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Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 1117: Together in Death

Chapter 1117: Together in Death

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Qiqin Nacchai had a relaxed expression. He looked at Wang Zheng but made no immediate moves. He knew that his opponent was recovering, but did not mind. Even if Wang Zheng was in perfect condition, he still had a 70% chance of winning.

General Dooley was smiling. If it were someone else, that would be a different matter. But since it was his own soldier, he would favor his own. Qiqin Nacchai had some problems in leadership. Because of his overwhelming ability, he was not as good at seeing the bigger picture. But that could be trained. He had sent him here this time to take the championship. In individual strength, Dooley was absolutely confident. Qiqin Nacchai was mature, and had killed three Earth-rank warriors before. He had completed four A-rank missions for the Milky Way Alliance. His ability was unparalleled.

The other generals were watching silently. Wang Zheng was doomed in this round. Actually, there was no need to continue going hard. Only with life was there hope. Being too unyielding was a bad thing.

“Actually, it’s quite a pity for this kid. How about giving him a chance?” Bolet suddenly said. At this point, even a pig would know that Wang Zheng was accepting his fate grimly.

It was quite irrational and stubborn. But if he really died like that, it was really a waste.

“Bolet, since when did Manalasuo become so charitable? Is this guy your bastard child?”

“Damn, this kid is full of potential. I’m speaking from the perspective of humankind. We can just rule him defeated.” Bolet was really being loving here. Manalasuo walked Arbiter’s path, and dared to speak and scold without fear. They were heedless of what others said about them. To stand up for Wang Zheng meant that he must have been moved by this kid’s guts.

But in truth, this suggestion had no real power. Such blatant interference was impossible. But if Wang Zheng surrendered of his own accord, no one would stop him.

More than 40 people had gathered in the area. Most of the surviving captains on island A had come. It was hard not to know when the commotion was this big.

Ai Zhengyang frowned, but in the end sighed. Forget it. Done was done, and at least Wang Zheng would not bother Ai Xiaolu’s life.

Qiqin Nacchai walked steadily to the middle. Each step had a measured cadence. Slow, yet “heavier” than the last!

Changing aura!

With this move, he demonstrated that he was more advanced in tier and understanding compared to the previous opponents. A huge difference.

This Qiqin Nacchai’s ability was roughly at Earth 3 level, and this was definitely the highest present.

Seeing Wang Zheng continue to hold on and make use of his time to recover, Qiqin Nacchai smiled. “I’m starting!”

As soon as he spoke, Qiqin Nacchai moved, quick as lightning. With a tremendous boom, he attacked!


Wang Zheng could not even react, but was directly hit, flying back more than 10 meters. Crack.

His left shoulder… the sound of bone breaking.

Wang Zheng’s brows raised. He had defended, but this punch had too much power. Although he did not know what arts his opponent was using, but it had to be the extremely penetrating type.

Wang Zheng’s left shoulder sagged. He took a deep breath and walked back towards the middle.

Qiqin Nacchai had a playful smile. Struggle? Bravery? Respect?

It was all nonsense. He had seen too many of such trash that did not know their own strength. But it was exactly because such trash existed that could he become who he was.

Feeling the gazes around him, Wang Zheng’s end was up to him. His legend would be built further.

All these people would continue to grow into threats. And putting some shade into their hearts now could only be a good thing.

Qiqin Nacchai’s body burned with waves of blood-red. His body energy became prodigious. That awesome life force mixed with killing power was the strongest seen so far.

In the same situation, González was indeed weaker than Qiqin Nacchai by a tier. This guy was the real “over-qualified” member, and it was too much.

All the generals present had their last hope extinguished. The moment Qiqin Nacchai attacked, they knew the difference. Wang Zheng was Earth 2 at best, and Qiqin Nacchai was a full tier above him. Of course, this was in terms of Ability X, but strong Ability X needed a strong body to withstand and respond. Qiqin Nacchai was also Lya Sphinx’s special ace team’s captain. His physical technique went without saying.


Wang Zheng had not reached the center yet when Qiqin Nacchai already executed a high speed lunge to come in front of Wang Zheng. A vicious chop towards Wang Zheng’s neck. Wang Zheng immediately reacted. The Plum Blossom Steps would save him this time, but…


This punch landed solidly, and Wang Zheng was again sent flying. He spat out a mouthful of blood, and was smashed on the floor. Another big mouthful of blood he could not hold down. He retched it out.

Qiqin Nacchai laughed. More of the same? He really thought he was a plaything. If he was perfectly fine, such a strange variation of footwork might have a little use. But as a half-disabled creature, how dare he try to act!

Zhang Zhun could not resist. He wanted to intervene, but Mars held him back, shaking his head.

Wang Zheng stood up again. The gap was huge. At first it seemed like Wang Zheng could hold out through sheer willpower, but in truth, thought reflected power. In terms of endurance, he was already not on the same level.

“Wang Zheng, if you declare today in front of everybody that you swear you will be a lazy, docile toad from this day on, then sparing your life would not be difficult,” Qiqin Nacchai said.

He was setting things up for his own killing hand. He meant that although he was taking advantage here, the main reason was because this Wang Zheng did not know what was good for him. Posturing till the end, that was suicidal!

Lear was watching everything closely. His neck was torn, and quite a few ribs had been broken as well. This one was in the bag.

Even if a freak bolt of lightning appeared, he would find a way to slip a helping knife in.

Maybe he would not even be needed. Aragorn, the Atlanteans, and a few others lurking would all be waiting. People did not remember the methods, only the results. After all, it was human nature to forget, and only the result was important.

As for Princess Aina, that was a matter for the living to consider. The dead could rest.

“Huiyin, don’t do anything foolish!” Ouyang Ruoliu was hugging Lin Huiyin tightly. Whether she could make it in time aside, she was really about to call Lin Hong. Even setting aside the question of whether it was useful, it would be another outcry in the royal family.

Seeing Wang Zheng in such a wounded state, Lin Huiyin discovered that she was not strong at all. Not in the least.

Qian Xuedie and Dong Er were hugging Huiyin as well. Both girls, already at an emotional age, began crying as well. Only, all of them were helpless, unless Wang Zheng surrendered… and then he could only do so if he were given the chance.

Aina had closeted herself in her room for a few days. No one knew how dangerous her decision had been. Sometimes, she wondered if things would have been better if she had hardened her heart and not told him.

In front of the dressing mirror, Aina stared at herself, but her mind was reliving the first time she had met Wang Zheng. Those were happy times. Carefree days. Little by little, always together. Then the split, and then coming back together because of their longing. Even when they had forgotten, they would unconsciously come together. On her dresser was not a comb, but a golden dagger.

Very pretty, said to be an antique. Every royal member had one. This was to tell every member that the Aslan Empire’s royalty was as elegant and sharp as a blade!

If they could not be together, then departing together was not bad either.

The Skylink next to her rang. Each time it rang, it was like a deadly siren. And now the danger was coming for her.

“Wang Zheng… knowing you, liking you, those were the proudest moments of my life.”

In the darkness, Aina’s voice was light but firm. Like a dagger in hand.

No one could stop this battle. And there was no way it could be stopped.

Qiqin Nacchai pulled out a blade. The previous two attacks had been tests. He was meticulous. Delays were prone to unexpected changes. The third blow would be the fatal one with no misses.

The Primordial Regression Technique’s aura began to surface. Clearly, it was much weaker than what it was before. More accurately, it was so weak that it was pitiful. Contrasted to Qiqin Nacchai on the other side, whose aura inspired despair.

Faced with such a disparity, Qiqin Nacchai still pulled out his titanium blade and moved into an offensive stance.

Wang Zheng instead closed his eyes. Waiting for death?

On the field, no one would show mercy. They were professional soldiers, and all of them had been through life and death battles.

Qiqin Nacchai was even clearer that Wang Zheng was not planning to sit and invite death, but was gambling with his life.

“I’ll leave your corpse in one piece!” Qiqin Nacchai sneered, his eyes hard.

“I… can’t.” Wang Zheng’s voice was soft, but peaceful.


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