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Talisman Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1546 – Divine Dao Altar

Chapter 1546 – Divine Dao Altar

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The Last Days Domain, the Ancient God Domain…

Chen Xi was still extremely unfamiliar to both of these places, and he knew nothing about them.

The reason was that as soon as he entered the Last Days Domain, he didn’t even have the time to carefully sense what was different in the Last Days Domain before he suffered the attacks of Ninth Uncle and the others.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi urgently needed to grasp information related to the Last Days Domain and Ancient God Domain, otherwise not to mention locating that passageway that led to the Ancient God Domain, even surviving within the Last Days Domain would be a problem.

On the other hand, Ninth Uncle came from ‘Snow Ink Region’, and he obviously had a rather good understanding of all this information. Thus, so long as Chen Xi captured him, it would be extremely ease for Chen Xi to obtain some valuable information.



Chen Xi arrived with sword in hand and utilized the ‘Calm Before The Storm’ that possessed the strongest impacting force. When looked at from afar, it was like a surging ocean of swords, and it was extremely astounding.


An enormous bang resounded. Ninth Uncle seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, and his 27m tall figure was blasted flying while his countenance turned pale, and he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Earlier, an injury had been left behind on his chest from Chen Xi’s Vorpal Strike, but it was only an injury of the flesh and wasn’t serious.

Yet now, he was shaken by this sword qi, and it had injured his internal organs instead, causing his combat strength to be affected to a certain extent.

This outcome was something Ninth Uncle had never imagined earlier.

“Wait! At the hands of a young man at the World Enlightened True God Realm, it’s absolutely impossible for the might of the Sword Emperor Realm to be so terrifying. His foundation in the Divine Dao, his Dao he utilized to become a god, and even the treasures he possesses are definitely extraordinary. Only in this way would he be able to bring forth such might…” At this moment, Ninth Uncle’s expression was extremely gloomy. Under the situation of being defeated repeatedly, he’d finally clearly realized that the combat strength Chen Xi possessed was absolutely not as simple as merely attaining the Sword Emperor Realm.

This caused him to be shocked, furious, and filled with disbelief in his heart. How could a little bastard that has just stepped into the World Enlightened True God Realm possibly possess such a heaven defying foundation?


Before he could recover from his shock, Chen Xi’s attack had assaulted him once more.


“Bastard! Do you really think that I can’t do anything to a World Enlightened True God like you?” Being forced to such a state caused Ninth Uncle to be completely enraged and on the verge of going mad. He utterly stopped holding back, and a buzz resounded as a ‘divine altar’ floated up into appearance above him.

This divine altar was around the size of a palm and 27m tall. It was completely translucent and emanated extremely surging Five Element Divinity that was dazzling, resplendent, and caused the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison.

In an instant, it was like a divine sun had appeared in the sky, and it illuminated the world!

This was a ‘Divine Altar’, and it was also called a ‘Divine Dao Altar’. It was something unique to Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, and the energy of Divine Dao Laws, Divinity, and a strand of the Soul Divine Flame possessed by a Domain Enlightened Spirit God was condensed within it.

In other words, this Divine Dao Altar was equivalent to the core of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God!

Yet now, after he was repeatedly oppressed by Chen Xi, Ninth Uncle didn’t hesitate to utilize his own Divine Dao Altar and contain all of his might within it. Thus, the might it possessed was simply immeasurable!

In merely an instant, Chen Xi felt a practically suffocating and terrifying pressure rumble and surge towards him, and it caused his hairs to stand on end while his expression couldn’t help but change slightly.

Sh*t!Does this old bastard intend to try bringing me down with him?

Chen Xi instantly abandoned the thought to capture the old man alive, and he didn’t hesitate at all to utilize his full strength and fiercely attack the old man head-on!

Under such circumstances, it was already impossible for him to flee or avoid it, and once he revealed even a trace of hesitation, he would be heavily injured by this strike.


The heavens and the earth shook while an enormous explosion occurred here. All sorts of divine rays of light shot into the sky while numerous huge spatial rifts stretched out, and they were extremely terrifying as they surged towards the distance.

Amidst the dust and dirt, Ninth Uncle’s ferocious figure trembled violently, and the aura emanated from his entire body suddenly waned while his countenance became ghastly pale and translucent to the extreme.

Obviously, after he utilized the Divine Dao Altar, it had caused him to suffer extremely serious backlash and be injured.

“Little Bastard, I’ll spare you for now, and I’ll definitely annihilate you in the future!” He glanced resentfully at Chen Xi who stood in the distance, and then he utilized the Heavenly Spirit Wings to turn around and flee!

He had no choice but to flee because the injuries that covered his entire body had already severely affected his combat strength. So, if he still didn’t flee, then he was truly worried that he might perish here.

On the other hand, after this collision, Chen Xi’s countenance had merely become slightly pale, and he seemed as if he hadn’t suffered any material injuries. This discovery caused Ninth Uncle to completely abandon the thought of continuing the battle, and he fled.

To a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, being forced to such a state by a World Enlightened True God was truly shameful indeed.

Thus, Ninth Uncle spoke those words at the instant before he left.



Unfortunately, Ninth Uncle didn’t notice that Chen Xi’s entire figure shook less than 10 minutes after he left, and it seemed as if Chen Xi’s body had lost its support, causing him to suddenly fall to the ground and smash open a large crater there.

His body twitched without end and had warped slightly as he’d suffered an extremely severe injury.

Once a Domain Enlightened Spirit God fights desperately, it really isn’t something I can go against now… Chen Xi opened his eyes strenuously while intense pain filled his entire body. Moreover, the Divinity within his entire body charged chaotically when he just moved his body slightly, and it was especially because there were many places on his body where broken bones could be seen. His injuries were even more severe than he’d expected.

All of this was caused by the old man’s Divine Dao Altar!

It represented the quintessence energies of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and it was extremely terrifying. It was utterly not something a World Enlightened True God like Chen Xi could resist completely.

This won’t do. I can’t stay here. The commotion from the battle was too huge, and it might draw the attention of some people. Chen Xi gritted his teeth and forcefully circulated his cultivation to repair his injured body. He mended all his broken bones before he stood up with difficulty.

That battle from before was truly too dangerous, and it caused him to still have a lingering fear in his heart. Moreover, he didn’t dare underestimate any Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods any longer. Because the main reason why he’d suffered a heavy injury earlier was that his understanding of the might possessed by Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods was too shallow.


Chen Xi took a deep breath as he silently sensed the situation in the surroundings, and he actually noticed that the aura of divinity in the heavens and the earth was extremely thin and almost nonexistent. It was completely without any vitality, and it was utterly unable to give him much help.

Could it be that Divine Energy doesn’t exist in the Last Days Domain? Chen Xi frowned. Divine Energy was an existence similar to Immortal Energy. Unfortunately, the Last Days Domain wasn’t the true Ancient God Domain, so the Divine Energy possessed within the heavens and the earth was pitiably scarce.

Moreover, Chen Xi even faintly sensed a type of pressure, and he suffered the pressure from some sort of energy of Order. It was the aura of the Last Days Domain, and it was completely different from the three dimensions and seemed to carry an extremely pressuring effect towards all existences at the Godrank Realm.

Nevermind, I’ll just leave this place first. Chen Xi forcefully endured the injuries and intense pain coming from his entire body, and he distinguished the direction before gritting his teeth and teleporting away in an instant. During this entire process, the injuries on his entire body had split open once more, causing fresh blood to flow.

This obviously showed how severe the injuries Chen Xi suffered from that collision from before was.

It was even to the extent that if Ninth Uncle had turned around and shot another glance at Chen Xi, he might have been able to easily annihilate Chen Xi.


After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi felt the injuries throughout his body become even more severe, and wave after wave of dizziness surged within his mind. He couldn’t refrain from stopping any longer, and he didn’t dare forcefully teleport any longer as well.

Hmm? This is? Chen Xi’s gaze swept inadvertently and noticed that he’d arrived within a gorge. All sorts of strange glowing plants grew luxuriantly here.

On the other hand, it was numerous pitch black plants that were like vines that had drawn Chen Xi’s attention. They creeped throughout the gorge like numerous shackles that covered the ground, and they were pitch black, thick, large, and suffused with a mysterious glow.

After that, Chen Xi’s expression changed abruptly. Because he noticed that the glow emanated by these vines were actually able to corrode his Divinity without him realizing it.

What a strange plant! Chen Xi hurriedly circulated his cultivation and raised his spirits to avoid any mishaps from occurring.

His injuries were extremely serious, and he’d been teleporting continuously for the time for an incense stick to burn. At this moment, when he forcefully circulated his cultivation, his entire body instantly trembled and was on the verge of collapse.

On the other hand, the glow of the mysterious vines beneath him grew brighter, and then strands of dense greyish white mist rose up and faintly showed signs of intending to fly up and attack Chen Xi.

My luck really is terrible! Chen Xi cursed in his heart, and he was just about to exert strength in his body to turn around and leave.

“Goddess! Look, quickly! Divine Vine Kings! Isn’t that a type of precious divine treasure you require to refine the Divinehall Treasured Spirit Pill?” Right at this moment, a clear and melodious voice resounded. “Eh? Someone has actually arrived before us. Unfortunately, we’ve made a trip in vain again…”

“Hui Cong, be quiet. That young man is severely injured, and he’s being attacked by the Divine Vine Kings right now. Go save him. It can be considered as doing a good deed.” After that, a solemn and indifferent voice resounded slowly. It seemed to be ordinary and flat, yet it carried a sense of tranquility that struck directly at the heart, and it seemed as if it was capable of enlightening the benighted, causing others to involuntarily arouse reverence towards the owner of the voice.

Chen Xi’s heart shook when he heard this, and he raised his head with difficulty and intended to look over. He felt something flash before his eyes, and then a green clothed young woman whose hair was tied up into buns at the top of both sides of her head appeared by his side.

The young woman had a pretty appearance and a petite figure. Moreover, he was even carrying a flower basket on her left arm. She seemed like a Dao Attendant, and her eyes were pitch black, bright, and extremely lively.

“You really are injured.” The young woman sized Chen Xi up from head to toe, and then she chuckled and revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth.

Chen Xi was terrified and shocked in his heart. What swift speed! Because he was actually unable to react at all before the young woman actually appeared by his side.

“Little Young Master, stay still here and leave the Divine Vine Kings to me.” The young woman grinned brightly before she shook the flower basket on her arm.


A strange fluctuation arose before the divine glow of wind and lightning actually floated up into appearance and swept out lightly. It directly swept up all the Divine Vine Kings within the gorge, and they were all placed within the flower basket with a swish.

This tiny flower basket is actually a Natural Spirit Treasure! Chen Xi thought in his heart, and he had a deeper understanding of how extraordinary this young woman was.

But right after that, his mind buzzed while a wave of strong dizziness surged throughout his entire body. His injuries had actually started acting up, causing him to almost lose consciousness, and he instantly lost control of his body and fell towards the ground.

“Oh! Goddess, this Little Young Master’s injuries seem to be extremely severe, should we rescue him or not?”

“Nevermind, bring him along with us.”


After he heard this conversation, Chen Xi put his guard down completely, and his vision turned black as he fell unconscious.

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