards the Last Days Domain, there was usually only two possibilities.

One would either be swallowed and annihilated by the extremely enormous vortex or utilize one’s entire strength to traverse through the vortex. There was no other possibility besides these two.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The vortex revolved and emanated a myriad of grey and hazy strands of flowing light.

The extremely strong tearing force of the vortex caused this passageway to warp, collapse, and transform into a chaotic flow of space. It seemed as if it intended to mince everything into pieces.

Chen Xi’s figure flickered. He didn’t go head-on against it, and he instead followed along the force of the vortex to move forward. At the same time, he relied on the method of circulating the Devour Dao Insight to deal with the devouring force from the vortex.

As an extraordinary existence at the Godrank Realm that had grasped numerous supreme Grand Daos, Chen Xi’s control of energy had already arrived at an unbelievable state.

The tearing and warping force of the vortex was unable to trap him, and the only thing that was troublesome to him were those grey and hazy strands of flowing lights that shot over without end.


This expanse of chaotic space shook violently. Space exploded into pieces while even more energy sprayed and surged out from the vortex. Countless strands of flowing light and Chaotic Qi shot out, and the situation became even more dangerous.

Strange, this vortex seems to be targeting me. Could it be that it has a will of its own? The situation was becoming worse, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel anxious and bewildered. He faintly felt that there seemed to be something wrong with this situation, and it was like he’d fallen into an ambush that had been prepared for him.


After a short moment, the expanse of grey and hazy flowing light converged and transformed into a zigzagged bolt of chaotic lightning, and it carried terrifying divine radiance as it struck down.

This sort of might was extremely terrifying, and it was beyond anything he’d seen in the past. Once he was struck by it, then even if he was an expert at the Godrank Realm, he would be immediately annihilated while his body would be blasted into pieces.

“Break!” At this instant, Chen Xi suddenly shouted loudly, and a bang resounded as he utilized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall. Three bright golden copper coins glowed and formed the shape of a ‘品’ character before circling around his body.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s figure flashed abruptly, and he tore through the obstruction of numerous waves of attacks and passed through this dangerous area before entering the vortex.

Violent sounds of explosions resounded from behind him. The chaos split open while divine radiance covered the surroundings. This area had fallen completely into disorder and collapsed, and it formed an extremely terrifying chaotic flow of energy.


Chen Xi felt as if his back was fiercely smashed by a myriad of mountains. The bones in his entire body almost collapsed into pieces, and then a strand of blood rose through his throat and seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

After that, rumbling resounded as his figure flew like a rocket towards the depths of the vortex.

After a short moment, with an enormous chaotic vortex, a bang resounded as a figure staggered out from within it.

I’ve finally gotten out of there. A wisp of happiness was revealed on Chen Xi’s slightly pale face, and he felt lucky to have survived that calamity while his entire body felt relaxed.

All of that from before was like a nightmare that was dangerous and terrifying, and it was even more dangerous than fighting experts at the Godrank Realm.

Because all of that was mysterious and formidable. It warped space and collapsed chaos, and if one’s luck was slightly bad, then one would absolutely perish there. Even gods were unable to survive it.

Last Days Domain! I’ve arrived! Chen Xi took a deep breath while the injuries that covered his entire body healed at an unbelievable rate, and his gaze shot towards the surroundings.

This was an extremely vast expanse of wilderness. The sky was a misty azure while the ground rose and fell with mountains, and towering ancient trees filled the surroundings. Moreover, the air was suffused with strands of obscure Chaotic Qi.

“Eh, a prey from the lower dimensions was actually able to escape calamity?”

“It looks to me like he was just lucky.”

“Young Master, there’s no need to be impatient. I’ll go capture that prey right now.”

Right when Chen Xi was sizing up the surroundings, a wave of voices suddenly resounded in this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

Prey from the lower dimensions?

Young Master?

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart while his pupils suddenly constricted. At this instant, he immediately understood that everything he experienced earlier had been witnessed by these people!

In other words, they were ‘waiting for prey to arrive’ since the moment he entered the vortex!


Right at this moment, a wave of fluctuation arose in the distant space, and then an extremely dazzling crimson colored ray of divine light tore the heavens and the earth apart and shattered space as it shot over explosively!

Shockingly, it was a divine arrow!

The body of the arrow was coiled by strands of the glow of Divinity. It was extremely dazzling and resplendent, and it emanated an all-powerful and terrifying imposing aura.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

At this instant, the heavens and the earth dimmed down while the sound of Fiendgods wailing arose. All of this was caused by that crimson divine arrow!

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