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Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 1113: Aslan People Without Integrity

Chapter 1113: Aslan People Without Integrity

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González wanted to avoid it, but he could not. His completely offensive countenance aside, he had been in full control of the initiative up till now. Most importantly, such a manner of attack was completely unprecedented. How could he have seen it coming?

Instantly, blood spurted from his every orifice. González almost swallowed the poison needles, and they scored his cheek. With a supernatural instinct for survival, González rolled and ran off into the forest without a backward glance.

If he did not leave, he would never get a chance to.

González felt his face numbing on one side. Although he had already used the antidote, but the numbing effect was very strong. His five viscera and six bowels had also been ruptured by this roar. Worse, his head was in a jumble. If it were not for his training which had told him to run, he would have died without question.

He had lost. And lost big.

Wang Zheng did not pursue, and could not. Because Lear was already in his way, his smile in place.

Mars lit the campfire and restored light. He hoped they had some shred of humanity left. The three slightly dazed Aslan fighters were standing around.

Wang Zheng’s belly and neck were still bleeding. Wang Zheng ripped off his shirt to stem the knife wound. He took a deep breath and treated his wounds.

As for Lear’s tricks, he did not pay them mind. Firstly, he had no intention of pursuing. Secondly, this was Lear, who would always look for any advantage. It was almost like he could not be at ease if he did not have the petty advantage.

Lear watched Wang Zheng’s reaction. Especially when he was wounded, he judged the situation, and then executed his plan.

He must still be conserving energy and moves. Others might have felt that Wang Zheng was a conservative fighter, but only Lear knew that this guy was storing aces up his sleeves. The more he stored, the longer he lived. Mars and González had already revealed two, but a pity he did not know what Mars had revealed. But anything that could overwhelm Mars in one move must be his best move.

The reason was that Mars had not sustained any obvious wounds, so the defeat must have been decisive, and in one move. What on earth was it?

Lear did not know, which was why he was smiling.

Wang Zheng looked at the Aslan crowd. Lear would not move on him. That coward need not be minded.

Clap, clap, clap…

Lin Feng was applauding. “Bravo. The ability to make the Darkness Empire’s special forces take a loss. Under different circumstances, we would have been done for the day, but you know, Wang Zheng. No rest but death.”

“That’s a little shameless. A gank plus consecutive battles. When did Aslan become like this?” Dong Er burst out. The battle just now had made their hearts beat wildly, almost popping out. And now they thought it was over. Even if the noble Aslan warriors wanted to fight, they would choose tomorrow, or when Wang Zheng was recovered. But they were naive.

“Although I don’t like it, that’s what Wang Zheng brought on himself. He made himself the target,” Ouyang Ruoliu said softly.

“Even so, this is SIG. It’s a competition, not…”

“Dong Er, that’s only our view. To them, this is a war, and everyone is betting with their lives.” Ouyang Ruoliu’s family had seen too much of this, and was desensitized. Ouyang Ruoliu did not think much of it. She was in agreement with Lin Feng on this.

“I’m rooting for Wang Zheng starting now,” Qian Xuedie said, directly declaring her position. Lin Feng and the rest were not being chivalrous, and she did not like that. “Huiyin, what do you say?”

Huiyin’s gaze had never left Wang Zheng. He was bleeding. Did it hurt? Why did she hurt? She was sad.

For her sister, he would take on the world. But not for her. That made her heart hurt.

Mars frowned. At this juncture, he did not want to just watch on.

Wang Zheng shook his head, stopping Mars. “Forget the niceties. For Huiyin’s sake, I will not kill you. Will you come one by one, or all together?”

Badass. A badassery that was illogical!

Even Lin Feng’s anger turned to a laugh. From the side, Qiankun Zadeh stood up. “Against you, I alone will be enough. Remember my name. Aslan Official School’s Qiankun Zadeh!”

Di Maria did not rush forth. Physical technique was not his specialty. Although he was excellent, in order to specialize in Ability X, he had only learnt basic breathing techniques, and no martial arts. His time ability was too unique, and he did not want other factors to interfere with it.

Lear paused, cursing inwardly. What a bunch of imbeciles. Deceitful yet trying to be righteous. At this moment, they should just all pile on and finish Wang Zheng.

Lear was clever, and he had calculated it well. Aslan was already pushing the limits here. If they ganked him, then Aslan was finished at this SIG.

Everyone had their limits, except Lear.

“Gentlemen, this seems like a lively show. How about a wager?” Bolet laughed. Mars had lost, and González had run away. Next up was the Aslan gang, and many more awaited in the area.

Lin Hong’s face was dark. At this juncture, they were being brazen. The fact that they did not all gank him was their last shred of dignity.

In the monitoring room, there were more than 10 people gathered.

“This boy’s interesting. I like it. If he can live, we have to give him some perks.” The one who spoke was Major General Keelung from Fairy Star. Fairy Star and the Darkness Empire were old rivals, and their history of death and enmity reached back for too long. Those of Fairy Star saw in terms of black and white – any who beat the Darkness Empire was their friend.

“The chances of this kid surviving is zero!”

“I think it’s pretty interesting. Given his ability, it’ll be hard to catch him if he makes up his mind to run.”

“The thing is, if he runs or not.”

“Good to be young. I was once that impetuous as well.”

The scene was rather brutal, but the generals present had seen too much of it, and their mood was undampened, although they all looked on seriously.

Wang Zheng made a very unwise decision.

On the battlefield, Qiankun Zadeh had pulled out his titanium blade. He was even more direct than González. He would finish Wang Zheng in one swift move, and give him no opportunity to surrender.

Lin Feng waved a hand for everyone to back off. Di Maria immediately knew what was up, and immediately retreated with no pretenses.

“Zhang Zhun, you get back. Best if you find some shield,” Mars said.

Zhang Zhun did not ask why. Whether in terms of ability or experience, he could not hold a candle to these people.

In truth, Zhang Zhun had felt his heart swell just now as well. The situation of his teammates had caused him to lose hope in the qualifiers, but today he realized that even at peak condition, they still stood no chance.

This bunch of people were monsters.

In the night, Qiankun Zadeh’s body floated on a layer of white light. The glow extended to his titanium blade, and did not stop it.

Aslan Imperial Arts – Wind God Arts!

Wang Zheng pulled his titanium blade, holding it in a reverse grip. He extended his perimeter, the Primordial Regression Technique returning to a calm state after the last explosion. He was not a robot, so he had to accord power according to his strength. Besides, feinting and bluffing could buy you precious time.

The opponent only needed to think about this battle, but he had to be concerned about what came after. it was not just the Aslan people in front of him, but he was sure that more were waiting in the forest.

This was a battle where death was the only rest.

Qiankun Zadeh’s killing power continued to rise, and the aura began to solidify. If it could be said that González’s fight was full of ** and still could not be decided, then Qiankun Zadeh would be even more focused. With no regard to reputation or anything else, he would simply kill Wang Zheng, and render him unable to sully Aslan’s dignity any further.

This Military Official School captain was filled with killing power. Even if he ended up in military court, he could not let Wang Zheng live. Such a small fry had best cease thinking about loving Her Highness Aina!

The titanium blade’s cold, silver glow was as soft as mercury. Wang Zheng again felt the ripple of the wind.

This was not Ability X, but martial arts. Ability X was humankind’s channeling of energy through nature, whereas martial arts used the energy in a human’s body. That was why whether the source of energy was external or internal, they were still strong. If Di Maria was said to specialize in Ability X, then Qiankun Zadeh was the ultimate physical technique specialist!

Or, maybe this was Kashawen’s ultimate move.

The aura of both fighters continued to elevate, and they could feel the clear killing power of the other. Wang Zheng’s eyes also began to glaze over.

Mercy towards the enemy was cruelty towards oneself. His grip on the titanium blade also tightened.


With a cry, Qiankun Zadeh seized the initiative. His awesome aura paving the way, he slashed at Wang Zheng.

This attack seemed to be as fast as lightning. It was not a misperception. The energy stream in his body was activated, allowing Qiankun Zadeh’s to be so speedy, he could fly.

The titanium blade sliced through the night. Shing…

Wang Zheng instinctively leaned back, and the knife almost scalped him. In the trail of blood was some hair.

Wind God Arts – Warping Beheader!

In the darkness, Qiankun Zadeh had already arrived. His knife was unstoppable!

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