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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 5-3

Volume 22 Chapter 5-3

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The consciousness space was different from the real world. There weren’t any special rules inside. The so-called time, space, and even the person’s consciousness would be different from the real world. If an ordinary person’s consciousness stayed here clear headed, abnormalities would quickly appear in their psyche. This was just such a world. Zheng could with great difficulty rely on his Light of the Soul to search for Lan’s consciousness body. It was a profound feeling that couldn't be explained to others.

Zheng indeed found Lan’s consciousness body, and even found the space it was in. He was in the house they had been in in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Lan’s consciousness was trapped within, continuously experiencing the moment of being trapped, the moment when her boyfriend in her memories displayed hostility towards her. It repeated over and over again, until the point when her consciousness would completely collapse.

Freddy, the demon from Nightmare on Elm Street possessed a unique psyche force ability. It was a psyche force ability more overbearing than hypnosis that could exaggerate and manifest the weakest parts of the heart. As long as there were cracks in the heart, they would sink forever into their heart’s devil. That was why Nightmare on Elm Street was a supremely hard twenty person difficulty movie. Of course, if your heart was without flaw like Xuan, Freddy would be controlled or destroyed instead if he entered Xuan’s consciousness. For those who had overcome their heart’s devil like Zheng, their psyche was already so sturdy that they feared no psyche force ability. These should be the demon’s bane.

However, this heart’s devil was still a bona fide heart’s devil. How could an ordinary person easily overcome it? The larger the crack in the heart, the more the person wouldn’t be able to wake up. Lan was extremely unfortunate, being a person with extremely thick fetters. Whether it was the fetters she bore before God’s Realm in the real world, or the fetters towards Zheng after entering, it could be said that she was the person most susceptible to being hurt by the heart’s devil in the Realm.

Zheng kept trying to call her in the consciousness space she was trapped in. Although he could sense her faint response, the girl would instinctively retreat every time he tried to approach her consciousness, as if she was avoiding him.

“The basic situation was like that. Ptui, take it that I didn’t just say that. It’s roughly like that. I could only raise her consciousness from the deepest level to the middle level. Although she can’t wake up yet, overcoming the heart’s devil will be easy if a psyche force user can assist me in waking her up. After this, I’ll probably be asleep for one day and night. I need to go to Kampa’s consciousness to wake him up.” Zheng talked about all he had experienced in the consciousness space. Everyone heard about the dangers within, but couldn’t understand.

In truth, the consciousness space was mysterious and unpredictable, and supremely dangerous. Fortunately, Zheng had unlocked the mid fourth stage and successfully conquered the heart’s devil, which was why he didn’t get lost in this consciousness space. If someone else had entered another’s consciousness space, they would be in mortal danger unless they were a psyche force user with a high level of enhancement. The annihilation and insanity of the consciousness were where the great danger of the consciousness space lay.

“In one sentence, you let down a beauty’s heart, so she's disappointed in you. Hahaha…” Cheng Xiao patted Zheng’s shoulder, chuckling.

Zheng made a bitter laugh, not saying anything. He already knew all this from Lan’s consciousness space. Although it wasn’t everything, he at least knew her feelings for him. If before, the distance between the two was hazy and seemingly both far and near at the same time, now, he could no longer play dumb. When she woke up, or before the final battle, he had to give her an accounting.

“No matter what, I will save her, no, them!”

Zheng exhaled deeply, before looking to everybody, “Remember, this team battle is the last battle before the final battle, and can be said to be a battle second in importance to the final battle. No one can die, and we’ll try our best to wipe the other side. Everyone, please, do not do not have any thoughts of underestimating the enemy. Even if we’re much stronger than team East Sea, stronger and weaker is only relative. Haven't we ourselves triumphed over opponents stronger than us before? So, be careful this time!”

When he spoke to this point, he looked worriedly at Xuan. “I won't give the reins over to you for this battle. We can’t take risks this time, especially right before the final battle. We can’t have the slightest loss in combat power as we have to challenge team Devil with the strongest line-up and power. Conversely, we need to ensure as much points and ranked rewards to be obtained as possible. We can’t use your dangerous probabilities to complete this mission. With capturing the enemy psyche force user as the prerequisite, how ever many of the other side we catch is however many we catch. We don’t need to take risks for that. If a battle occurs when I’m sleeping, Honglu, you shall scheme and direct the battle. Wangxia and Zero, you two help him. Remember not to take risks!”

“Then I’m entering Kampa’s consciousness space. If there’s anything important, wait for me to come out before discussing it if it’s not urgent. Remember not to take risks.”

When he saw everyone nod their heads, he finally left the cabin, relieved. However, he didn’t see Xuan shake his head after nodding it, a situation like the previous movie where he had said “I lied to you”...


At the same time, in the sea far off from team China’s destroyer, that seldom seen violent storm was here as well. Giant waves rose to ten metres or even higher, and ordinary boats had the danger of being destroyed here. Even the modern metal ships built through science could only drift along like a skiff in these giant waves before this disaster. Human might was simply unable to stand up to such a massive natural disaster.

The ship team East Sea were in was no exception. The storm greatly impacted the fishing vessel’s speed. Team East Sea, which should originally have been nearing the Diaoyu Islands, had went off course ten hours earlier due to the storm and sea flow. Although they had managed to right their course later on, their arrival time had been delayed by over a day, without even factoring in the influence of the storm.

“Unacceptable! This ship is too slow! Who knows whether we’ll be able to reach Senkaku Islands before team China catches up?” In the largest conference cabin room on the ship, a total of thirteen East Sea members were sitting down. The one who had spoken was a tall baldie whose body was filled with bulging muscles, his face covered with countless scars. His eyes were filled with licentiousness, and he obviously wasn’t some good character.

As baldie spoke, the rest faintly sighed. The sword carrying man with a face full of black runes also sighed. After a long period of silence, he said, “That’s how it is. We have a large probability of being caught up to by team China. So, I suggest we use the equipment Adam gave us. What do you all think?”

The equipment Adam had given them was an ancient and queer item made using Western alchemy. This item wasn’t exchangeable through God, and wasn’t something that could be made in a short time. In a movie that team East Sea had encountered team Celestial, they and another team had received this equipment as they had surrendered early and agreed to join team Celestial’s alliance. Supposedly, this was an auxiliary device capable of linking up to the main device. It would be able to connect through time and space even if they were on different worlds. As long as team Celestial held the main device, team East Sea would be able to contact them in any difficult situation.

As he spoke, the man took out a diamond shaped object that looked similar to a Rubik’s cube.

(Did team Celestial find some ancient treasury in some movie? And it seems to be a magic type movie. This equipment is over ten thousand years old or even older according to God’s age appraisal. It couldn't have been manufactured by them. They also have so many auxiliary devices, that they could casually distribute them to us and the other team. They themselves should have much greater benefits.)

When this equipment was taken out, everyone sunk into a deep silence once again. There was a beautiful girl in a kimono amongst them, deep in thought.

The black runes faced man took a deep look at everyone. He said, “We’ll take a vote. Do we contact team Celestial? This equipment can be used three times and this time would be the second use. The last use HAS to be kept for the final battle to contact team Celestial. However, we’ll be able to use it two times in the final battle if we don’t use it now. Our chances of quickly finding team Celestial will rise. Then, cast your vote. Do we use this communication device in this battle with team China?”

Everyone looked at each other. Following the first person who raised a hand, gradually everyone raised their hands aside from the black runes faced man and the kimono woman.

“Then, we’ll use it.”

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