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Talisman Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1544 – Stages In The Divine Dao

Chapter 1544 – Stages In The Divine Dao

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The battle erupted, and Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament in hand as he fought the old man head-on.

In an instant, this expanse of the heavens and the earth were filled with terrifying Divinity, causing all things to be obliterated while terrifying chaotic flows of energy raged like gales as they spread towards the surroundings.


Chen Xi’s dense long hair fluttered as he traversed through space like a god of the sword, and he utilized the Talisman Armament to the limit, causing an enormous glow to arise from it while countless divine talisman diagrams whistled through the sky and smashed down towards the old man.

Strictly speaking, this was Chen Xi’s first battle since stepping foot into the World Enlightened True God Realm. Moreover, his opponent was even a Domain Enlightened Spirit God whose cultivation surpassed his own by a realm!

If it was any other person in Chen Xi’s place, that person would have probably fled since a long time ago when facing such a situation because how would one fight when one’s cultivation was suppressed?

But Chen Xi didn’t flee.

Firstly, he was extremely confident towards his own combat strength, and secondly, it was because the old man had given up on utilizing the Dao of Archery that he was most skilled at and chosen closed quartered combat instead. This was undoubtedly like utilizing something one was weak at against the strength of an opponent, and it caused his deterrent force towards Chen Xi to reduce greatly.

Even if the pressure he caused Chen Xi was still extremely great, it was precisely this heavy pressure that aroused the unyielding spirit within Chen Xi, and he intended to rely on the tempering of this battle to break through into the Sword Emperor Realm in one go!

However, when he truly started the battle with the old man, Chen Xi finally understood how terrifying the might of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God was.



Space was shattered into pieces as a bronze spear that was suffused with divine radiance shot towards him, and it was peerlessly sharp and seemed to intend to annihilate everything.

Chen Xi dodged with all his might, yet a strand of his long hair was still sliced off by the sharp aura of the spear, and it was only inches away from penetrating his head!

This caused his eyes to focus, and he didn’t be careless in the slightest.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Strand after strand of sword qi tore through the sky, and all of these strands of sword qi came from the profundities of the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword. It was mysterious, unfathomable, and filled with extremely pure killing intent of the Sword Dao, and it had already faintly exceeded the limits attainable by the Sword God Realm!

“Hmm?” A divine glow flashed within Ninth Uncle’s eyes as he seemed to have noticed something. He swung the bronze spear in his hand, causing numerous violent spear images to shoot out, and they emanated deafening sounds of explosions as they blocked off all the strands of sword qi that covered the sky.

However, his entire body was shaken by this attack to the point his entire aura roiled, and his 27m tall and ferocious figure even trembled imperceptibly a few times.

“How formidable!”

“What sort of Sword Dao is this?”

“Even though this kid’s cultivation is low, his grasp of the Sword Dao has actually attained perfection in the Sword God Realm, and it’s even to the extent that it’s even a trace stronger than that…”

“He really is an extraordinary genius. When did such a little freak appear within the lower dimensions?”

In an instant, numerous thoughts flickered within Ninth Uncle’s heart, and he realized how extraordinary Chen Xi was.


Meanwhile, Chen Xi had attacked once more. Every single pore on his entire body seemed to be suffused with extremely sharp sword qi, and they whistled and seethed while descending to the world with might that grew more and more stronger.

“If this kid can’t be of use to the Young Master, then he must be killed. Otherwise, he’ll probably become quite a huge calamity in the future…” Ninth Uncle didn’t dare allow his thoughts to run wild, and killing intent shot out from his heart. He shouted loudly as the bronze spear tore through the sky, and he moved to intercept Chen Xi’s attack.

“Young man, your cultivation realm is too low. Even though your Sword Dao is formidable, your grasp of the Divine Dao is merely at the basics. Under such circumstances, it’s utterly impossible for you to be a match for me!” As he fought, Ninth Uncle said, “So long as you allow yourself to be captured now, then the conditions I promised you earlier will still stand. Not only will I bring you to the Ancient God Domain, if you perform well, I can even bestow some books on the Divine Dao to you, and it’ll be sufficient to allow you to grow quickly.”

“Geezer, there’s no need to waste your breath. I’m clearly aware of how I should walk on my own path towards the Dao, and I don’t need you to tell me what to do.” Chen Xi’s attacks grew even swifter and fiercer, and he seemed as if he’d resolved to fight the old man to the bitter end.

“What an impenetrably thickheaded little fellow. You’re simply stupid to the extreme!” Ninth Uncle started laughing from extreme rage, and he’d completely abandoned any trace of intent in his heart to draw Chen Xi over to his Young Master’s side. He stopped holding back and attacked with his entire strength as he’d already decided to annihilate Chen Xi on the spot and eliminate all future troubles.


The bronze spear tore through the sky. In an instant, it emanated the divine radiance of the five elements, and five different energies of Divine Dao Laws actually took form and condensed into a ‘world’ that intended to restrain and crush Chen Xi.

This was the might of Divine Dao Laws!

When utilized by a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, a world could be created with a single thought, and it was capable of annihilating a world. A Domain Enlightened Spirit God could be said to be capable of changing the world.

The Divine Dao Laws was the Grand Dao profundities possessed by the gods.

It was also called the Dao of Gods, and it was an even more advanced force of Dao Insight.

Such a force was divided in five stages namely the basic-stage, initial-stage, advanced-stage, peak-stage, and perfection-stage.

Every single stage was a type of transformation, and it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

To an ordinary god, cultivating through these five stages to attain perfection in their own Divine Dao was practically something unreachable.

Because surmounting every single stage was extremely difficult. Even if one spent an extremely long period of time comprehending it, if one didn’t possess the required natural talent and comprehension ability, it was utterly impossible to accomplish.

In other words, because the lifespans of the gods were seemingly eternal, time had already become a trivial existence on the path towards seeking the Divine Dao. If one desired to improve on one’s path towards the Dao, then it entirely depended on one’s own comprehension ability, natural talent, fortune, will, and various other aspects.

For example, the Talisman Divine Dao that Chen Xi possessed now could only be considered to be at the basic-stage.

On the other hand, ‘Ninth Uncle’ had already attained the initial-stage in the Five Element Divine Dao since a long time ago, so he naturally possessed an unshakeable suppressive effect towards Chen Xi’s Divine Dao.

So, even if he’d abandoned the Dao of Archery that he was most skilled in, but by relying on his superior cultivation and Divine Dao that had attained the initial-stage, he was still confident in being able to annihilate Chen Xi.

Something worthy of mentioning was that if one desired to determine whose respective Divine Dao was more formidable, then besides the difference in the stages of attainment in the Divine Dao, it depended on the properties contained within the respective Divine Daos.

Just like the various ordinary Grand Daos like the Five Elements, Yin Yang, and Tempest, each of them possessed varying strengths, yet they were only ordinary Divine Dao Lawss.

On the other hand, Light, Darkness, Eternal, Creation, Devour… All of these Divine Daos were rare and top-rate Divine Daos, and they naturally suppressed other ordinary Divine Daos.

As for exactly which amongst them was the most formidable, it still depended on the comprehensive strength of their respective owners.



As soon as Ninth Uncle attacked, he utilized his Divine Dao to condense a ‘world of the five elements’, and he intended to restrain and crush Chen Xi with it. Moreover, its brilliant might caused even the heavens and the earth to dim down.

In an instant, Chen Xi sensed that he was utterly unable to avoid this attack, and he could only go head-on against it. Moreover, once he failed, then he would fall into a situation was he was completely suppressed!

The situation was extremely dangerous!

However, it was precisely under the stimulation of such danger that Chen Xi’s black eyes grew brighter and brighter while every single inch of his skin seemed to be burning and glowing, and he seemed eager to battle.

Moreover, countless types of comprehensions in the Sword Dao had surged out within his heart.

There were all the comprehensions he’d obtained throughout his path of cultivation.

There was all the myriad of Sword Dao techniques he’d comprehended from books.

There was the experience in the Sword Dao that he’d obtained through the tempering of countless battles.

In the end, all of these comprehensions, techniques, and experiences were reflected within the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword, and it ceaselessly amplified and formed within his heart…


Under the effect of this sort of indescribable and miraculous comprehension, Chen Xi practically instinctively slashed out with his sword.


The heavens and the earth transformed abruptly while the clouds and wind surged, and even space was silently torn apart. A strand of sword qi that was filled with an obscure aura and carried an all-powerful might shot out.

“Sh*t! How could this kid’s Sword Dao possibly become so much more formidable in an instant!?” Ninth Uncle was shocked in his heart, and his expression changed. He suddenly utilized the Heavenly Spirit Wings to dodge extremely far away with a swish.


At practically the exact same moment, that strand of sword qi instantly slashed that ‘world of five elements’ into two, and then it rumbled as it collapsed and was obliterated!

When he saw this scene, Ninth Uncle’s expression became surprised and bewildered. Could it be the Sword Emperor Realm?

When he thought of this title, his heart couldn’t help but tremble. The Sword Emperor Realm! Such a realm of cultivation in the Sword Dao can be said to be peerless in the world. Within the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region, it’s only possible for a Sword Emperor to be born amongst those almighty figures that had already attained the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm since a long time ago, and the amount of them is pitiably few!

But… How could such a cultivation in the Sword Dao possibly be executed by a little fellow at the World Enlightened True God Realm?


Destroying the five elements with a single strike, this sword strike will be called the Five Element Annihilator… As he sensed the might of this strike, Chen Xi muttered in his heart.

But right after that, he couldn’t be bothered to give it any further thought because his comprehension towards the Sword Dao was still improving without end, and it was ceaselessly being deduced and transforming!

“Dammit! This kid’s imposing aura is growing more and more ferocious, it seems as if he’s undergoing a shocking transformation…” When he noticed the changes in Chen Xi’s aura, Ninth Uncle’s expression instantly became extremely gloomy, and he was utterly furious.

He’d finally realized that he’d actually unknowingly become a whetstone for Chen Xi’s Sword Dao!

“Little Bastard, I won’t allow you to succeed!” Ninth Uncle roared furiously. His figure was like an ancient Fiendgod as it soared through the sky, and the muscles in his entire body surged with terrifying divinity as he attacked explosively once again with the bronze spear in hand.


The spear tore through the sky while coiled with numerous strands of divine radiance of the five elements, and it caused the images of numerous gods to float into appearance. Moreover, there was even numerous peerlessly grand voices of the gods carried along with this attack. Its might was so formidable that it could be said to be boundless!

Beneath the might of this attack, Chen Xi’s dense long hair was blown back, and it caused the skin on his entire body to hurt. It was like a myriad of awls were being pierced into his body.

Yet this was merely caused by the imposing aura of this strike!

Obviously, Ninth Uncle’s entire strength had been utilized in this strike, and it was a formidable blow that he executed in an enraged state!

However, it was precisely during such a situation that Chen Xi’s expression still remained strangely calm and composed. Only his pair of black eyes that seemed like two abysses were growing more and more bright, more and more blazing, and it was like a pair of scorching suns were burning within them.


He executed another sword strike, and it was extremely ordinary and simple.

However, right at this instant, everything within this expanse of the heavens and the earth fell into deathly silence. Everything in the world was terrified, and only a sword howl resounded like the roar of a dragon and even more like the tune of a supreme Divine Dao.


A sound of collision that shook the heavens and the earth resounded. This expanse of the sky was blasted into countless pieces that crashed to the ground in succession while the landscape collapsed completely and shot towards the surroundings.

On the other hand, beneath the might of this strike, Ninth Uncle’s figure that was mighty like a mountain staggered back uncontrollably, and he was struck to the point his arms had gone numb. Moreover, the bronze spear in his hand trembled violently, and it had almost flown out from his grasp!

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