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Talisman Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1548 – World Shocking Secret

Chapter 1548 – World Shocking Secret

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The battle erupted in an extremely abrupt manner.

Never had Chen Xi imagined that the situation would actually develop to such a state.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t reasonable, it was these villagers that were extremely unreasonable instead. They seemed to have taken him to be an enemy from the beginning, and the thin man’s shrill cry was merely a fuse that became an excuse for them to make a move against Chen Xi.


An enormous fist tore through the sky as it smashed space into pieces and descended, and it carried an extremely violent might.

However, Chen Xi merely raised his palm and blocked this attack, and then that person’s figure fell uncontrollably to the ground, causing a thump to resound as a large hole was smashed open.


“How dare you continue to act violently!”

“Attack him together!”

The other villagers roared loudly with fury when they saw this, and they swarmed towards Chen Xi like tidewater.

Chen Xi swept them with his gaze, and he instantly felt reassured in his heart. His figure flickered repeatedly, and every single time it flickered, a villager would be easily suppressed to the ground without fail.

In merely a short moment, numerous figures were already lying all over the ground, and they were letting out endless shrill cries.

It really is as I expected. Even though these fellows possess the bodies of gods, their attacks don’t carry any Divine Daos, and it seems as if they don’t know how to utilize any Divine Dao techniques at all… Chen Xi’s figure suddenly stopped moving, and he seemed to be lost in thought as he looked at all the villagers that lay on the ground.

In this conflict that had erupted abruptly, he’d practically not utilized any formidable techniques at all before striking all of them down. Not a single one of them was able to go against him, and the reason was that these villagers were too weak.

They were like children that held sharp blades. Even though the blade was terrifying, they didn’t know how to utilize the blade!

Strange, they clearly already possess the body of gods, yet they don’t possess the energy of Divine Dao Laws or combat techniques. How could there be such a strange thing in the world? Chen Xi frowned and was rather bewildered.

“Everyone, this fellow possesses Divine Crystals!” The thin man that was captured by Chen Xi earlier was lying on the ground at this moment, but he seemed to be extremely unwilling to watch Chen Xi win the battle, so he immediately shouted loudly in a grim voice.

These words seemed to be extremely sudden and baseless.

However, the words ‘Divine Crystals’ amidst what he said caused the eyes of those villagers Chen Xi had defeated to instantly turn red. Besides hatred, their gazes towards Chen Xi carried a strand of the glow of extremely burning greed.

“Kill! Kill him!”

“Divine Crystals… If I possess Divine Crystals, then I’ll absolutely be able to leave this damnable Last Days Domain!”

The defeated villagers on the ground seemed to have been given an extremely strong stimulant, and they suddenly struggled to get up. Moreover, they charged once more towards Chen Xi amidst a wave of clamorous roars.

They seemed as if they truly wished for nothing more than to tear Chen Xi into pieces!

Why are these bastards so irrationally covetous of Divine Crystals? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while killing intent surged into appearance because a trace of rage couldn’t help but arise in his heart from being taken to be prey by others.

“Stop!” Suddenly, a clanging voice that sounded like metal rubbing together against each other resounded through the heavens and the earth.

After that, rumbling resounded as a strand of terrifying divine might crushed down, and it instantly suppressed all the villagers to the ground, causing them to be unable to get up again.

After that, Chen Xi saw Tie Kun tear space apart and arrive here with a gloomy expression.

“What’s going on?” Tie Kun didn’t even spare a glance at Chen Xi, and he swept his gaze towards those villagers instead. “I just left for a moment, yet such chaos has occurred. Could it be that all of you intend to be sent to death at the ‘Hunting Area?’

All of them were silent like cicadas in the winter, and they simultaneously started shivering without end. There was no hatred, resentment, or greed in their expressions any longer, and it was replaced by reverence. Moreover, the gazes they shot at Tie Kun seemed as if they were looking at the respected arrival of an overlord.

“Hmph!” Tie Kun grunted coldly. In the end, he waved his hand and said, “Disperse.”

All of them seemed as if they’d been exonerated, and they left dejectedly.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask when he saw this. “Fellow Daoist Tie Kun, what exactly is going on?”

Tie Kun glanced coldly at Chen Xi, and he went silent for a short moment before he said, “Come with me.”

As he spoke, he placed his hands behind his back and walked directly towards the front of the village.

Chen Xi followed closely behind him.

In next to no time, they arrived at the front of the village. An extremely large medicinal field covered this area, and all sorts of strange plants and herbs were planted in it. All of them were plants and herbs that Chen Xi had never seen in the three dimensions.

Chen Xi noticed that the aura contained within those plants and herbs wasn’t Divine Energy, and they were completely different from the immortal herbs he’d seen in the past. They were filled with a strand of indescribable and obscure aura, and they were extremely strange.

At this moment, many villagers were working in the field with care and concentration, and they seemed to be deeply afraid of damaging these plants and herbs.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was shocked because those plants and herbs seemed as if they were alive. Their branches and leaves emanated strands of dazzling light that moved like tentacles and pierced into the bodies of those villagers.

Yet those villagers seemed as if they didn’t notice it at all, and from the beginning until the end, they had numb expressions and didn’t avoid it at all.

“Could it be that those plants and herbs are absorbing the energy within the bodies of those villagers as nourishment?” Chen Xi frowned. He felt that this scene was extremely mysterious, and it caused him to feel rather uncomfortable.

“They were originally experts at the Godrank Realm from the various worlds. Before they arrived at the Last Days Domain, all of them were great figures that commanded monstrous authority in their respective worlds, and they received the respect and admiration of all living beings.” Tie Kun spoke indifferent. “But once they arrived here, they’re only a group of pitiable people. If they don’t want to die, then they can only be reduced to Herb Slaves with lowly statuses, and they’re no different than ants.”

“Why is it like this?” Chen Xi frowned while a trace of coldness surged out from his heart.

“Because by relying on their own ability, it’s utterly impossible for them to arrive at the Ancient God Domain, whereas there are only two methods if one desires to survive in the Last Days Domain.” Tie Kun said, “The first is to be a Herb Slave in the Medicinal Field Area. This is the safest method. Even though one would lose the Divine Dao Laws and techniques one possessed, so long as one worked obediently, then one wouldn’t have to worry about encountering any danger. With their foundations at the Godrank Realm, it would be sufficient for them to survive for eternity.”

Tie Kun paused for a moment and continued. “The second method is to be sent to the ‘Hunting Area’ as prey. However, this is extremely dangerous, and there’s only a slim chance of survival. Only a few lucky fellows are able to survive in that place. However, one can’t say for sure if they’ll be hunted and killed one day. So unless they had no other choice, no one would be willing to be sent to the ‘Hunting Area’ and be reduced to prey that’s at the mercy of others.”

“So in this way, the Last Days Domain is roughly divided into two areas. The first is the Medicinal Field Area, and the second is the Hunting Area?” Chen Xi’s brows raised as he spoke.

Tie Kun said, “Yes.”

Chen Xi’s expression became grim as well, and he said, “Then who’s the owner of the Medicinal Field Area and Hunting Area?”

Tie Kun turned around to glance indifferently at Chen Xi, and then he said, “Have you still not guessed the answer now? It’s naturally the various great powers in the Ancient God Domain.”

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart while a cold glow shot out from his eyes, and he seemed to have roughly understood something.

The Last Days Domain had been completely taken control of by the great figures of the Ancient God Domain, and they’d divided it into the Medicinal Field Area and Hunting Area.

Under the precondition of being unable to enter the Ancient God Domain, all those experts at the Godrank Realm who were restrained and dragged into the Last Days Domain could only choose from these two methods to survive.

The first was to be an Herb Slave and grow plants and herbs for the great figures of the Ancient God Domain. Doing this was the safest, yet one would lose the Divine Dao Laws and various techniques that one possessed.

The second was to be reduced to becoming prey that was sent to the Hunting Area, and one would become the prey that those great figures of the Ancient God Domain hunted. It was extremely dangerous, and it could be said that there was only a slim chance of surviving there.

As for the existence of the Hunting Area, it was extremely easy to understand. The influential figures in the mortal world would establish some hunting forests for themselves to hunt, and they took hunting to be a pleasure that relieved their boredom.

Obviously, the Hunting Area in the Last Days Domain was a roughly similar existence. However, the prey had become those experts at the Godrank Realm who’d been restrained and dragged into the Last Days Domain, whereas the hunters had become the great figures from the Ancient God Domain instead!

This caused Chen Xi to suddenly recall the moment he’d just stepped into the Last Days Domain and the surprise attack he’d suffered. In the conversation between the white robed young man, Ninth Uncle, and the others, they seemed to have taken him to be ‘prey,’ and they’d utterly not taken him to be a true god!

Obviously, the white robed young man’s group had definitely come from the Ancient God Domain.

“Why do I feel that the Last Days Domain is like a place for leisure and recreation created by those great figures of the Ancient God Domain?” Chen Xi’s expression was slightly gloomy. There was nothing wrong with recreation and leisure, but if the targets of recreation and leisure were experts at the Godrank Realm, and if they were taken as prey and Herb Slaves that could be oppressed at will, then this was something that Chen Xi was slightly unable to accept.

“It isn’t just the Last Days Domain, even the worlds outside the Ancient God Domain are only resources in the control of those great figures.” Tie Kun said indifferently, “If it was said that the Heaven Dao all of you comprehended before becoming gods was an expanse of fertile farmland, then all of you cultivators throughout the various words are the crops within the farmland. Your cultivation is the process of growing of crops, and when ‘ripe’ crops appear in these farmlands, they’ll be reaped so as to avoid them affecting the growth of other crops.”

The Heaven Dao was compared to a farmland, cultivators were compared to crops that grew on the farmland! Moreover, when the crops were ‘ripe,’ it would be time to reap the harvest!

If he heard this analogy in the past, Chen Xi would definitely be disdainful towards it. Yet now, after he experienced everything within the Last Days Domain, he suddenly understood how suitable this analogy was.

It was even to the extent it caused bone piercing coldness to arise in his heart. Moreover, there was even a type of indescribable rage within him. He was completely stunned on the spot while his hands were unconsciously clenched together tightly, and even the veins on the surface of his hands bulged.

“The so-called ripe crops are cultivators that advance to the Godrank Realm, right?” Chen Xi spoke in a low voice.

“Yes.” Tie Kun nodded.

Chen Xi suddenly recalled everything he saw in the three dimensions. At that time, the calamity descended and swept through the three dimensions, and then the Divine Chains of Order enveloped down and forcefully restrained and dragged away numerous existences at the Godrank Realm.

When he thought about it now, were the Divine Chains of Order that descended from the calamity any different than ‘sickles’ that reaped the ripe ‘crops?’

Moreover, this ‘sickle’ was naturally controlled by the great figures of the Ancient God Domain!

Why did they reap the crops?

It was naturally for the sake of providing ‘food’ for those great figures of the Ancient God Domain to enjoy and wealth that they could take could enjoy themselves with!

After he understood all of this, Chen Xi’s entire body felt icy cold from head to toe, and his expression was completely livid and gloomy.

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