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Tempest of the Stellar War (Web Novel) - Chapter 1251: Primordial Regression Technique Third Level Heaven

Chapter 1251: Primordial Regression Technique Third Level Heaven

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Wang Zheng did not give in in this entire process. However, he had to give in on spiritual power. Although the contest between the Runic Matrices was based on the understanding of runes, in essence, it was still a contest of spiritual power.

Whoever had the “bigger fist” had the final say.

It was definitely the forte of the Atlanteans in terms of spiritual marking and repelling.

Almost everyone could see that the original golden ground had been replaced by the azure blue. It had now become Poseidon’s world.

The force of the azure blue flooded the entire arena. This was an A-level warrior. It was as if the entire world was already under the control of Dina Atlas.

The golden power was struggling, but it was constantly being suppressed. The cameras were now penned on Dina Atlas’ face. This Atlantean prince was still as composed as always. His azure blue eyes were brimming with confidence, originating from the immortal majesty of the Atlantis civilization.

The Atlanteans would not fall twice at the same place.

Even when Wang Zheng was at his most arrogant, Kashawen had remained calm. This was because she knew that the Atlanteans could not afford to be defeated again. It might seem trivial, and this was just a competition, but it was related to the Milky Way Alliance’s acknowledgement and evaluation of a country.

That video was something that Kashawen silently acknowledged.

Otherwise, how could it have aired? She had wanted to put Wang Zheng on the pedestal, high up in the clouds and then have him suddenly fall, losing everything.

Similarly, it was also forcing the Atlanteans into a desperate end. With the entire world watching, if Atlantis were defeated, the video that was aired and the one now would be circulated for a long time. This would weigh down on the young warriors of Atlantis. If they won, then the shadow of defeat would be forgotten very quickly. After all, people would only remember victory.

The Atlanteans could not be offered any retreat. Only then would they show their true strength.

Kashawen had never denied that the Atlanteans possessed the strongest fighting strength in this world, if they were serious about it.

A-level power. What did this mean?

Everyone in the arena knew very well that the fight was over. The only thing left was for Wang Zheng to admit defeat.

As long as they were students from a military school and as long as they were from the conventional military schools of the Milky Way Alliance, they knew that as long as a person’s spiritual power reached A-level, congratulations were in order. They had just become a national treasure. If the person had yet to reach thirty, then it was more cause for congratulations because the person would be one of the central figures of the military force.

No human in the history of the Milky Way Alliance had ever attained A-level before the age of thirty.

Cross-level victory?

Unfortunately, such jokes were useless. Having attained A-level, a person’s perspective of the universe would be completely different.

Wang Zheng was already strong enough. So strong that the Atlantean has no choice but to unleash the forbidden power. This was power that mankind feared. However, the Atlanteans had no choice. If they had, they would not have done so.

Just a minute ago, all the supporters of the Saruman Snake battle team were still cheering happily. But now they were all quiet.

It was not despair, although there was some helplessness. But it was not disappointment either. It was more of helplessness, and a hint of regret. For the Saruman Snake, it was already a miracle that they had come this far. It was already a miracle that they had achieved this.

There would always be some powers in this world that could not be surpassed.

All was calm at Ares College. Yao Ailun opened his mouth, but he was not that dull to give any encouragement. He understood the principle of A-level. He knew that every student at Ares College understood that too.

When an A-level spiritual power appeared, everything was over.

Saruman Snake’s advancement had finally come to an end. Actually, all dark horses’ advancements had to end one day. Maybe not today, but one day eventually.

Jasper sighed helplessly, but because of the suffocating air, even his sigh was silent. He had come to witness miracles and had even bet a large amount on Saruman Snake. Of course, this amount meant nothing to him. However, he still felt some sadness.

On the contrary, the mainstream ruling class of the Milky Way Alliance were the “rebels.” They had hoped for the creation of miracles.

“Brother Yan, A-level. Ugh…” Grabre seemed to want to make a point.

Yan Xiaosu did not show any reaction. “What the hell is A-level?! I have watched pornography though.”

Grabre and Jasper looked at each other. This… this…

Wang Zheng was not at all surprised. This was A-level power. It had indeed suppressed his spiritual power completely. Whoever had control of the “spatial control” of spiritual power would have control of the offensive and control of the Runic Matrices.


The Runic Matrices appeared at his feet and Dina Atlas disappeared… Bang…

Wang Zheng’s mech flew up at the sound and hit the energy protection wall squarely. He did not even have time to react.

As soon as he entered A-level, Dina Atlas’ control of the Runic Matrices was as easy as breathing. He did not need to chant any spell to pave the way. The Runic Matrices were unleashed instantly.

In the next second, Wang Zheng’s Rune Warrior flew up instantly. But in a swift movement, the azure blue Rune Warrior appeared and the Rune Sword swept across.


With absolutely no time to react, the Golden Rune mech was sent flying. Atlas’ left hand extended out and a Runic Matrix suddenly appeared while spinning.

RUMBLE… Rumbling…

Energy Cannon…

Wang Zheng’s Rune Warrior attempted to use the Space Aisle. But he seemed to have forgotten that the place had been surrounded by Dina Atlas’ spiritual marks. Instantly, the rune cage imprisoned Wang Zheng. This momentary sluggishness had seen the Energy Cannon blasting at him.

The azure blue energy was flowing out instantly, blasting densely at Wang Zheng.

Heaven and earth-shattering blasts were heard all around. The energy protection wall only lasted a few seconds before it was blasted through. Continuous energy was tilting the…

This turning of tides made everyone’s hearts feel the impact. Could this be the same result as the two previous matches? Despite their best efforts, the end result was the acceptance of failure?

Everyone was now waiting for the final judgement. Three-nil – Atlantis advancing to the finals with this victory.

However, this announcement was not heard. Wang Zheng’s Rune Warrior that was on the second layer of energy protection wall was not destroyed yet. A golden Rune Shield blocked Dina Atlas’ attacks.

The golden Rune Warrior disappeared instantly and returned to the center of the field.

Atlas frowned slightly. That was strange. He had clearly controlled the entire arena. Yet he clearly did not sense Wang Zheng’s defensive Runic Matrix.

Furthermore, in a situation where he had control of most of the power, it was practically impossible for Wang Zheng to think about fighting for the power of the natural world in this space. Any use of any form of power had to follow the order of prioritization.

He had priority rights in this area. Hence, all the usage of Runic Matrices by Wang Zheng were being suppressed, even the use of power was a fraction slower. A battle in an enclosed environment such as this was undoubtedly fatal.

It was a little painful. The pain from the impact was a rather refreshing thing. He had not felt such pain in a very long time. He understood better what Black Charcoal meant. This feeling would remind him that he was human and the meaning of his existence. Where there was pain, there was persistence.

Primordial Regression Technique Third Level Heaven — Original Force Awaken!

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