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Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 1112: Lion Thunder

Chapter 1112: Lion Thunder

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A stab, a very quick stab!

Almost nobody present had registered the move. It was faster than the eye could see.


Wang Zheng’s chest flinched, and he dodged it, although not completely. Wang Zheng could adjust to the darkness very well, although not as quickly as his opponent. He had not pulled his knife, not because he was showing off, but because the knife would affect his judgement.

His bloodstream was full of power. The power source of Blackheart Arts was blood. This smell triggered González, and his killing need intensified. He darted swiftly around. González did not attack immediately. He would look for his opponent’s blindspot. He had thought that last attack was a sure hit, but Wang Zheng had actually avoided it. In that instant, when light turned to darkness, normal people would have an instant of disorientation. Even those who adapted quickly would misperceive his speed. But after this, the pain would increase one’s sensitivity. González had much experience in this regard. After a few seconds, the clarity that pain brought would become a weakness of the body. This was the moment that he would attack. That was why he would maintain the pressure now, and not give his opponent a chance to recover.

After five seconds, González attacked. The titanium knife sliced through the night, tinged with a biting wind that caged Wang Zheng. The Darkness Empire’s highest killing technique – 18 Death Points Sequence!

There were 18 points on the body that were fatal, on which attacks were concentrated. After being targeted, under normal conditions, as long as one had enough speed in the fight, it was unbeatable for human reaction times.

The first hit scored on Wang Zheng. Although it was not a direct connection, he could continue.

But at this moment, Wang Zheng began to move, his feet stepping in a curious pattern. His body swayed with the knife. The second blow missed…

Third blow missed!

There was no reaction time for such an attack. Military schools emphasized rhythm in a fight. Accumulate, prepare, explode. But there was no such time to waste in the army. After a quick test, proceed speedily to the weak points discovered, and then finish the fight.

That was González’s rhythm. In this era where attack was king, such a rhythm was also dominant. Many of the empires swore by it. That was why it was said that a good military student was not necessarily a good soldier.

Although the last two attacks had missed, González still controlled the pace.

At this time, Lin Feng and the rest could slowly begin to follow the movements. That one’s eyes could follow did not mean that one’s body could also keep up. González struck at the best moments. Even the choice of timing when night descended was the best for both offense and defense.

But the fourth blow that González regarded as a sure kill – a diagonal slice to the ribs – had missed. Something was wrong now. This slice should have sliced through the gap in his ribs, but Wang Zheng’s body twisted past it. Logically, he should have already been reduced to despair three strokes ago, but Wang Zheng was moving again.

Lin Feng could see his footwork clearly. Wang Zheng did not retreat, but was moving on his original spot. His movements seemed random, but in truth there seemed to be a pattern to it.

Fifth attack missed!

González’s senses were tingling. The Blackheart Arts were coalescing within his body. His knife speed increased again. In the dark, the titanium knife was like a vampire, glinting with an evil, dark-red light. Such a light would definitely confound the eye, and even camouflage the attacker.

This was the ultimate move of Blackheart Arts. Although it was a small technique, but the effect was terrifying.

The sixth attack… missed!

Immediately, the light changed. Wang Zheng had already shut his eyes. Wang Zheng was equally experienced at battling in the dark, and even more complicated environments, although he had never faced an opponent as adept as González before.

He opened his perimeter. In the darkness, there was only a knife, and it became clearer than ever.

González’s footwork was fixed, in support of his knife’s movements. But Wang Zheng’s Plum Blossom Footwork had a myriad of variations that encompassed all sorts of changes. When Wang Zheng had first started training it, it had been painful and bone-breaking. And such extreme training made his currently extreme situation seem less extreme. Another thing which threw González’s judgement off was that Wang Zheng did not feel pain, and there was no opening like he had expected.

The seventh slice went wide. The eighth. Ninth. A high speed triple slash. The demonic dark knife absorbed all light and sought the end to life. But Wang Zheng’s movements and body eluded it each time, baffling him.

In the darkness, Lin Feng and the rest did not look away. Similarly, at such a distance, on such a battlefield, they could clearly experience every detail. Close up to the danger, they could glean much as well.

Lear narrowed his eyes. He had seen this footwork somewhere before…

The key was not in the high-difficulty contortions, but in the synchronicity with his footwork. Because González maintained high pressure attacks, Wang Zheng became more and more calm. He depended on his footwork variations. Contrarily, the more that González sought these consecutive killing moves, the more “dead” his body became.

But the best killing move of the Darkness Empire was not that simple.

The consecutive misses did not cause González to panic, but instead become more concentrated. The Blackheart Arts entered his bloodstream, and his knife’s edge unerringly chased down Wang Zheng. The slightest mistake would cost him his life.

If he had Ability X, Mars would definitely have blocked the blade, and then clubbed his opponent to death. Delaying it this way was not good. Although Wang Zheng’s agile footwork seemed to buy him an advantage, such techniques often saved the most fatal for last. And it was especially targeted at pros.

Because he had adapted a beat slower to the darkness, Wang Zheng could not draw his knife. And it was too late now. This was a hidden danger!

With Ability X, Wang Zheng could have used certain changes to counter, and had an entire arsenal available, such as his instant inferno break, etc. All of them could alleviate the pressure. But without Ability X, it was extremely difficult for one on the defense to turn the tables.

But that could not be helped. Wang Zheng was a sitting duck. His opponent had come prepared, even for him, and Wang Zheng had not escaped his plan.

The next few cuts were even more cold, but Wang Zheng’s footwork found even more agility. His steps blended with his body’s twists, and sometimes even in a contrasting manner. But this was not unexpected. At this level, one’s body would move in a polished manner, but to coordinate well in such a dire situation was indeed difficult.

In the blink of an eye, 16 attacks had passed. The violent aura of González filled the air, and he seemed a little discontent and angry.

Those present might be affected, or someone of Zhang Zhun’s skill level might feel elated, because there would definitely be a refractory period after a continuous attack. But Lin Feng and the rest were completely riveted.

There was no pause… God!

The charging González actually held another titanium blade!

A second blade!

In the dark, he was like a poisonous scorpion with two stingers.

This was the titanium blade that González had taken from one of his victims. The 17th and 18th blades flew out simultaneously.

This change already left them really surprised. And the angle was just nice for Lin Feng to see a cold glint in González’s mouth.

Poison needles!

A fatal scorpion stinger!

All three moves at the same time!

He was definitely doomed!

Mars had clenched his fist, but he was too late. At such a level of competition, one’s life could be over in an instant, and there was no chance to save him.

González’s battle tactics were too rich, and tore down all defenses. It was rare to see such a “dirty trick” even in the military. It was difficult to master, but once you did, it became a powerful tool in battle.

Lear finally smiled. This was exactly the result he was hoping for. The world was vast, and any who thought they could conquer the world alone was trash. There was only one end for them – death!

Without Ability X, you could not dodge it even if you were invincible. Both knives locked you in, and the poison needles, was a sure kill. Even if Wang Zheng avoided a fatal blow, the needles would carry a little something. Otherwise, he would not have hidden them for so long.

This was not Lear seeing shadows, but if it were him, it was what he would have done.

Two knives moving simultaneously, with the poison needles for the finisher. In a flash, González became extremely calm. He was waiting for Wang Zheng to act, to strike a killing pose. When his opponent had no more moves, he was like a fish on the chopping block.

But in that instant, Wang Zheng… actually did not move. Although his body did not move, Wang Zheng’s pupils suddenly burst with a golden light. The Primordial Regression Technique’s accumulated energy had reached a peak.

Roar~~~ (Celebratory shouts)


Instantly, everyone’s ears were filled with a roar. Up close, González bore the full brunt of it. In the silent, dark battlefield, there was suddenly an explosion of lightning.

Primordial Regression Technique – Lion Thunder!

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