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Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 900: Debut of Little Bonehead

Chapter 900: Debut of Little Bonehead

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Translator: Abyssruler, AtlasStudios Editor: Lucas, AtlasStudios

On Friday night, the whole training ground was empty. After all, the Greatest King competition had just ended. Even if they wanted to work hard, the short difference in time wouldn’t make a difference. At the start, there were still people on the training ground. When night fell, it became really empty. If it wasn’t because of the authorization level of Wang Zheng’s Skylink, he would have been chased out of the place.

… his chest was burning a little…

Wang Zheng was shocked initially followed by joy. It had been a long time since he had news about Bonehead and Charcoal. The next moment, Wang Zheng was in the space of the Rubik’s cube.

Seeing the Bonehead in front of him, Wang Zheng was stunned for quite some time. Bonehead was still that Bonehead… but…

“Cough, cough. Bonehead, why have you shrunk?”

Instructor Bonehead in front of him was only at the height of Wang Zheng’s legs.

“Master, the main body couldn’t be recovered. Feeling the strong will of Master, therefore this split body was created.” said the small Bonehead.

Wang Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m fine. All you needed to do was to recover well. Where did Charcoal go to?”

Little Bonehead shook his head. “We don’t belong to the same system.”

Wang Zheng was also drunk. The truth was he still couldn’t understand where Bonehead and Charcoal had come from. Nonetheless, they had been providing him with lots of assistance all along.

“Master, do you want to undergo training to defeat the Abyss Zerg? There’s just enough energy at the moment,” said little Bonehead.

Wang Zheng touched little Bonehead’s head very sinisterly. Damn. This feeling was really good.

“Alright, I was still thinking hard about how to go about it.”

“Yes, I will execute it immediately.”

Following closely behind little Bonehead, something Wang Zheng was very familiar with appeared. Densely packed red runes swept across and seemed to be gathering data.

At this moment, the electricity supply for the training ground in Elite Academy seemed to be depleting. The backup electricity source was activated. However as it was a weekend, no one noticed it at this moment.

However, Wang Zheng suddenly had an ominous feeling. It seems there’s something he hadn’t clarified clearly…..

In from of him, mecha selection menu appeared in front of him. Wang Zheng selected Hercules. Since he was here, he didn’t have to think too much about it!

It was only over 10seconds before student Wang Zheng exploded gloriously. He roughly understood the reasons why there were such types of Zergs from the Abyss. The tough and gentle attacks were great counters for the tough mecha used by humankind. The shovel of Hercules couldn’t be spun too. Moreover, the performance of this model of mecha couldn’t follow-up at all. He was close to been whipped like a spinning top.

Wang Zheng was also excited. He knew that there wouldn’t be disturbances in the Rubik’s cube or exhaustion. The current him was no longer the same as the rookie who had not seen the world.

The Phantom King activated!

Wang Zheng had lost count the number of times he had been crushed by the Super Zerg nor knowing how much time had passed. He finally understood one reasoning and that was learning was a lifelong process!

D*mn it. He was still wondering what was wrong. The training mode in this place was that he could only leave if he completed the training. This d*mned characteristic surprisingly still hadn’t changed!

How the hell was he going to fight this?

Was he going to challenge it till the end of the world???

That slightly mentally challenged Bonehead II only cared about the start and the end. As for the rest, he didn’t care at all. Through this incident, it taught student Wang that he should read the instructions before doing things.

He just had to stay calm no matter what he encountered now. This wasn’t the first time Wang Zheng encountered it. Moreover, he had more or less acclimatized to it. Although it seemed impossible, since he couldn’t go against it, he just had to enjoy it then. He might just be able to find the weakness of this Zerg.

Repetition after repetition and explosion after explosion. In the Rubik’s cube, the concept of effectiveness seemed too distant to Wang Zheng who had always been relatively effective. Outside the cube, he would at least need to rest for a while. However, in this place, he didn’t need to rest. He could continue fighting once he had chosen the mech.

Various mecha experienced various ways of dying. He had been whipped to death, poked to death, strangled to death, blasted to death…

The dying methods covered 360 degrees without any dead angle.

Towards the end, Wang Zheng no longer felt anything looking at this Zerg. It was similar to takoyaki! Moreover, he truly could slowly start getting used to the attacking speed and movement patterns of the Zerg.

Wang Zheng’s battle intelligence was undoubtedly very high. He gradually felt that this Zerg had a certain attacking rhythm. It was just that he couldn’t form a better concept of it in the incessant battles.

After going through another hundred plus battles, Wang Zheng had entered the second crazed period.

He was close to feeling hopeless and thought that he would only be relieved of all these when the real Bonehead awakened. Just then, Wang Zheng was looking at the Super Zerg that was rushing towards him. Suddenly, he felt that this scene was a little familiar. The Zerg was shaking its body. It should be moving slightly left for a short distance before jumping to its right to attack…

Just when Wang Zheng had such a thought, he saw the Super Zerg suddenly jumped a short distance to the left. After a feinted movement, it quickly jumped to the opposite side rapidly into a blind spot and launched its attack!

Subconsciously, Wang Zheng avoided the attack of the Super Zerg cleanly for the first time…

However, in the next second, the Super Zerg made a new movement.


Once again he was dead in an explosion.

However, Wang Zheng’s eyes lit up. It appeared like the torture he had suffered previously weren’t in vain. No wonder it didn’t give him time to think. Otherwise, the more he thought would also be pointless thinking.

“Congratulations Master! You had taken the first step to victory.

The voice of Bonehead #2 sounded across.

Wang Zheng thought that he had heard good news from god. “Little Bonehead, let me go out and take a break first!”

“I’m sorry Master, the training once started, cannot be stopped. This is the norm!”

“D*mn, I’m the Master. Listen to me!”

“I’m sorry Master, there’s no such program. As a servant, I feel remorseful. I have decided to self destruct…” Little Bonehead seemed to be really looking a little remorseful.

Wang Zheng immediately stopped. D*mn you. If you exploded, what would happen to me?

“Cough cough. Little Bonehead, since you are so strong, can you directly help me analyze its weakness? This should be fine right?”

“Master, the Rubik’s cube only provides training conditions currently.”

Wang Zheng had the urge to flatten Bonehead #2 with his butt. However… forget it.

After the experiences of repeated death and memorizing bit by bit the movement habits of the Super Zerg, he had found regular movements from its irregularity. Any living organism would have its habits and characteristics similar to the handwriting of a person. Even if you tried to change your handwriting purposely, there would be signs to trace back to in the face of handwriting evaluation.

However, remembering these could only prevent the Super Zerg from killing him that easily. If he wanted to get out of this misery, he had to kill this Super Zerg. Very clearly…

How could this be done?!!

Imposter! Even if you cheered a thousand times saying that practice makes perfect, it would still be useless.

However, such hell training was indeed able to allow Wang Zheng to master some techniques. Over this period of time, although he understood the things he experienced in Elite Academy, Tita Star and Hail Cloud Alliance, these experiences had not turned into stronger power. Humans weren’t machines and couldn’t completely immerse oneself in training. However, in this place, only training was great as at least there was something to do.

After experiencing a countless number of failures, Wang Zheng realized a problem. Even if be understood the movement patterns of this Zerg, with his current strength now, one person would still not be enough to win.

Unless he understood some almighty power in the Rubik’s cube. However, Ability X required Yuan Qi from the heaven and the earth. Clearly here would not be possible.

Bonehead, when would you awaken? Your Master was about to be tortured to death by this imposter. Also, what happened to student Charcoal? It would still be great if you could come out and chat with me. None of you were reliable when the key moment arrived!

Some battles were filled with passion while they were also some filled with hopelessness. Wang Zheng especially missed the air outside at this moment. A mission that couldn’t be completed was equivalent to being in jail. He could only wait for Bonehead or Charcoal to appear.

Grrrr! No matter how hopeless he felt, Wang Zheng would also not give up. He tried all kinds of methods in battle: Ice attribute, Wind attribute and forcefully combine different attributes of Ability X. As long as it was doable, he had all tried them. The results were that they were useless. There were many times he exploded because of himself when he tried to forcefully combine different attributes of Ability X. This had actually allowed Wang Zheng to capture some of the key lessons instead and this could be considered as the only consolation he had gotten.

However, after being killed by the Super Zerg, again and again, Wang Zheng’s familiarity with the Super Zerg could be even greater than the Zerg itself.

Slowly, Wang Zheng realized the Super Zerg he faced each time would always have minute differences. The simulation in the Rubik’s cube was all-rounded and weren’t just dead data. Wang Zheng could swear that even the appearance of the Super Zerg he faced each time was different…

Wang Zheng’s feelings about this were as vivid as it could get. He could differentiate the appearance of each Zerg in just one glance. Student Wang was starting to suspect if he was becoming a Zerg himself soon. What he was lacking was to differentiate the gender and whether the Zerg was considered to be beautiful or ugly. However, Zergs reproduced asexually and didn’t have any gender. It was just that it could give birth and therefore was judged using the human way of understanding.

He didn’t know which attempt this was. However, Wang Zheng suddenly felt that the Zerg opposite of him was a little different.

It seemed a little like… its speed wasn’t fast enough.

If it was in the past, once he revealed his head, the Super Zerg would immediately pounce over. However, for this time, this Super Zerg hesitated for a moment before pouncing over with a loud roar and the roar seemed even crazier.

Wang Zheng was willing to bet that he saw a different expression from the face of the Super Zerg that pounced over. Don’t ask him why he could differentiate the expressions of the Zerg. This process was definitely disgusting and not the type that was worth reminiscing. A dog that barked loudly wouldn’t bite. This Zerg was feeling a little guilty!

This Super Zerg was in some disadvantageous state? Wait a minute, he recalled a connection he had while conversing with Old Zhuo. The Zerg from the Abyss was like the tides. It had a strong phase like the rising tide and would also a weakened state like receding tides.

It was just that this conjecture had never been proven. Old Zhuo had also guessed that just like women having some days in a month when they would be inconvenient, could it be that the Zergs have the same issues?

However, when he saw the Zerg in front of him now, Wang Zheng just felt that this conjecture of Old Zhuo was most probably right.

Wang Zheng’s eyes lit up and could feel his entire body burning suddenly. D*mn. The training in the Rubik’s cube couldn’t be a deadlock and one would definitely be able to complete it eventually. Therefore Wang Zheng had always held on to this belief. He had waited enough to finally get to this point.

However, when the opportunity arrived, Wang Zheng’s reaction was calmer than at any point in time. One should know that in the previous battles, sometimes Wang Zheng only focused on accomplishing one thing at a time. For example, he would opt to be whipped to death and the next time he would choose a different way to die… Only then would this be interesting.

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