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Talisman Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1545 – Advancing Into The Sword Emperor Realm

Chapter 1545 – Advancing Into The Sword Emperor Realm

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“Dammit!” Ninth Uncle took a deep breath while forcefully restraining the impulse he had to cough up a mouthful of blood. This strand of sword qi was too terrifying, and it had almost injured his internal organs. If it wasn’t for his cultivation far exceeding Chen Xi by a realm, then merely this strike alone was something he would be unable to resist.

“This Little Bastard’s cultivation in the Sword Dao is transforming, and if I don’t stop him, then I’ll probably really be unable to deal with him today…” A divine glow flickered in Ninth Uncle’s eyes while killing intent coiled around them.

His strongest attack was actually unable to injure Chen Xi, and it was him instead that was shaken to the point of almost suffering an injury. This allowed him to fully understand that the situation had suddenly become slightly bad.


Ninth Uncle didn’t dare hesitate. He raised the bronze spear and roared furiously as he shot over explosively while carrying divine radiance that covered the sky.

He was absolutely unable to watch helplessly as Chen Xi transformed successfully, nor was he able to accept the occurrence of a situation where Chen Xi had safely escaped from him!

This sword strike reveals eternality within the ordinary, a thunderclap within silence. It’s like raging waves arising on the clear blue ocean and giving rise to a myriad of layers of force. I can take it to be my second sword move after attaining the Divine Dao — Calm Before The Storm. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and he was immersed in the transformation of his Sword Dao.

With the first sword strike, he’d destroyed the ‘world of five elements’ condensed by the old man, and it was the most destructive. Thus, he named it Five Element Annihilator.

With the second sword strike, he’d eradicated the old man’s attacks and blasted the old man back, and it was the most forceful and oppressive. Thus, he named it Calm Before The Storm.

These two sword moves had both came from the Sword Dao profundities that he’d comprehended and incorporated at this moment. They were filled with the profundities of the Divine Dao, and they were a type of probe towards his path towards the Sword Dao. Moreover, they already possessed the supreme and grand aura of the Sword Emperor Realm!

This isn’t enough, my Sword Dao can still become even stronger… At this moment, under the strong and oppressive pressure from the old man, Chen Xi had completely grasped the trace of opportunity to break through in his cultivation in the Sword Dao, and a myriad of comprehensions surged from his heart.

At this moment, he seemed to have completely forgotten that he had a formidable opponent like Ninth Uncle, and he was immersed within the world of his Sword Dao, and he ceaselessly deduced and comprehended the various profundities he’d obtained.

Sword Emperor!

An emperor of the sword that commanded the gods, it was the emperor of sword gods, and it controlled the myriad of Sword Daos in the universe!

Since the ancient times until now, even if it was amongst existences at the Godrank Realm, only a small group of gods were able to attain such a cultivation, and it could be considered to be extremely rare like phoenix feathers and Qilin horns.

This obviously showed how difficult it was to attain this cultivation realm in the Sword Dao.

For example, Chen Xi himself had remained at a realm of perfection in the Sword God Realm for a long time, and he hadn’t improved since. If it wasn’t for him obtaining the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword by chance from the River Diagram fragments and obtaining a trace of a critical factor to advance, it would be utterly impossible for him to undergo this transformation at this moment.

This was the might of fortune!

To existences at the Godrank Realm, the amount of time one had cultivated wasn’t the standard to judge an expert any longer, and it was that expert’s own potential, comprehension ability, physique, and fortune that was of vital importance to that expert’s path towards the Dao.

Perhaps, when could utilize external forces to change one’s natural talent, physique, and comprehension ability, yet fortune was a force that could only be chanced upon by luck.

Especially to existences at the Godrank Realm, sometimes even a tiny piece of fortune would be like a light flap of a butterfly’s wings that might cause a gale to sweep through the surroundings!

Of course, if one desired to obtain fortune, then one firstly had to encounter it, and secondly, one had to possess the ability to grab ahold of it.

Just like this present battle. Chen Xi did indeed possess fortune like the diagram of the bloodied damaged sword, but if he desired to advance into the Sword Emperor Realm, then he similarly had to grab hold of it himself.

Thus, Chen Xi had done this by utilizing the old man. He’d taken the old man to be a whetstone for his sword, and he intended to utilize the heavy pressure the old man gave him to break through in one go!


It took a long time to describe, yet only a moment had passed, and Ninth Uncle had shot over explosively once more. The bronze spear in his hand was obviously an extraordinary Divine Artifact. Even though it wasn’t a Natural Spirit Treasure, yet its might was all-powerful and ferocious to the extreme.

Moreover, it was even infused with an unyielding and merciless aura, and it was filled with a supreme might that seemed like the might of a Primeval Fiendgod.

If it was in the three dimensions, then this strike would probably destroy a myriad of cities and cause an irreparable calamity!

Chen Xi practically instinctively turned his right arm, and then the pitch black and lusterless Talisman Armament droned with a clear howl before suddenly sweeping out.


This strand of sword qi seethed through the sky and was extremely blazing. However, right after that, it actually vanished in an instant as if it had been evaporated from the world.

Hmm? Ninth Uncle’s pupils constricted abruptly. What’s that?

At this moment, he was actually unable to capture a trace of that sword qi, and it was even to the extent he wasn’t even able to lock onto its aura! If was as if it had really vanished.

Could this kid be making an empty show of strength?


A fine sound that was like the sound emitted from a mosquito resounded. However, when it entered into Ninth uncle’s ears, it was like a thunderclap, and it caused his hair to stand on end while he sensed a strand of an extremely dangerous aura flashing towards him.

He practically didn’t hesitate to suddenly roar loudly, and Ninth Uncle utilized the Heavenly Spirit Wings to swiftly teleport and flash towards the side at full speed.


Right at the moment he made a move, a strand of sword qi soundlessly appeared behind him, and it grazed past his shoulder, causing a string of blood to spray while the injury was deep to the bone.

If he hadn’t dodged in time, then this strike would have penetrated his throat!

“I’m injured!? I was actually injured by a little fellow at the World Enlightened True God Realm?” Ninth Uncle was in disbelief. At the same time that he was furious in his heart, he couldn’t help but arouse a strand of indescribable panic. What sort of Sword Dao is this? Why is it so mysterious?

As a master archer, Ninth Uncle could be said to have attained the perfection in the art of assassination and surprise attacks, yet even he couldn’t help but arouse a wisp of terror when facing this sword strike that arrived abruptly out of thin air.

This sword strike was completely traceless and soundless, and it was extremely mysterious. Because it actually avoided his senses and lock-on, so it wasn’t just terrifying!


It was also at this moment that a strand of an extremely terrifying imposing aura rumbled out from Chen Xi who stood in the distance, and it was like he’d become a completely different person in an instant.

Strands of peerlessly blazing sword qi coiled around his body and shot through the world, causing him to seem like an emperor of the sword that intended to command all the Sword Daos of the world as he roamed it!

Such an imposing aura through the surroundings into disorder. At this moment, it actually caused everything in the world to transform into strands of sword qi that responded to his own vital energy from afar.

This was an extremely grand phenomenon.

The clouds, mist, rocks, ground, space, and even light in this expanse of the heavens and the earth seemed to carry a wisp of Sword Insight that was whistling and surging.

It was like it had become a world of the sword.

Even though they weren’t real swords, they were suffused with the insights of the sword.

All of this had been created by the vital energy emanated from Chen Xi’s body!

Everything was transformed into a sword, and it acted in cooperation with the entire world and could be commanded with a single thought in the heard. This was the Sword Emperor Realm!

It was formidable because it was capable of ‘control


Control everything in the world, control the myriad of Sword Daos, and it was controlled by one’s own Dao Heart!

This sword strike is mysterious, variable, and moves unexpectedly. It can be considered to be the third sword move after I stepped into the Godrank Realm — Vorpal Strike! Chen Xi muttered in his heart while the blazing glow in his eyes started to return to calm, and his eyes turned deep and vast like the boundless starry sky.

At this point in his comprehension, everything had transformed into the Sword Dao that he commanded in his heart.

At this instant, he’d finally broken through from the Sword God Realm and stepped foot into the ranks of the Sword Emperor Realm!

“The Sword Emperor Realm? I was actually reduced to a stepping stone for a little bastard to advance…” When he witnessed the changes in Chen Xi’s vital energy, Ninth Elder’s extremely ferocious face became extremely unsightly, and it was utterly gloomy.

“Little Fellow, you must die today!!” His voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth, and it was filled with boundless rage and hatred. Ninth Uncle held the bronze spear in hand as he strode forward, and he traversed layer upon layer of space to assault Chen Xi explosively.

If it was said that he took Chen Xi to be an ant that he could trample at will earlier, then now, Chen Xi who’d transformed and advanced into the Sword Emperor Realm was a great calamity in his heart!

“Kill!” Ninth Uncle roared furiously as his 27m tall figure that was like a hill smashed through space, and a circle of the glow of divinity actually floated up into appearance from the ‘divine bow’ tattoo on his face, causing his imposing aura to actually rise explosively in an instant!

“Cut the crap, old fellow! You’ve already lost your chance!” Chen Xi spoke indifferently while his figure flashed with a swish. He took the initiative to meet the old man in battle, and he casually swung the Talisman Armament in his hand and utilized the Five Element Annihilator to easily destroy the old man’s attack.

After that, his figure suddenly flashed like an emperor striding through the universe, and a myriad of strands of sword whistled out from his entire body and charged at the old man along with him.

Ninth Uncle’s expression changed abruptly, and he knew how formidable this strike was, so he executed the Heavenly Spirit Wings to flicker and dodge repeatedly as he didn’t dare go head-on against it. However, he noticed to his astonishment that he was like a little boat that had fallen into a ‘world of swords,’ and he floated indeterminately yet was unable to struggle free from it. It was even to the extent that he might even be obliterated at any moment!

“How could this be possible? Could it be that this is the might of the Sword Emperor Realm?” Tempestuous waves arose in Ninth Uncle’s heart while the veins on his forehead bulged, and the divine radiance throughout his body rumbled as he swung the bronze spear with the intention of breaking through the restraints upon him and breaking out of this predicament.

A young man at the World Enlightened True God Realm, a tiny ant that had just stepped foot into the Godrank Realm had stepped foot into the Sword Emperor Realm in battle and executed supreme might that was sufficient to turn the situation of the battle around, and it even oppressed him, a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, to feel extremely strained. If news of this were to spread, would anyone dare believe it?

In the past, even he wouldn’t believe this.

However, when he truly went against Chen Xi, he finally realized how freakish such a young man that couldn’t be judged by convention was!


The battle erupted, and it was intense to the limit. It caused everything within an area of 500,000km to transform into ruins. As the two of them fought within the heavens and the earth, it caused the sun and moon to dim down while all things trembled, and it truly seemed like doomsday had arrived.


After a short moment, another ‘Vorpal Strike’ appeared abruptly. It seized a momentary gap to instantly injure Ninth Uncle’s chest, causing blood to flow while his bones were indistinctly visible.

“This is impossible!!” Ninth Uncle’s roar that shook the heavens and the earth resounded, and it revealed shock, rage, and even a wisp of bewilderment that couldn’t be concealed. How could the Sword Emperor Realm possibly be so terrifying??

He didn’t dare believe it!

Moreover, he was unable to accept it!

All of this had exceeded his past perception. After living for countless years, it was still the first time he’d encountered such a strange and inconceivable situation.


Before he could recover from his shock, Chen Xi’s tall figure that was like the figure of an emperor carried vast Sword Insight as it smashed down.

This time, Chen Xi intended to capture this old fellow and force the old fellow to tell him everything about the Last Days Domain and Ancient God Domain for the convenience of his future plans!

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