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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 5-2

Volume 22 Chapter 5-2

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(I know you’re sad. I also know you love me…)

What is true love on earth? It meant love everlasting though life and death. Zheng didn’t look as himself as a love sage or someone extremely passionate. As an ordinary person grinded down by modern civilisation, he had thought he had already become numbed and was immune to romance, love and the like. This was normal in modern society. Or rather, this strange ‘normal’ was the socially expected ‘ordinary person’.

This perception only gradually changed upon entry to God’s Realm. Only when he completely overcame his heart’s devil when he died and resurrected, did he understand why God chose those who had lost something before from the real world. It was because loss was necessary.

This was similar to Xuan’s life experiences. If a perfect person struggled for survival in this world where you could die anytime, he may not necessarily have the courage to stand up once again. A defeat may lead to his complete annihilation, like how team China only had one survivor in Resident Evil Apocalypse. Ordinary people wouldn’t have the courage to fight again then. Only those who had experienced many losses before could bear the bitterness of loss and rise again.

That was why, those who entered the Realm were those apathetic towards the real world, or disappointed in it. Each person had his or her own story, whether this story was a tragedy, or merely a motivation to become strong, such as Zheng, Xuan...

Zheng entered Lan’s consciousness space first. The apparatus Xuan had created was much more advanced than the glasses before. Not only did it allow existence in this space as a spirit, he could voluntarily accept the memories of the owner of this consciousness world. Even the emotions hidden in the deepest recesses could be felt perfectly. How could this feeling be described? It was extremely strange.

Lan’s consciousness space wasn’t a perfect and orderly space. It was much lacking in this as compared to Yingkong’s space, as could be seen now. As Xuan said, there was a correlation between the genetic constraint unlocked and the strength of the consciousness. Psyche force users were no exception to this.

This was like Alice visiting a strange world like wonderland. The world was without order. In one moment Zheng would be standing in a modern city, watching Lan take a walk. In the next moment, he would be in a certain movie world in God’s Realm, watching the monsters within howling. He searched for order within such a chaotic world, continuously experiencing what Lan had gone through in the past. He saw her smile, he saw her cry…

Lan was a normal girl, and had had a period of innocent first love. She innocently lost her first love as well. Then, like all normal girls, she spent her time growing up studying, slowly becoming more beautiful. Until she met him. A truly nice man. Once again, she had a crush. No, it was true love.

He was truly a good man. He had a sense of responsibility, sympathy, compassion and was extremely courageous. In this mundane and vulgar world, men like this were just too few. These sort of men were either turned normal by this vulgar world or money. Otherwise, they were slowly corrupted by society. They weren’t tolerated by the world. They either died or were bullied nonstop by people, until they were completely buried or went bad. Kind men are bullied, while kind horses are ridden. This wasn’t a unjustified saying.

Of course, in Zheng’s memories, he had once seen a comedy, which said that corrupt officials were treacherous. Thus, virtuous officials had to be even more treacherous. In the same vein, if you wanted to be a good person, you had to be stronger than those bad, whether in intelligence, wealth or even a physical fight. Only then could you keep your kindness. And this man was one such man. Wise, smart, hardworking. Although he hadn’t accomplished much due to his youth, at least guessing through his current performance, this man’s future was limitless.

The two met, fell in love, then fell in deeper love. They were both kind souls, and possessed the same longing and belief in love.Thus, they both loved the other party deeply, and were bound to have a blissful future. If not for that accident, their future would have indeed have been as beautiful as a fairy tale, something to look forward to.

But he died.

Zheng sighed. He silently opened his eyes. He had already woken up from Lan’s consciousness. Xuan’s creation this time was indeed useful. It had utilised the scientific techniques of Cultivation, allowing Zheng to easily exit that consciousness. Of course, the prerequisite was that he had already raised Lan’s consciousness from the bottom layer.

“Awake?” Just as Zheng sat up on the bed, a apple eating man near him spoke. That man was indeed Xuan.

“Don’t state the obvious, of course I’m awake. What, do you think I’m sleepwalking?” Zheng said unpleasantly. While speaking, he had already removed the blanket to get up. He then carefully measured his surroundings.

He was sleeping in a cabin as before. However, it looked much larger than the cabin in the fishing vessel, and the beds were also arranged in orderly rows of double decker beds. This was definitely no longer that small fishing vessel. If he hadn’t guessed wrongly, he was currently in a warship.

“How long was I out for?” Zheng rubbed his forehead.

“You’ve been asleep for one day and one night since we left Pearl Harbour.” Xuan closed the documents in his hand, speaking as he ate an apple.

“Although it’s strange to ask this question now, don’t you think you’ve been eating apples with too great a frequency recently?” Zheng asked unpleasantly.

“Mhm. Due to the implantation of the ‘eye’, there’s a large consumption of energy on the body. Even when not in use, the energy consumption is five times of a normal person slowly running. So, I need ingest large quantities of food to remedy this deficiency. These apples are apples I used genetic modification to cultivate in God’s Realm. There’s high calorie fructose inside. A single apple has more calories than an ordinary person eating a large meal. The ‘eye’ also has an energy accumulation function, so regularly eating apples is beneficial to energy storage.” Xuan explained as if it was nothing.

“Doraemon, you truly have ‘evolved’.” Zheng continued to rub his forehead. He had a slight headache regarding this fellow who was getting closer and closer to Doraemon. After a long time, he asked, “Was anyone injured in the assault on Pearl Harbour?”

“No one.” Xuan turned his eyes away while speaking.

“Hey, you’re too guilty, right? You’re already turning your eyes away.”

It turned out that team China indeed attacked Pearl Harbour. Even without Zheng’s combat support, team China’s remaining members were strong enough for a surprise attack. In a surprise attack, they were able to either destroy an army or a warship within ten minutes. This was without even using the Magic Cannon. Apart from melee combat and anti-personnel combat, Wangxia’s Bomb Dominator ability was suitable in such a battlefield. Others, such as Heng’s energy volleys could also instantaneously kill over ten thousand people. Zero’s Gauss sniper rifle could penetrate warships. Even if the others didn’t act, these few were sufficient.

Intimidation and a display of power, along with Wangxia detonating a few miniature nuclear bombs, had allowed them to successfully coerce over a hundred American navy soldiers, leaving for Senkaku Islands with a destroyer in tow.

“The basic situation is like that. Everything went smoothly.”

“Smoothly my ass! Why did you fire the Magic Cannon halfway in the direction of the island for?”

After Zheng woke up, the members all gathered as usual to discuss the next step. Zheng immediately made a ruckus without restraint when he heard how Xuan had handled things. This was because there was a naval force of at least three aircraft carriers chasing behind them. In front, the navies of Japan, Korea and several countries were forming a blockade. This destroyer could be said to be the public enemy of a majority of the world's countries.

Before Xuan could open his mouth, Honglu had already spoken a step ahead of him. “Xuan wasn't wrong this time. This is merely the opening of the scheme. Since it’s possible we can’t catch up to team East Sea, we’ll make them slow down and wait for us. So, we need to borrow these countries’ fleets. There’s also a jammer Xuan created in this destroyer, so the fleet can’t find us unless we’re face to face. We’re also monitoring their communications. The moment traces of team East Sea appear, our team battle with them will begin!”

In truth, Zheng knew that Xuan doing this was understandable. Also, considering his personality he would definitely do this. He would first use overwhelming power to terrorize and deter the Pearl Harbour navy. He would also display some powers or weapons that exceeded the imagination of normal people, then use the Magic Cannon. Not only could this coerce the navy soldiers to steer the destroyer and bring them out, it would also rouse the greed of all the countries. They would do their best to deploy their navy to form a blockade, which would also block team East Sea.

“But it’s still risky. Aside from the navy, how would we deal with planes and missiles?”

As long as he slightly thought about it, Zheng could understand these details. After all, this was what they always did. Using wit to draw up schemes, and force to break through tricks. Regardless, the operation this time was too dangerous. When American and the rest tracked them down, large quantities of aeroplanes and missiles would be awaiting them. In this boundless sea, even Zheng wouldn’t be able to block such a powerful concentrated attack. So it was likely team China would have fatalities, and even a large number of dead and injured. That was why Zheng had said Xuan and the rest were too risky.

“Planes and missiles?” Apart from Zheng and Xuan, everyone showed a strange expression like a smile yet not a smile on their face. If it had to be strictly defined, it would have been a ‘bitter smile’.

Confused, Zheng was brought out of the cabin by them. The world outside was dim. Although it wasn’t night yet or dusk, the surroundings were so dark it wasn’t possible to see ten metres out. A heavy downpour fell unendingly, and the giant waves practically lifting up the destroyer. Seeing that unceasing purple lightning, only someone suicidal would fly up into the sky in this Perfect Storm. Missiles couldn’t penetrate the cloud cover in this weather. So, only other ships would be able to see and attack the destroyer.

“Alright, let’s not discuss these threats for now. Let’s discuss how to deal with team East Sea.” Zheng retreated back from into the conference room.

Xuan suddenly cut him off. “Let’s not discuss the method to deal with team East Sea now. The consciousness space. Talk about Lan’s consciousness space.”

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