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Talisman Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1543 – The Profound Effect Of The Daoseal Mark

Chapter 1543 – The Profound Effect Of The Daoseal Mark

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The Last Days Domain was dangerous and mysterious, so the gods that were restrained and brought in here did indeed have a very slim chance at survival. Only a small handful of them were able to locate the passageway that led to the Ancient God Domain and emerge safe and sound.

All of this was something he’d heard a long time ago from his Senior Sister, Li Yang, in the three dimensions.

However, this didn’t mean that Chen Xi would put down his dignity for the sake of entering the Ancient God Domain and be reduced to a slave by someone’s side!

Was doing this any different from giving up the Grand Dao one pursued?

So as soon as Ninth Uncle finished speaking, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to speak in an extremely cold tone. “Great fortune? It looks to me like you’ve become accustomed to being a slave, and you deserve to serve others for your entire life.”

Ninth Uncle’s face sank while a cold glow erupted from his eyes. Never had he imagined that this young man would actually dare to insult his dignity.

He took a deep breath and said, “Young man, you’ve just arrived at the Last Days Domain, and you have an exaggerated opinion of your ability, so I won’t blame you for this. However, if you still refuse to realize your mistakes, then don’t blame me for killing you!”


Chen Xi raised the Talisman Armament and pointed it at Ninth Uncle from afar, and he revealed killing intent as he said, “Old Bastard, I forgot to tell you that I, Chen Xi, would rather have my backbone broken than bow to anyone!”


As he spoke, his figure flashed, and the Talisman Armament was like a dazzling scorching sun that soared into the sky and carried vast divine radiance as he attacked.

This old man possessed supreme attainments in the Dao of Archery and a cultivation at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. It was practically impossible for Chen Xi to kill the old man with his current ability. After all, there was an entire realm between them!

The difference in realm caused the might they could exert to be completely different. It was like the difference between a Saint Immortal and an Immortal King, and it was utterly impossible to surmount.

Even if Chen Xi was confident that his strength was sufficient to face any enemy at the World Enlightened True God Realm, it didn’t represent that he was able to surmount a realm and do battle now or even annihilate a Domain Enlightened Spirit God that was at a higher realm.

However, even though he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill the old man, Chen Xi was confident that he possessed the strength to fight the old man and not be oppressed at will.

Especially when he was dealing with an expert in the Dao of Archery, and he would only be able to obtain a certain degree of advantage through close quarter combat.

So as soon as he attacked, he’d decided to fight at close quarters!

“Hmph! You’re impossible!” Ninth Uncle grunted coldly before his figure suddenly flashed, and then a pair of pitch black wings actually floated up into appearance on his back. Divine radiance surged on the wings while the figure of an ancient Fiendgod floated up into appearance, and it emanated a strand of extremely terrifying and deterring force.

Heavenly Spirit Wings!

It was a Grand Divine Ability that possessed supreme divine might, and it was inherited from the Primeval Fiendgod, Da Yi! [ref] Another name for an ancient archer of legend.

According to legend, during the primeval times, Da Yi relied on the support of the Heavenly Spirit Wings and supreme attainments in the Dao of Archery to hunt and kill nine Natural Fiendgods that were born from within the Chaos — Suncrows.


With a flap of his wings, Ninth Uncle’s entire body suddenly vanished, and it caused Chen Xi’s attack to miss.

“How swift!” Chen Xi’s expression changed slightly, and he instantly sensed that the old man’s figure had actually already appeared 50,000km away!

“Young man, I’ve already given you a chance. Unfortunately, you didn’t cherish it.” Ninth Uncle’s cold and deep voice resounded in the heavens and the earth.

After that…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous crimson divine arrows tore through the sky and space, and they were peerlessly powerful and possessed the terrifying might to penetrate and obliterate the world.

All of this actually shot over explosively from 50,000km away!

This obviously showed how terrifying a master archer was because they were able to accurately lock onto one’s vital energy before hunting and killing from an extremely far distance and through numerous layers of space!

The facts were indeed so. In terms of combat strength, the Sword Dao was the deserving holder of the title of strongest Dao, but in terms of ability to hunt and kill, it was the Dao of Archery that reigned supreme.

It was even to the extent that master archers were existences that cultivators usually feared the most. Because once one was targeted by one, then it would absolutely cause one to be unable to eat or sleep in peace as it was impossible to know when one would suffer a surprise attack from the master archer.

In an instant, Chen Xi noticed that his vital energy had been locked onto from all directions, and he was unable to dodge or flee.

However, Chen Xi grunted coldly instead, and then the Daoseal Mark within his sea of consciousness seethed and minced all of this into pieces with a bang.

After that, his figure flashed as he flew once more towards the distance, and he easily avoided the numerous divine arrows that tore through the sky towards him.

“Old Bastard, since you don’t have the balls to fight me head-on, then I’ll be bidding my farewell!” Chen Xi teleported like a Roc, and he knocked apart layer open layer of space and teleported at full speed. It wasn’t that he wasn’t skilled in long distance combat but choosing to have a long distance battle with a master archer at this moment was absolutely the stupidest choice he could make.

Since it was like that, and he was unable to enter into close quarter combat as well, then the best choice was to take the initiative to flee.

“Hmm? This kid can actually struggle free from my lock-on? Could it be that he possesses a Divine Artifact with some sort of unfathomable might?” Ninth Uncle’s pupils constricted, and he was slightly surprised and bewildered.

As a master archer, he possessed a supreme secret technique of the soul, and it supplemented his Dao of Archery. He was able to lock onto any target within an area of 500,000km, and it had never failed.

Locking onto one’s vital energy was an ability that an expert in the Dao of Archery had to possess, and once a master archer was unable to lock onto the tracks of the enemy, then no matter how terrifying the master archer’s cultivation in the Dao of Archery was, how could the master archer possibly hit the enemy?

This was a problem of ‘accuracy.’

To an expert in the Dao of Archery, locking onto one’s vital energy was the precondition to killing the enemy in one shot, and without this precondition, everything would be done in vain.

As an existence that had attained the Archer God Realm in the Dao of Archery and a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, Ninth Uncle had failed successively. This caused waves to surge in his heart, and his heart was unable to calm down.

If Chen Xi’s cultivation far exceeded his own, then it was understandable. But it just so happened that Chen Xi’s cultivation was only at the World Enlightened True God Realm, so how could Ninth Uncle accept this?

“This kid really is extremely strange. No wonder Young Master took a fancy to him with a single glance and desired to take him as a Godslave to participate in Empress Yu Che’s Starhunt Meeting. It’s very rare even in Snow Ink Region’s 3,000 universes for someone to possess such ability at the World Enlightened True God Realm…” Thoughts flashed within his heart, yet Ninth Uncle didn’t stop moving at all. The Heavenly Spirit Wings on his back flashed and emanated a wave of terrifying rumbling before he instantly moved to pursue Chen Xi.

After a short while, Ninth Uncle locked onto Chen Xi’s vital energy once again, and then he nocked an arrow. He exerted strength with his arm while his entire body was suffused with divine radiance, and he emanated a strand of terrifying imposing aura and was like a primeval god that intended to hunt the scorching sun in the sky.

This time, he’d utilized his entire strength, and he’d practically utilized the entire cultivation in the Dao of Archery that he possessed.

However, before he could release this arrow, Chen Xi’s figure had vanished once more from his detection!

“Dammit! How could this be possible?” Ninth Uncle’s pupils constricted. His arrow was already on the bowstring, yet he forcefully restrained it from being shot out.

A World Enlightened True God that had entered the Last Days Domain from the lower dimensions had successively escaped his lock-on, and this was extremely unusual!

Most importantly, if this situation continued, then his entire cultivation in the Dao of Archery would be utterly impossible to utilize.

“How exactly did he accomplish this?” Ninth Uncle’s expression was extremely gloomy, yet his heart was filled with surprise and bewilderment. He’d lived for countless years and experienced innumerable battles, yet it was still the first time that he’d encountered such a strange situation while dealing with a World Enlightened True God.


He gritted his teeth and pursued Chen Xi once more.

This time, he’d changed his strategy. He’d given up on utilizing the Dao of Archery, and he intended to rely on his superior cultivation to crush Chen Xi!

This Daoseal Mark really is extraordinary. It’s like an armor for the soul, yet it just happens to not be a Divine Artifact. Moreover, it can be utilized at will, and it can even sever any form of lock-on of the vital energy. In this way, it’s entirely capable of allowing me to avoid all sorts of dangers… Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart as he flickered repeatedly through space and flew with extreme haste.

At this moment, he’d long since lost track of where he’d flown to. However, he couldn’t be bothered about all of that because a Domain Enlightened Spirit God was pursuing him from behind, so he couldn’t be bothered about anything at all while he was in such a situation.

Hmm? That old fellow actually caught up!


Chen Xi suddenly stopped.

He was very clearly aware that the old man’s speed of teleportation was more than double his own. If the old man gave up on hunting and killing him from long distance and chose close quarter combat instead, then it was useless no matter how desperately he fled.

“Young Man, you really are extraordinary!” Ninth Uncle strode through the air and arrived here, and the Heavenly Spirit Wings behind him flapped as he stood 50km away from Chen Xi. He stared at Chen Xi with a gloomy expression and said, “Tell me how you avoided my lock-on of your vital energy, and I’ll give you another chance and spare your life.”

“Old Bastard, why do you keep spouting a bunch of nonsense?” Chen Xi grunted coldly, and he held the Talisman Armament in hand as he directly slashed it down towards the old man. They were only 50km away from each other, and now, this sort of distance was no different than closed quarter combat to Chen Xi.


Sword Insight surged and transformed into numerous divine talisman diagrams that illuminated the world, and they carried a terrifying energy of the Sword Dao as they descended ferociously towards the old man.

“You’re courting death!” Ninth Uncle was utterly enraged. With a grabbing motion of the hand, a bronze spear floated up into appearance before he charged to greet Chen Xi’s attack head-on.


The Sword Insight collided with the spear and instantly transformed the ground in an area of 50,000km into ruins. A scene of desolation covered the ground, and not a single intact thing could be found.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Chen Xi’s figure was struck by a strand of terrifying and enormous force to the point of taking three steps back in space. However, he wasn’t terrified but delighted by this instead. This old man was most skilled in the Dao of Archery, and now that the old man had given up on utilizing it and chosen close quarter combat instead, this was no different than the old mans severing his own arm.

On the other hand, this just happened to be the best situation for Chen Xi to utilize his strength. Because he was skilled in close quarter combat, whereas the old man was not, and this advantage was sufficient to offset a certain amount of the gap between their cultivations!


Without any hesitation, Chen Xi flashed over once more.

Before he arrived at the Last Days Domain, Chen Xi had been constantly comprehending the profundities within the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword, and he’d already faintly showed signs of breaking through.

Now with the absolute pressure he suffered when facing a formidable opponent that far exceeded his cultivation realm, Chen Xi was even confident that so long as he persisted for a period of time, then his cultivation in the Sword Dao might be able to break through in one go!

“Kill!” At this moment, Chen Xi had discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind, and both his mind and heart were immersed in the battle as he executed all the techniques in the Sword Dao that he’d comprehended to attack the old man.

“Hmph! You Little Bastard that has an exaggerated opinion of your ability! I’ll allow you to understand today what a difference in cultivation realm is!” Ninth Uncle was utterly enraged from being repeatedly provoked by Chen Xi, and he’d aroused killing intent as he suddenly shouted loudly. He seemed like an enraged ancient Fiendgod that intended to obliterate the world!

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