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Talisman Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1542 – Domain Enlightened Spirit God

Chapter 1542 – Domain Enlightened Spirit God

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The crimson red divine arrow tore through the sky and threw the wind and clouds in the surroundings into chaos.

In an instant, every hair on Chen Xi’s body stood on end, and his entire vital energy had been locked onto by a formidable and terrifying will.

This was an effect that could only be obtained by attaining terrifying attainments in the Dao of Archery. No matter how one teleported, so long as one’s vital energy was locked onto, then it would be utterly impossible to evade the attack of that terrifying arrow!

Obviously, this person that attacked him abruptly was a master archer!

Since this person was able to utilize his cultivation in the Dao of Archery to lock onto an existence at the Godrank Realm like Chen Xi, it was obvious how shocking the attainments of this person’s cultivation in the Dao of Archery was.

“Hmph!” Right at this critical moment, Chen Xi suddenly grunted coldly while divine radiance erupted from his eyes, and then the Daoseal Mark that enveloped the surroundings of his Soul Divine Flame shook abruptly.


It seemed as if an invisible will had been crushed and severed, and the will that locked onto Chen Xi’s vital energy had instantly been dispersed.


At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi’s figure flashed lightly to barely avoid the attack of that crimson divine arrow.


The crimson divine arrow missed and smashed fiercely onto the ground behind Chen Xi. It actually broke open a bottom rift, and within the rift, the aura of divinity raged and minced everything into pieces.

The might of a single arrow was actually terrifying to such an extent!

“Hmm?” An exclaim of surprise sounded out from afar, and it seemed as if that person had never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to avoid this attack.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s enormous will swept out. In an instant, he noticed the enemies that were hunting him on an expanse of wilderness 5,000km away.

It was a group of people over there, and it was a curly bearded old man who bared his upper body and held a longbow made of a beast bone that had attacked him.

The old man was 27m tall, and the muscles on his entire body seemed as if they were cast from iron and were filled with explosive force, causing him to seem extremely ferocious. Moreover, there was a ‘divine bow’ tattoo on his face. His entire body was like a lofty and immovable mountain, and he was enveloped by a strand of extremely terrifying Divinity.

There was a white robed young man and a group of elite and cold guards at the old man’s side.

Obviously, the white robed young man was the core figure amongst them.

Who’re these fellows? Could it be that they’re from the Ancient God Domain? Thoughts flashed within Chen Xi’s heart because the auras emanated by them allowed him to determine that they were obviously not from the Sovereign Sect.

This meant that they were either cultivators that lived in the Last Days Domain or had come from the Ancient God Domain.

Hmph! All of you waited here for ‘prey’ to arrive and even took me to be your ‘prey.’ How arrogant and unbridled of them! Chen Xi’s expression was icy cold, and a wisp of bone deep coldness surged out from his eyes.

“Ninth Uncle, the strength of this prey from the lower dimensions isn’t bad. I want to capture him to be my Godslave and order him about for eternity.” The white robed young man spoke casually, and he revealed a strand of extreme arrogance.

“Young Master, since you like him, then I’ll spare his life and capture him alive for you.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wave after wave of the sound of space being blasted apart resounded as numerous crimson divine arrows shot over explosively once more, and they were like rays of light that shot through the sky, shattered space, and were peerlessly sharp.

The 27m tall and ferocious old man that stood 5,000km away had attacked once more with the beast bone longbow. In an instant, he’d successively shot out nine divine arrows, and they seemed like a string of stars that enveloped the surroundings and firmly locked onto Chen Xi’s paths of retreat!

Prey? Godslave? A wisp of killing intent surged out from Chen Xi’s heart. When he was in the three dimensions, he was respectfully addressed as the number one expert in the three dimensions, and he received the respect of all. Moreover, his status was peerlessly lofty. Yet now, as soon as he arrived at the Last Days Domain, he’d suffered such humiliation, and it had exceeded the limits Chen Xi was able to tolerate.


The Talisman Armament soared through the sky as Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and Divinity surged and circulated throughout his body as he slashed.


A crimson divine arrow that was the first to arrive was accurately struck at the tip by Chen Xi’s sword strike. The collision between the two caused divine radiance to erupt and suffused the sky. After that, the crimson divine arrow shattered with a bang and transformed into a rain of light that scattered into the surroundings.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s entire body was struck to the point of shaking, and the vital blood within his entire body roiled.

What a terrifying might in the Dao of Archery! Even though this old fellow’s cultivation in the Dao of Archery has only attained the Archer God Realm, his own cultivation has probably already attained the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed.

The realm above the World Enlightened True God Realm was the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm!

In this realm, one had already built a ‘Domain Enlightened Divine Altar’ with the foundation of the Soul Divine Flame and grasped ‘Domain Energy!’

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thoughts flashed within Chen Xi’s heart while his actions didn’t stop at all. He utilized the Talisman Armament to slash apart the remaining eight crimson divine arrows that tore through the sky towards him, and it caused wave after wave of terrifying and explosive torrents to sweep out towards the surroundings, causing mountains to collapse, space to be thrown into disorder, and the ground to be reduced into ruins.

After he finished doing all of this, the vital blood within Chen Xi’s body was surging, and the bones within his entire body were struck to the point of trembling. The force of those arrows were too terrifying, and it caused him to actually suffer a small loss in such a head-on collision.

This Last Days Domain really is dangerous to the extreme, and it’s like treading on thin ice even for existences at the Godrank Realm… Chen Xi sighed in his heart, and he obtained a deeper understanding of how abnormal the Last Days Domain was.

“That prey from the lower dimensions actually blocked Ninth Uncle’s Divine Arrow Chain!” Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered in his heart, but the white robed young man and the others 5,000km away were even more surprised than he was. They seemed to have never imagined that they would actually be unable to capture Chen Xi under such circumstances.

“Ninth Uncle, this Godslave is mine! I’ll be participating in Empress Yu Che’s Starhunt Meeting three months from now, and I just happen to lack a comparatively formidable slave at the World Enlightened True God Realm. I think he’ll do fine!” The white robed young man smiled brightly with an overbearing gaze, and his voice carried an ordering and indisputable tone.

“Young Master, this prey from the lower dimensions can’t be taken back to Snow Ink Region. We can only sell him off to the lackeys of the Sovereign Sect and allow them to send him to unexplored regions to reclaim wastelands and mine for the sake of establishing new territories for our God Domain.” The ferocious old man was slightly hesitant.

“It’s only some lackeys from the Sovereign Sect, and it isn’t their Sect Master or God Exalt that’s there. I believe that Ninth Uncle will definitely have a way to help me accomplish this, right?” The white robed young man glanced at the ferocious old man with an indifferent expression.

The heart of the old man addressed as Ninth Uncle trembled instead, and he hurriedly nodded in agreement.

He was clearly aware that this Young Master of his seemed to be harmless in appearance, yet was actually extremely resolute and ruthless in heart. Moreover, the white robed young man was extremely cruel, so he didn’t dare disobey the young man.

“Sh*t! That prey intends to flee!” Meanwhile, the group of guards shouted loudly as they’d noticed that Chen Xi was fleeing.

“Hmph! All of you take good care of the Young Master, I’ll go capture him!” A divine glow flashed within his eyes, and then a swish resounded as his 27m tall figure vanished on the spot.

“What a vigilant prey. He was actually able to block Ninth Uncle’s Divine Arrow Chain with a cultivation at the World Enlightened True God Realm. Such a strength is truly rare. If I capture him as a Godslave and take him to participate in the Starhunt Meeting, he’ll definitely be able to win a great deal of prizes for me.” The white robed young man smiled in a leisurely manner, and he seemed extremely complacent, as if everything was within his grasp.

Chen Xi had indeed fled.

He’s just arrived at the Last Days Domain and was still in the dark about everything here. He didn’t know anything, so he didn’t have the slightest mood to fight with those fellows.

Not to mention that their group had a master archer at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm present amongst them, and it caused him to feel extremely fearful. He was unwilling to take a risk at such a time.

Of course, Chen Xi would naturally not forget this enmity, and once he got a good grasp of the situation here, he would naturally have all sorts of methods to get revenge for everything he suffered today!


Space surged as Chen Xi’s figure flew at full speed within it, and his entire figure was like a wisp of flowing light that flickered endlessly in the boundless wilderness.

Besides that old man, there are another World Enlightened True Gods in that group that are acting as guards for that white robed young man. But it just so happens that the white robed young man is only at the Immortal King Realm. Looks like his identity is definitely extraordinary… Chen Xi pondered in his heart as he flew with extreme haste.

When his Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai, Fourth Senior Brother, the Old Scholar, Senior Sister Li Yang, and the others headed to the Last Days Domain, they’d brought along Dian Dian, Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Tabei, and other Immortal Kings with them. So he wasn’t surprised when he determined that the white robed young man had come to the Last Days Domain while at the Immortal King Realm.

The thing that truly surprised him was that the white robed young man was actually able to possess a master archer at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm as a servant and six World Enlightened True Gods as lackeys. This wasn’t something that just anyone could accomplish!

In the three dimensions, the forces possessed by this white robed young man was simply beyond imagination!

Exactly what sort of existence is this Last Days Domain? With this understanding, Chen Xi was filled with even stronger curiosity towards this place that was filled with danger and mystery.

Hmm? Suddenly, Chen Xi’s heart shook as a trace of a warning arose within it.


A crimson divine arrow tore through the sky, and it was peerlessly swift and powerful. It even tore apart an extremely narrow and long rift in space, and nothing could obstruct it.


This strike was too swift and domineering like thunder. It shot through space and caused Chen Xi to be unable to dodge it, and he could only turn around and utilize the Talisman Armament to slash down fiercely.

The sword and arrow collided, causing rumbling to resound as a myriad of energy torrents erupted towards the surroundings.

On the other hand, the figure of that old man called Ninth Elder had seized this opportunity to appear 500km away. The skin on his bare upper body revealed numerous bulging muscles that were hard like rocks, and they were suffused with divine radiance.

He held the beast bone longbow and seemed like an arrogant deity. He locked onto Chen Xi, yet didn’t attack hastily, and he said in a deep voice instead, “Little Bastard from the lower dimensions, no matter how revered your identity was in the lower dimensions, but so long as you’ve arrived at the Last Days Domain, you’re merely like an ant. Out of consideration towards the difficulties you experienced to cultivate to such an extent, I can give you a chance to survive.”

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed.

“So long as you surrender to my Young Master now and swear to follow by his side as a Godslave, then not only would I spare your life, I can even bring you out of this Last Days Domain to head to Snow Ink Region.” Nine Uncle spoke indifferently, and every single move he made revealed an aura of supremacy.

Snow Ink Region? Chen Xi thought in his heart. Could it be that it’s a region within the Ancient God Domain?

“What do you think? You can consider it for a moment. This is an extremely rare and enormous fortune. Since the ancient times until now, all the gods that entered the Last Days Domain from the various planes had either perished here or were restrained and reduced to slaves that were sent to unexplored regions to reclaim territories for our God Domain. They practically have a very slim chance of survival, and only a mere few are lucky enough to survive. Very few people are able to possess such extraordinarily great fortune.” Ninth Uncle spoke in an unhurried manner before he stopped speaking completely. He was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God and had given such extremely tempting conditions, so he didn’t believe that the young man before him would be able to refuse.

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