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Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 1118: The Finger That Broke the Sky!

Chapter 1118: The Finger That Broke the Sky!

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Qiqin Nacchai glowed with a red light. He closed in at speed. Wang Zheng was moving as well, with just his right hand.

What was he trying to do?

No knife?

Was he trying to… poke him???


There was only five meters between the two now. Qiqin Nacchai suddenly rose in the air. Was he overthinking it?

The titanium blade was imbued with an intense red aura, and lit the whole sky.

This was the real finisher!

Wang Zheng extended his right hand. In that instant, time seemed to stop. Space seemed to warp around and be attracted to this right hand. More accurately, it was one finger, that reached out slowly.

Wang Zheng’s body did not have a shred of energy left in it, because all of the Primordial Regression Technique’s energy was in this finger. He concentrated the Primordial Regression Technique’s power, and bet with his life!

Separation! Atomic Break!


In the darkness, a beam of light burst forth like a star. It penetrated everything.

It was over in an instant.

Qiqin Nacchai’s power on his knife had dissipated, but it seemed like an illusion. In midair, Qiqin Nacchai seemed unchanged… he could levitate too?

After one second.


Both within and out of the battlefield, there was silence. Qiqin Nacchai had exploded into a puff of mist, floating in the air. A breeze blew by, and the blood danced into nothingness.

Wang Zheng did not watch him go. His right hand’s finger was broken. Not just that, but after containing all that energy, his entire right hand was rendered useless.

But what did that matter?

Everyone was watching Wang Zheng in silence. He raised his head. “Who’s next?”

His voice was soft, but everyone heard him. Seeing him covered in blood, his limbs hanging limply, Wang Zheng looked like he could be knocked down with a feather. But of all the pros present – all these self-hailed-first-in-the-world, leaders of their generation – not a single one said a word.

A pause. It was still silent, and no one moved. Jondi Lilick did not move a muscle. Logically, he was up next, but he did not move.

Aragorn did not move either. And if neither moved, then no one else would.

The entire field was completely taken by Wang Zheng’s presence.

In the monitoring room, Lya Sphinx’s General Dooley’s face was ashen. He was completely unable to believe what had just happened!!!

How was this possible!?

Qiqin Nacchai was an Earth 3 super soldier, and unbeatable in the younger generation. How…

Even these worldly generals were thoroughly shaken. This kid called Wang Zheng was only 21 years old, and this was the second time he had shaken the world.

The bawling Huiyin had suddenly stopped. And the other three girls were stunned as well. Was he even… human?

But standing there covered in scars, this was when a man looked coolest.

“Suddenly, I find him really handsome!” Qian Xuedie opened her eyes wide.

“If Her Highness Aina doesn’t want him, leave him to me. After all, we’re matchmade,” Dong Er said.

Lin Huiyin suddenly raised her voice. “Go away! He has a sister-in-law!”

In a different time, this would have been a joyous moment, enough to make the four girls cavort in joy. But suddenly, someone moved.

And that move signified despair.

Atlantis Sea Queen battle team’s captain, Dina Atlas.

The atmosphere became even more tense. Were they continuing?

Wang Zheng’s expression did not change. In the instant he stood out, he did not bear any more resentment. He would take the world on!

Atlantean royalty, and an enigmatic Atlantean warrior. How much did Wang Zheng have left?

Lear’s inner conflict had finally ceased. If no one was going, he was going. He did not want to consider the consequences anymore. Intellect and impulse raged on. Luckily, Atlas had made his move. Wang Zheng, if you didn’t die here, I’ll call you father!

Atlas walked onto the battlefield… but suddenly turned around, back facing Wang Zheng. “That’s the end for today. Before the main competition, if anyone wants to find Wang Zheng, you can go through me.”

The winds were shifting. This…???

He was not here to fight??? Didn’t Atlantis have a grudge with Wang Zheng? Would he not at least fight him? After a few disgraces, and now the matter of Princess Aina? What was he playing at?

The first to stand with Wang Zheng was actually an Atlantean.

Lear’s mouth was wide open. This guy’s mother must have bedded a dog, for his brain to be this rotten. When did Atlantis suddenly like to be needless interferers?

Mars walked up. “Me as well. I’m known to be brazen, but even I can’t take this anymore. Aragorn, if you’re still resentful about your junior, you can take it up with me!”

Aragorn looked at Mars mildly. “Not too late when you’re recovered.” Having said thus, he left. Clearly, he was not intending to fight anymore.

Basically, he felt that Wang Zheng could still drag someone into death with him, and there was no need for him to take the fall. Besides, there was no chance now.

Ai Zhengyang looked on at the guy his cousin was infatuated with. Suddenly, he began to understand. Perhaps what had attracted Xiaolu was precisely this. The more stubborn you were, the more trouble you attracted. And for someone as clever as Xiaolu, this was irresistible.

Zhang Zhun had rushed up as well, hurriedly stemming Wang Zheng’s wounds. Damn, he was already so old, and it was not that he had never fought for his life before. But he had almost shed tears just now. He did not cede anybody respect, but this Wang Zheng, he would.

Atlas and Mars did not interact, or speak. Slowly, the rest dispersed as well. With these two around, the rest did not stand a chance. And more importantly, there was no need.

But now they were worried. If Wang Zheng lived till the main competition, what then?

Ouyang family. The four girls were already flying in the air, their spirits completely reversed. Qian Xuedie caught Huiyin. “My little princess, what did you mean just now? Could it be?”

Huiyin did not shirk this time. For some reason, after what they had just witnessed, she felt very free. At least, in front of her own clique, she did not want to hide it anymore. “None of you are allowed to clamor for his attention. I’m the one who’s in second place!”

“Ayaya, biggg news! My dear princess, how many snacks will you need to cram into my unstoppable mouth?”

“And me, and me!”

“Can I be third?”

Huiyin’s eyes were still wet. But she was genuinely happy for Wang Zheng. As long as he was safe, she would be happy.

At the monitoring room, basically all the generals were present. They had not expected island A to be that intense. The elimination rate was frightening, in addition to Wang Zheng’s astonishing fighting power.

The worst off was Lya Sphinx. They had stood a good chance, but now it ended prematurely. Not just that, a genius warrior like Qiqin Nacchai had the potential to be the best. He had died here, and in a way that could not be saved. The power of that attack had been ultimate and mind blowing. The killing power was out of this world.

“I remember that he is from Earth…”

For some reason, this sentence touched their hearts.

“I feel like because of this, the qualifiers can be declared over. If it continues, it’s basically a special forces showdown. They’ll all be killing each other off. What does everybody think?” Bolet again raised the suggestion. The Solar System’s two teams had already been eliminated, and the Solar System did not even have a representative. Damn, how could such a person be an Earthling? He should be Manalasuo’s!

“I agree. We don’t even have 64 teams left.”

There were no objections. This qualifier had been quite harsh. Under majority consent, the minority opinion was also dismissed. The elimination rate was too high, and the remaining survival battle no longer held meaning.

An announcement sounded simultaneously above both islands. After one hour, the qualifiers would end prematurely.

Those on island A were not surprised, given the state of things. If it continued, there would be no meaning. After all, physical technique was but one aspect. And the important thing was still mecha battles. Humans used their bodies to test themselves and breakthrough, but not for actual battle.

But Wang Zheng’s finger had broken the sky, and it would not be forgotten for a while.

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