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Talisman Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1547 – Divine Crystals

Chapter 1547 – Divine Crystals

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While his consciousness was hazy, Chen Xi heard a wave of conversation.

“There’s some fate between me and this young man. Don’t touch the treasures in his possession after I leave.” This voice was solemn and indifferent, and it revealed a force that struck directly at the heart. It was precisely the voice of that ‘Goddess’.

“Don’t worry Goddess.” This voice was deep and low, and it carried a clanging sound like metal rubbing against each other. It was extremely unfamiliar.

“Hui Cong, let’s go.”

“Oh.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi somehow summoned the strength to suddenly open his eyes, and he struggled up before he said, “Benefactors, wait a moment. Can you tell me your names? I’ll definitely repay you tenfold if a have a chance in the future.”

As he spoke, a wave of dizziness struck his mind once more, and his vision blurred. He was only able to see two figures yet was unable to see their appearances clearly.

This caused a wave of bitterness to arise in his heart. I’ve only just arrived at the Last Days Domain, yet I’ve already been reduced to such a state. I really am misfortunate.

“Repay us? Hehe, there’s no need for that, Little Young Master, it’s best to take good care of yourself.” The pretty young woman in azure clothes that carried a flower basket, Hui Cong, grinned as she spoke.

“Let’s go.” That ‘Goddess’ spoke indifferently and directly disregarded Chen Xi’s request. Her attitude wasn’t haughty, yet it innately carried a bearing of supremacy.

It seemed as if she’d only taken Chen Xi’s words to be a joke.

Or perhaps, in her opinion, based on the situation Chen Xi was currently in, even if his injuries were recovered, it would probably be impossible for him to repay her at all.

They actually left just like that… Chen Xi was stunned, and he was both dazed and dizzy while he muttered in his heart. Even if you don’t mind, but since I owe both of you a favor, then I, Chen Xi, will definitely repay it.


His vision turned black before he fainted once more.


When Chen Xi woke up again, it was already two days later.

He noticed that he was actually at a village. The village wasn’t large, and over 100 people resided within it, so it was even more similar to an extremely small tribe.

An extremely large medicinal field had been established at the front of the village, and all sorts of strange and exotic plants and herbs that emanated a variety of gorgeous multicolored glows were densely planted within it.

The 100 plus resides of the village worked within this medicinal field. In other words, they seemed even more like servants that looked after a medicinal field, and all their time, energy, and concentration was utilized on the medicinal field.

Is this… still the Last Days Domain? When he found out about all of this, Chen Xi was bewildered and extremely puzzled.

Moreover, he noticed that every single person within this village wasn’t ordinary. Their entire bodies were enveloped by strands of the aura of divinity, yet every single movement they made was no different than the movement of an ordinary commoner, and they didn’t know how to utilize various techniques and Divine Abilities at all.

Strange, this entire village is suffused with an aura that’s without vitality, and it seems as if it doesn’t possess any energy, spirit, or essence… Chen Xi was even more bewildered.

“You’re awake.” A hoarse voice that seemed to carry the sound of metal rubbing against each other resounded by Chen Xi’s ears.

Chen Xi suddenly raised his head and noticed a middle aged man pushing the door open and walking in. The middle aged man wore a bronze ring over his forehead, had a firm expression, and skin that was dark like ironstone.

This middle aged man’s aura was ferocious, and he was obviously completely different from the others in the village. He had a resolute and murderous aura while his entire body was coiled by the aura of divinity. He possessed the bearing that only a true expert at the Godrank Realm could possess.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, this was the aura of someone that was ‘similar’ to him.

On the other hand, the others in the village were obviously not like true experts at the Godrank Realm.

Most importantly, as soon as the middle aged man spoke, Chen Xi determined that this was precisely the owner of that voice that spoke with the ‘Goddess’ while he was unconscious.

“I’m Tie Kun, and I’m the Watcher here. I don’t care how you suffered those injuries, nor do I care where you’re from. Please leave as soon as you’ve recovered.” The middle aged man who called himself Tie Kun had a cold and indifferent expression, and he was icy cold and without any emotion.

Chen Xi was stunned, yet he still nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Tie Kun’s expression remained indifferent and cold as before while he said, “Can you recover within seven days of time?”

“It’ll probably be sufficient for me to move at that time.” Chen Xi took a deep breath as he sensed the vital energy within his entire body, and then he spoke slowly.

Even though his injuries from before were severe, they hadn’t harmed his foundation in the Divine Dao. Coupled with his accumulations that were extremely deep, all of his external and internal injuries had already been almost fully healed within these two days of time.

The only thing he lacked was sufficient Divine Energy.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. The Dark Parasol Sapling within his body was only able to emanate Immortal Energy, and 10 times the Immortal Energy of the past could merely be converted into a strand of Divine Energy.

According to this speed, he would merely be able to recover around 70% of his cultivation within seven days of time.

On the other hand, the Divine Energy within this expanse of the heavens and the earth was extremely scarce, and it was utterly insufficient for Chen Xi to absorb. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi could only place his hopes on the Dark Parasol Sapling to replenish his Divine Energy.

“Alright, then leave seven days from now.” As soon as he finished speaking, Tie Kun turned around and walked away.

“Fellow Daoist, is this still the Last Days Domain?” Chen Xi hurriedly asked.

“Yes.” Tie Kun stopped, and he seemed to be in deep contemplation and was hesitating about something. After a short while, he suddenly raised his hand and tossed over five crystals. “These are Divine Crystals. You’ll be able to recover slightly more swiftly by utilizing them. Remember, don’t allow the others to see these Divine Crystals.”


The door was closed, and only Chen Xi remained within the house again.

Divine Crystals!

Chen Xi raised his hand and grabbed the five crystals over before carefully sizing them up.

These crystals were the size of a pinky, completely dazzling and crystalline, and suffused with faint chaotic mist. Besides that, it shockingly contained the purest Divine Energy within it.

This is just like Immortal Stones and Immortal Liquid. Obviously, they’re required by cultivators to cultivate. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

Tie Kung seemed to be very cautious when he produced the Divine Crystals earlier, and it seemed as if he’d produced some sort of rare and precious treasure. This allowed Chen Xi to faintly sense that the value of these Divine Crystals was definitely extraordinary.

Actually, it was extremely obvious. The Divine Energy within the Last Days Domain was scare and practically nonexistent. Thus, Divine Crystals would become even more valuable.

But, why did he warn me not to allow the others to see the Divine Crystals? Could it be that he’s worried the others would try to seize it from me? Chen Xi frowned.

Even if he’d already confirmed that he was still within the Last Days Domain now, he still felt that everything within this village was truly mysterious.

Nevermind, I’ll first rely on these Divine Crystals to recover my strength. Once I’ve recovered, I’ll leave immediately. Chen Xi recalled Tie Kun’s cold and indifferent attitude when dealing with him, and he was very clearly aware that if he didn’t leave within seven days of time, then Tie Kun would probably be the first to object.

When he thought about Tie Kun, Chen Xi couldn’t help but recall that ‘Goddess’ and Hui Cong. Where are they from?


After that, Chen Xi stopped thinking about everything, and he sat cross-legged with a Divine Crystal in hand and was prepared to start cultivating. Right at this moment, a wave of footsteps resounded from outside his door.

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he swiftly put those Divine Crystals away.

When he finished doing all of this, a crack resounded as the door was directly opened from the outside.

A thin man that was emaciated like a bamboo and had wax yellow skin walked in. His gaze swept coldly past Chen Xi before he said, “Kid, hand over the Divine Crystals, otherwise, you’ll definitely die today.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, yet his expression remained unchanged as he said, “What Divine Crystals?”

“Hmph! You’re even trying to play tricks with me. I saw it clearly earlier, so I’ll ask you again. Will you hand it over or not?” The thin man spoke viciously.

“Oh?” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “If I’m not wrong, Tie Kun doesn’t know that you’ve come here, right?”

“Little Bastard! I asked you to hand the Divine Crystals over, so hand them over! What’s with all the nonsense!?” The thin man’s expression changed abruptly as if he was extremely fearful of Tie Kun. But right after that, a vicious expression flashed on his face before he suddenly charged forward, and then his palm grabbed down towards Chen Xi’s neck.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A strong gale whistled as rumbling resounded from space.

However, as far as Chen Xi was concerned, such an attack was weak and powerless because it didn’t contain any techniques or profundities. This allowed Chen Xi to confirm his views from before. Besides Tie Kun, everyone else within this village wasn’t a true existence at the Godrank Realm.

Or perhaps, they possessed the aura of divinity, yet they’d lost the might possessed by an expert at the Godrank Realm!

Yet now, even though Chen Xi’s injuries hadn’t healed, he possessed numerous supreme techniques after all. Coupled with his deep foundation in the Divine Dain, such an attack was utterly harmless to him.


With a raise of his hand, Chen Xi hand grabbed ahold of the thin man’s right arm like a pair of iron pincers. He grabbed onto the thin man’s arm to the point cracking sounds resounded, and it was practically on the verge of shattering.

“AH!!!” The thin man let out a shrill cry from pain.

Sh*t!Chen Xi’s heart shook as he stretched out his hand to cover the thin man’s mouth, and that shrill cry stopped abruptly.

However, all of this was still too late. Even though the thin man’s shrill cry only lasted for a short moment, it was extremely ear piercing, and it spread out of the house and was heard by many others within the village.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s Wu Yu’s voice!”

“Come, let’s go over together and take a look!”

In next to no time, clamorous voices mixed with the sounds of various footsteps converged over from afar.

Chen Xi’s face instantly sank when he sensed all of this, and then killing intent surged out from Chen Xi’s heart. Chen Xi truly wished for nothing more than to kill this thin man before him, but he forcefully endured this feeling in the end.

But right after that, the clamorous voices that were accompanied by the sound of footsteps had arrived outside his door.

“Everyone, quickly save me!” The thin man suddenly roared loudly with all his might.

This caused Chen Xi’s face to sink once more, and his figure flashed up before he exerted strength with his palm.


The thin man was smashed down to a kneeling position on the ground.

“Wu Yu? Why would you…”

“Damnable Bastard! We were kind enough to rescue you, yet you treat us like this!”

“Kill! Let’s attack together and kill this ungrateful bastard!”

When the others from the village witnessed this scene, they were instantly enraged and directed their anger at Chen Xi. They didn’t distinguish between right and wrong at all, and all of them charged towards Chen Xi who was within the house.


Before Chen Xi could even open his mouth and explain, all of them had already charged over furiously and broke through the house. Space rumbled while the situation fell into chaos.

These bastards! Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly infuriated when he saw this, and he suddenly launched a fierce kick at the thin man before his figure flashed and swiftly left this house.

“Everyone, please allow me to explain…” Chen Xi intended to provide an explanation.

However, to his bitter disappointment, these villagers didn’t listen to his explanation at all, and they roared furiously in succession as they charged to attack him. They seemed as if they’d taken him to be their greatest enemy.

The situation was utterly chaotic.

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