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Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 899: Super Abyss Zerg

Chapter 899: Super Abyss Zerg

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Translator: Abyssruler, AtlasStudios Editor: Lucas, AtlasStudios

“Really? There’s finally someone decent taking action?”

“Hehe, things have gotten so big and there are enough people embarrassing themselves. It’s about time to finish things off. The reasons why they have not taken actions openly previously are because the experts are still immersed in the Greatest King competition. Since things have gotten so big, naturally they will step up.”

“I feel that Yang Pan must be unconvinced and wanted to use this as a channel to gain back some face. However, his ability was indeed suitable for killing this type of monster.”

The truth was that many people were already feeling hopeless about killing this super Zerg by themselves. They had been waiting for these well-known experts within the school to make a move openly.

Yang Pan was still very serious about this challenge. After researching in detail the recorded videos of the Super Zerg by the failed challengers, he had personally chosen a group of experts to form a team with the Dark Wolves battle team as the foundation. The truth was after watching the data on the Super Zerg, he knew that this wasn’t possible for a solo.

Wang Zheng wasn’t unfamiliar with this Zerg at all. This was the tentacle Zerg from the Abyss. Very clearly, this was the intelligence gathered by the stationed troops in the Abyss. However, they couldn’t find a solution to counter it currently. If they didn’t have effective methods, the human army would never hastily enter deeper into the Abyss. Butcher hoped that the Elite Academy could provide the answers.

This was the best proposal and he even hoped that the Elite Academy could discover the weaknesses of this type of Zerg.

The truth was before the assessment was released officially, Wang Zheng had already experienced it at Butcher’s place. As the MVP of the Greatest King, student Wang only lasted 5 seconds before being finished off. He couldn’t withstand the attacks of this type of Zerg at all. Creepy speed together with dominating strength. It’s too difficult. Even if you could block its claws, that energy cannon in the middle was also lethal.

Wang Zheng did not hesitate and immediately pulled along the Saruman Snake battle team. The situation was the same as the team collapsed instantly. Moreover, Wang Zheng felt that if one’s level couldn’t keep up, one would become a burden instead. The battle intelligence of this Zerg was astonishing. Now he needed more battle data and gathered the thoughts of the masses. Furthermore, Wang Zheng knew that the most important thing was that this was only the low flying tentacle monster. Those in the air would be even more difficult to deal with.

Wang Zheng already noticed the severity of the matter. However, not everyone had noticed it. At least Yang Pan felt that he could do it.

Many people were at the place to watch it live. No matter the results of the Greatest King, Yang Pan’s individual strength was unquestionably strong. For this match, there were many cheering. It was especially so after seeing the team Yang Pan had formed. Everyone was looking forward to Yang Pan overwhelming this Super Zerg that had committed so many atrocities.

Soon, Yang Pan had led his people into the simulation system. The live images were displayed directly on the big screen just outside.

Ka Tao, this brat, had appeared decisively. How could he be missed out on such an occasion? “Good afternoon everyone, I’m Ka Tao. All the best senior Yang Pan. You have to get revenge for the rest of us!”

To gather first-hand research intelligence, Ka Tao had also been slaughtered by this super Zerg multiple times. However, the outcome was, he couldn’t find any methods to target the Super Zerg at all. At least if it was only 12 mecha, this couldn’t be achieved at all. No matter what the lineup was, what the strategy or formation was, there was no use. The internal department of the battle strategy and leadership had already made many projections. Therefore they definitely had to find the weaknesses.

Yang Pan’s team lined up in a formation. The 2 scouts moved quickly and soon locked down the position of the Super Zerg.


The Super offensive Zerg suddenly let out a deafening shriek. When it discovered the approaching Yang Pan’s team, it immediately turned around. 8 whip-liked tentacles slapped on the ground quickly and gave off a chilling and terrifying sound. It had rushed quickly in the direction of the team that had just gotten into their line formation.

“Set up the formation, attack!”

Yang Pan gave his orders decisively. 12 mecha formed a u-shaped pocket formation and were firing fiercely at the Super Zerg.

The people outside the simulator started screaming once they saw the situation. Everyone had tried. Once the simulation started, the location of the Super Zerg was not clear. In the past, they were always discovered by the Zerg first and were finished off one by one.

Even if one could discover the Super Zerg first, it would likely be at the same time when one was targeted by the Super Zerg. It was very difficult to form a formation and battle with an advantage in formation against the Super Zerg.

The truth was the so-called experts, were no different from other teams. The tempo was completely different from the Greatest King competition. This was because they were battling Zerg and not humans. The battle style and methods were completely different.

Pin down using heavy fire! The battle instantly became intense. Soon the first fatality of the team had appeared.

Resa’s Wolf God mech, that was taking on the role of ambushing, was directly cut into three pieces by 2 sharp tentacles the instance the Super Zerg got close to it.

Following closely was the attacker, Szeto, who was standing not too far away. A tentacle claw pierced directly into the position of the pilot cabin. The damage wasn’t great but it was an attack directed at the mobile warrior.

However, this also created a chance for Yang Pan to attack. This damned Zerg seemed to be avoiding him all along.

The rest of the people immediately rushed ahead without fearing death. The truth was it wasn’t even real death. Under such a situation, it was natural that no one was afraid of dying. The main thing was to create a chance for Yang Pan to strike.

This time, Yang Pan was using a super alloy shockwave blade. The edge of the knife was a high-frequency electric sawtooth. Very clearly, Yang Pan had its own thoughts about the Super Zerg. The power of Judgment!


Together with a deafening sound.

With a loud rumble, the Super Zerg dived into the ground abruptly. The chop that Yang Pan had put all his strength in had missed.

“What! It can even dive into the ground!”

Ka Tao jumped up. This was data that was not collected previously.

Another boom sounded. The super Zerg that had dived into the ground emerged behind another mech at a far away position. The tentacle claw pierced effortlessly into the position of the pilot’s cabin.

It seemed to know that its opponents were sufficiently threatening. With a loud boom, the Super Zerg dived into the ground once again.

“Its intelligence level is extremely high and is enough to determine the position of the pilot’s cabin. It even knows that the pilot is the greatest weakness of the next…”

Ka Tao’s sounded a little depressed. One could say that he was feeling demoralized. Initially, he had thought that with Yang Pan pulling a group of experts to take action, there should be something to look forward to. However, based on the current situation…

Totally hopeless.

Three main members were eliminated consecutively. Yang Pan’s face got serious. He had never expected that the Super Zerg had the ability to dive into the ground and move underground. This had directly disrupted his strategic arrangement he had set before the trial.

For the following confrontation, Yang Pan tried his best to direct and give orders. However, when facing the ghostly Super Zerg that could dive into the ground, there was no way to effectively limit its actions. One could just forget about causing damage to it.

They lasted for just 5 minutes before the team got totally eliminated. The Zerg seemed to be wary of Yang Pan but slaughtered the rest of the team without any reservations. Moreover, there was calmness within its craziness. It finished off Yang Pan last. Yang Pan didn’t even have the chance to use his power of Judgment.

Wang Zheng was also watching. In this battle, 2 points were discovered. The Zerg could dive into the ground. At the same time, it seemed to be able to judge danger. It roughly could sense Yang Pan’s Judgment ability. The reason why Butcher had set it as a 12-men small section was that this type of Zerg wasn’t a soldier type Zerg. Its defenses weren’t that strong. From the genes extracted, this was still considered to be a worker-type. If they couldn’t find its weaknesses, mankind should just exit from the Abyss.

As an expert in biological studies, Butcher definitely believed in the theory of balance in the universe. For a Zerg of such shape, If it possessed such strong offensive ability, speed, and complicated abilities, it must then have a weakness!

Yang Pan’s failure also gave the other teams a reminder. The strategies for killing Zerg were still completely unknown. The track records in the Greatest King competition could only be used for reference. Very clearly, the other battle teams weren’t sufficiently confident about it. Everyone now needed to gain a better understanding of this type of Zerg. Since the Academy had released it, clearly it was because it was hard to deal with. It definitely wasn’t to be trifled with.

Yang Pan’s personality was still too confident and didn’t care about the outcome. The other battle teams were still relatively more cautious. The key was this wasn’t a performance. They must have some thoughts and targeted strategies before taking action.

The usual class still had to be attended. The theory classes were really still alright. For these ‘geniuses’ the professors also started closing one eye. They even took the initiative to upload the content of their lessons to the students’ Skylinks. After all, forcing these students with strong abilities to sit in class was erroneous by itself.

Wang Zheng had spent almost all his free time in the simulation system. Each and every challenge ended with defeats after defeats. Sometimes it was a solo challenge, sometimes he would drag along all the members of the Saruman Snake battle team and treated it as a type of training for the team. No matter how strong a Zerg was, it was impossible that it didn’t have a weakness. It was just that the outcome wasn’t anything and everyone was feeling very fatigued over it. This type of battle still couldn’t cause bodily harm. However mental fatigue was definite. It had even affected the normal everyday life.

“Wang Zheng, do we have to be so hardworking? This thing might even be something the school created to fool us. At this rate, everyone would go crazy.” said Zhang Shan. This brat wanted to use his leave days. This couldn’t go on! Work and rest should come together. Youth is great and one shouldn’t just waste it.

What Zhang Shan said was also right. Disregarding Zhang Shan, Takumi and the rest, even Achilles was a little tired. Everyone was especially serious during training and gave their all. Therefore it was easier to get fatigued. The truth was, they were working hard for the Greatest King competition in the past. Now it was for a simulated Zerg. This was a little over the top. Moreover, this Zerg might not be suitable for a small section’s action in the first place and was more suitable for concentrated fire by the army.

In war, there were small scale encounter battles. However, to pin down the opponent using an advantage in firepower was more common now. The ground forces were mainly responsible for cleaning up the battlefield.

Wang Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and had to let the rest take a break. This was because he knew that the so-called concentrated fire by the army would not work. Those flying tentacle monsters were even fiercer. Moreover, their energy cannon probably wasn’t any inferior to concentrated fire.

However, these ‘unfounded worries’ could only be left to Butcher and him to worry about. The key was because of Old Zhuo, Wang Zheng felt that he had a responsibility in this matter. As to the big reasons for fighting for mankind, he wasn’t interested at all. However, Old Zhuo’s troopers had truly impressed him. Old Zhuo could even throw his life away. If he couldn’t even persist through this matter, how could he be accountable to him?

These emotions were what others could not understand, including Huiyin and the rest. Huiyin had wanted to look for Wang Zheng to play over the weekends. However, the little princess was still being very understanding after knowing that Wang Zheng had training.

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