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Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 1115: Yield, Aslan!

Chapter 1115: Yield, Aslan!

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Lin Hong frowned slightly. But whether because of intelligence or curbing his impulses, he did not say much. As the head of the Aslan Royal College, and also the imperial family, he had to consider not just the results. Wang Zheng’s ability was truly startling.

“This Lear is detestable!” Dong Er said. The series of events had left the four girls blinking nonstop.They had ducked for some gruesome moments, and now they realized that heroes were not as fine as what they imagined.

Lin Huiyin peeked through her own hand. Ouyang Ruoliu was regretting a little that she had brought them to see this. This SIG was like a special forces fight, and even she felt a little sick.

“Your Highness, you had best not watch…” Ouyang Ruoliu said. Although she was a daring one, she was very scared of Kashawen. But seeing Lin Huiyin’s countenance, Ouyang Ruoliu was stunned.

If Aina was the emblem of intellect and victory, then Lin Huiyin was the epitome of warmth and good. She was never thought of in the same sentence as tenacity, but in this moment, Ouyang Ruoliu saw no fear in Huiyin’s eyes, only tenacity.

Lin Huiyin shook her head slightly. Wang Zheng was bleeding non-stop from an ear, and perhaps his hearing was affected. How she wanted to go to him…

Huiyin gritted her teeth. Her hands were all sweaty.

“If Senior Lin Feng agrees with Lear, I’ll never worship him again!” Qian Xuedie said.

The generals were waiting and laughing. Ghana Star was but a clown at intermission. If it had been Aslan who had done it, then they would have been utterly disgraced. After all, this was SIG, and there were still limits.

This limit was not set by anybody, but an unspoken custom in everybody’s hearts.

Four on one. Lin Feng was about to do it. And Aslan’s good name would die with his deed.

Lin Hong was calm. He believed that Lin Feng would not do anything that inane. But he began to dislike that Lear more and more.

Watching Wang Zheng emerge from the forest, the stone-faced Qiankun Zadeh actually showed some resolve. “Nobody come. This is a one on one. I’ll settle this with him!”

Lin Hong breathed out in relief. Aslan people had to dare to fight. If they did not even dare to challenge, then they were really representatives of cowardice.

Wang Zheng’s gaze swept past Lin Feng. He did not care in the slightest if all of them came at once. It fixed on Qiankun Zadeh.

“Block my blade, and I’ll spare your life!” Wang Zheng’s voice thundered.

Qiankun Zadeh suddenly turned back and stared at Lear. “If anybody interferes, that means they have a problem with me. That means you declare the Zadeh family your enemy. Lin Feng. Today, Aslan can act no more. If I die, take my body!”

As the specialist in physical techniques, especially since his Wind God Arts was already at the fifth level, he was too clear of the difference between him and Wang Zheng. Those weaker would not understand, but he saw too clearly.

This punk had been preserving his strength, and biding his time so he could take on the whole SIG!

For the Princess’ honor, he would die in battle. But he did not want this battle sullied. That knife from Wang Zheng had shaken Qiankun Zadeh awake. He was telling Lin Feng not to lose the war over a battle. No matter what, the ability that Wang Zheng displayed deserved respect.

Lear indeed was planning to sneak attack, but after Qiankun Zadeh’s hint, he extinguished his hope. Lear would further relations with Aslan.

Di Maria was extremely dissatisfied with Qiankun Zadeh’s stuffy traditions, but at this moment, he was also beginning to realize the implications of being from Aslan.

The Ghanans could be shameless, but they could not. Aslan ruled the galaxy in a large part due to their pride and reputation.

Qiankun Zadeh raised his knives in both hands. His aura continued to rise, but he could feel the intense pressure emanating from Wang Zheng. He was especially aware of the power in the moment he had killed the Ghanan. His own Wind God Arts were not suited for defense, but every physical technique tended to the aggressive. The Ghanan could use the energy shield, but he could not. If he did, then he would forever stay in this position, even if he lived.

Danger, danger. Danger was here!


Qiankun Zadeh’s blade pierced his own left thigh cleanly through. Another knife followed, and his third knife pierced his left hand.

Blood gushed out, but Qiankun Zadeh’s aura not only did not lessen, but instead rose. That light silver aura actually became even more intense.

Three Knives Six Holes Stimulation!

The blinding pain compounded with the madness of battle was the perfect chance for a breakthrough!

Wind God Sixth Tier!

Qiankun Zadeh’s right hand held only one titanium blade. His life force immediately rose to previously impossible levels.

His body hunched over, Qiankun Zadeh put all his energy into this knife. He entered a zen state he had never reached before.

Lin Feng started to back up. Mars frowned and followed suit. And Zhang Zhun immediately drew the distance further. He was afraid that an even more unbelievable showdown was about to take place.


With Qiankun Zadeh’s body as the center, a two meter radius immediately exploded, overwhelming energy that was visible to the naked eye bursting forth.


Titanium blade thrumming, Qiankun Zadeh focused all his energy and maintained a level of terrifying strength. Qiankun Zadeh was putting his life on the line now, in order to maintain a warrior’s dignity. He would fight for the Princess’ honor with his life.

Each and everyday, he was in the added gravity room training without pause. Unbelievably serious training, just for that girl. When he was young, he had seen that little girl on television, and Qiankun Zadeh had sworn to be her knight. To fight for her smile. He had toiled on every day, and finally stood at the pinnacle of the military officer school, in order to qualify for that life and death battle for Aina. That was his wish in this life.

Qiankun Zadeh gripped the titanium blade in both hands. Ha….

His energy gushed forth, a silver beam that rose to the heavens.

Wang Zheng’s body was slightly hunched, the titanium blade held in a reverse grip. The Primordial Regression Technique’s strength was already bottled silently.

For Aslan’s glory!

Suddenly, Qiankun Zadeh’s eyes glowed. He raised his knife and brought it down – Wind God Sky Tear!

Wang Zheng acted slower by half a beat, but his hands did not hesitate. His body spinning, his titanium blade swept out. An arc of golden light flew out.



The horizontal golden light clashed with the vertical silver light, and exploded into mist. But not even a split second later, the silver light dissipated, and the golden light crashed into Qiankun Zadeh.


In an instant, someone had appeared beside Qiankun Zadeh. It was Lin Feng.

Zeus Arts – Thunder Shift!

He hoisted Qiankun Zadeh up, and Di Maria had already pulled his titanium blade. At this time, there was no more talk of rules.

But Lin Feng suddenly raised a hand to hold Di Maria back. He looked at Wang Zheng with a complex look in his eyes.

Shing shing shing… Boom…

The trees around them were in a bad state. They had all fallen down. Even when they had no access to Ability X, they could raise such power. Was this the true potential of physical techniques?

Zhang Zhun had his horizons widened. Previously, he was a frog in the well.

Lear did not care about this bunch of Aslan idiots. He was busy judging how much power Wang Zheng had used. Such a knife attack, unless dodged, would definitely inflict some damage. Wang Zheng’s body must have sustained injury as well. That damned guy was best at acting. Was he acting or not?

At that moment, Lin Feng sighed. He bowed slightly. “Wang Zheng, we owe you one. In the qualifiers, the Aslan people will retreat. But if we meet in the actual competition, we will show no mercy.”

Lin Feng carried Qiankun Zadeh and threw down a tag before leaving with Di Maria. Before he left he turned to look at Lear, who continued to smile, but did not move.

The Aslan people left without a backward glance. Wang Zheng did not care about the Aslan people scurrying away, nor how many opponents there were. Only, in the last moment, he could feel that Qiankun Zadeh, facing death, was protecting the same thing as he was, only that they stood on different sides.

Regardless, he was proud of Aina. He knew that his girl was a unique existence.

The same result, but their thinking was completely at odds. Lear did not want to leave, because there was still a chance. The damned Wang Zheng was cunning. If he had killed Qiankun Zadeh, then Lin Feng would have fought to the death. Combined with him and Di Maria, they could’ve definitely killed Wang Zheng and avenge Aslan. But this bastard had actually spared Qiankun Zadeh, which left Aslan neither here nor there. Damn, that was too shameless.

Clap clap clap clap…

In the monitoring room, Lin Hong had started clapping. This was for Wang Zheng, and not for Aslan. Lin Feng had conducted himself correctly. The mighty must act with the bearing and character of the mighty. Since they had lost, they must admit it. Admitting it was not giving up. Rather, it was living to fight another day. SIG had just begun, and there was no need to stake all their dignity and victory in the qualifiers. Especially under these circumstances, a win was also a lose.

Don’t forget the bigger picture!

The other generals did not comment much, but all knew of Lin Feng’s power. This military leader that the Aslan royalty could not handle contempt. Rashness, environmental factors, added to an immature Di Maria, and instigating Lear. None of this had affected his judgement.

Mars smiled slightly. He did not feel like Wang Zheng intended to win by reputation. This person was straightforward, and left one frustrated. But seeing those outside the field, Mars could not help but frown. Today was, unfortunately, not over. He could barely hold himself back. Everybody had their own limits. And some were just too shameless.

Wang Zheng’s gaze swept across the field. All was silent. But somehow 20 more people had appeared.

They were all the elites of the Milky Way Alliance’s younger generation. And all of them had come for one person.

“Since the Aslan people have retreated, I’ll tag in. Manalasuo Empire’s Jondi Lilick!”

The Golden Wheel battle team’s captain, and the mental leader of the Manalasuo younger generation was up.

Beside Jondi Lilick was Lya Sphinx’s super soldier, Qiqin Nacchai.

Qiqin Nacchai had a taunting smirk on his lips. He was carefree. Not far away, the Sea Queen battle team’s Atlantean captain, Dina Atlas, had arrived as well. The sealing bracelet was very effective on humans, but what about its effects on the Atlanteans, who were specialists in mental energy?

That was what Wang Zheng, covered in wounds, would find out…

Of course, there was still Lear, who refused to leave.

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