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Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 675: Reunion

Chapter 675: Reunion

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Translator: Abyssruler Editor: Lucas

Yan Xiaosu smiled slightly, “Everyone, I wish to introduce a friend of mine in a few days’ time. Although she will not have a large share in the initial investment, but she will definitely be more useful than me. As for the second wave of financing, it is no longer necessary. Although the more people we have, the stronger we can get, I also wish to maintain the relationship with Jasper. Our people from Earth are concerned about fate, and I also believe in fate.”

“Brother Yan, you’re too courteous.” Jasper also did not wish for others to join in. They did not lack money, but he was not in a position to refuse them. However, Yan Xiaosu was able to do so.

“Is it because Miss Ye is coming over?” Pila instantly deduced.

Yan Xiaosu nodded, and those who were aware understood. The rest were even more perplexed, who was this Miss Ye?

Jasper and the rest could not calm down. This was not because of the mech, but it was the OMG which was the only one who could acquire super-gravity energy mines from Tita Star. This was simply inconceivable!

Jasper and others did not introduce the meaning of Miss Ye, and the others were even more anxious to find out. The more mysterious she was, the more reluctant they were in leaving. Each of them refused to budge, and the atmosphere instantly heated up. As for Yan Xiaosu, he was already familiar with this. In fact, dealing with these guys was much easier than making money on Earth. The cash involved could determine the survival or death of a few companies back on Earth, but they treated it as pocket change over here. It was no wonder that everyone wanted to enter into the galactic trade market.

Yan Xiaosu hadn’t thought that the issue would be blown to such proportion. But after talking with Ye Zisu, he suddenly understood that although it was just a bluff, it was something that they had to do, as this was their only chance to obtain benefits.

The opportunity to keep his brothers alive!

The chance to remove the stain on their names!

Kashawen’s negotiations was extremely traumatic to Yan Xiaosu. He did not care if others looked down on him, but had went ahead with the plan to showcase the persistence of a brother.

Honest people generally do not get angry, but once they angered him, he will definitely remember it for a lifetime. Whether if it was Little Lucky Star or OMG, they had already embarked on a course set by Wang Zheng, and there was no turning back.

The ideals of Little Lucky Star at inception no longer existed, and Yan Xiaosu was walking down a path as dangerous as Wang Zheng.

Elite Academy X, the competition was still in full swing. In the third round, all the participants had some skills, and Olivios naturally progressed easily. However, everyone was surprised that there were still Huang Grade students present. All of them had one thing in common, which was that their physical skills and Ability X were both rather well developed.

The Huang Grade students in the final advancement match were: Wang Zheng, Olivios, Lear, Achilles, and Luo Fei.

Other than Olivios who was from Arbiter, the remaining four were all from the Solar system.

As the Solar system had been silent for a long time, this was exciting news. In the past, every time the Solar system had a minor achievement, there would be books written about it, not to mention the glory of these youths.

It was the same for Elite Academy. No one expected that the Solar system would have such outstanding achievements. It must be known that the Solar system rarely qualified in the preliminaries.

Black Tortoise Region was also proud of the excellent performance of Lear and Luo Fei.

Moreover, these students really did not stumble through due to luck, and every battle had been hard fought, showcasing their strength.

This had also brought an adverse impact on the academies that only advocated Ability X.

In Elite Academy, fighting skills and physical skills were all auxiliary, and they mainly focused on Ability X to raise their combat power. However, this view had been broken by this group of students, as during battle, their Ability X was more on disruption and defense, the true deadly blow being their physical attacks.

The Earthlings long had a saying of combining the human and the machine, but this was not a popular opinion outside. The mech was just a tool, and only needed to be handled properly. Anything else was simply pushing too far, and was a viewpoint of the weak.

But now, the general populace might have to adjust their mindset once again.

Other than the Huang Grade students, there were a few true experts from the four academies that had also advanced. There were students who were considered at the top of their class who were eliminated. Others, who were normally low-key and had been training quietly, managed to advance, showcasing their control of their mech and their Ability X.

Being loud during normal times was useless. One had to perform well during crucial moments.

The four top masters, headed by Hydra, were completely overwhelming. They were far stronger than their peers in terms of physical skills, Ability X, combat experience, and vision. It might be a little exaggerated to say that they had the strength of an instructor, but it was still a simple feat for them to teach other students a lesson. In addition, all four of them were also the top members in the Ability X ranking list.

However, the rankings had yet to reflect Lear’s and Olivios’s combat strength. Luo Fei had still struggled a little in his advancement match, and thus still required further investigation. Of course, for Fatty, this was something that he did not welcome, and hoped that he would be ignored. He just wanted to follow Lear and survive.

The delegation from the Milky Way Military College also entered Roland, but this was not the first time that they had come to visit. Of course, the Elite Academy had visited the Milky Way Military College more than once. It was clear that the uniforms were slightly different. It was said that their uniforms were tailored for space combat, and was filled with the symbols of the squad, hence…. No matter how you look at it, their clothing and temperament was above that of the students.

“Damn, didn’t you see that guy, turning his nose up? As if we were a subordinate academy, tsk!” Zhang Shan unhappily said.

“Classmate Zhang, be calm. The marines have always been like this. At any rate, it isn’t known whose position will be higher at the end of the day.” Eisen said, but it was clear that he was also upset.

There were two types of students in the Military College. One was with a normal family, but their personal ability was excellent, while the other was due to their background. In fact, for them, no matter which option they chose, they would still have a bright future. However, they were still in the minority.

Ai Xiaolu and the others were very calm. They had long expected this outcome, and could be considered lucky, as there were very few who could control their own destinies. Coming to Elite Academy, learning was not the most important to her, but it was to meet with someone suitable. She had struggled to choose between both academies, but in the end, she had chosen Elite Academy. The starting point of the Milky Way Military College may be higher, but there was still a higher chance for someone in the Elite Academy to achieve greatness.

Being grounded, was not actually all bad.

Ai Xiaolu gazed at Wang Zheng, while Snow Li also looked over, but with a completely different meaning. Aina Aslan had arrived, and there were many that were eagerly awaiting her. Even if they were usually calm on the outside and were able to control their emotions, they might still be unable to suppress the feeling in their hearts.

However, Snow Li was aware that the man in front of her and the princess had a tangled relationship. Tonight, they had an interaction session between the two academies, but the Elite Academy had already far exceed the quota.

Wang Zheng, as a representative of the Huang Grade, was a given to participate, while the rest were selected from the Xuan Grade.

Ai Xiaolu’s intelligence network was much larger than imagined, and the Ai Shi Consortium as also quite influential within the Union. As an old-fashioned consortium, the first thing they had to master was intelligence. The family had a special intelligence system that collected various kinds of information, even if it was mere gossip.

Between Wang Zheng and Aina….. Ai Xiaolu’s was filled with disbelief. Both of them were separated by a large gap. Even at the level of the Ai Shi Consortium, they had no clout in front of the royal family. Both of them had no chances to get to know each other. It would be too naive that a single IG match would cause Aina to fall in love with Wang Zheng. If the princess really had this level of emotional maturity, than the Aslan Empire might as well change the heir, or give up entirely.

Being royalty, the success or failure was far too risky for such a personal relationship. It might have been possible during times of rapid expression, but was far more dangerous in times of peace. However, in this regard, Aslan had been doing rather well.

Ai Xiaolu was thinking too much, but the guy involved was rather calm. Wang Zheng couldn’t express his feelings, as although he had finally met Aina, he had too many things to say to her, but had no idea how to start. No matter what, being able to see her in person was already a good result.

In fact, in Wang Zheng’s mind, he only wanted to confirm a single thing. If Aina was doing fine, that would be sufficient for him.

Because of this party, the Elite Academy was extremely lively, and the momentum was unstoppable. The crucial thing was that everyone wanted to witness the elegance of the Aslan princess, the one who was called the number one beauty in the Milky Way.

Zhang Shan thought that Wang Zheng would not go and avoid this embarrassing situation, but after thinking about it, there was nothing wrong with a man going over to watch.

Tsk, the princess was also a person, and also a woman. Tsk!

However, he could only cheer on Wang Zheng. Although Zhang Shan was very confident, but facing the Princess of Aslan….. he was afraid he would only be able to see from afar, as the pressure was too great. Although Zhang Shan had met Aina before, but beauty was different in everybody’s eyes. However, if Aina claimed the title of the Milky Way’s top beauty, not may would refute it. Zhang Shan really admired Wang Zheng. While he may look like a piece of wood at times, but sometimes his actions were rather frightening.

In the evening, the auditorium of the Elite Academy was more brilliant than usual. When Wang Zheng arrived, most of the people in the venue had already arrived. The men were usually wearing tuxedo or suits, or costumes with their own planetary features.

Everyone chatted in their own groups. Although the topic was on the competition, everyone’s thoughts were on the princess, and trying to find out who she was waiting for.

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