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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 6-1

Volume 22 Chapter 6-1

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“Mhm, I roughly understand your situation.”

Team East Sea had used the device team Celestial had left them, and as expected, it quickly connected to team Celestial who were in another movie world. After it connected, team Celestial’s leader, Adam started speaking.

“If the opponent is Xuan, don’t expect team China to act according to logic. If you attempt to run using the advantageous influence God gave you, there's an over seventy percent chance of a team wipe. Team China is stronger than you can imagine. Meeting just their leader would have a large probability of a team wipe. Ordinary schemes aren’t able to reverse it when there’s too large a gap in power.”

As Adam spoke, the black runes faced man suddenly cut him off. “Adam, so what you’re saying is that we won’t be able to get to the Senkaku Islands before team China?”

“It’s DIAOYU ISLANDS! What dogshit Senkaku Islands?” Suddenly, another man’s voice was transmitted over the device. Then, the man seemed to curse for another few sentences. [1]

“Alright, Yinglong. There’s a limited conversation time on this. If anything displeases you, would you kindly leave? Don’t listen to us talk. Team leader Miyata Kuraki, it’s as you say. You all are already unable to escape from team China’s pursuit. If Xuan does as what I’m imagining…” Adam’s voice was transmitted again.

That black rune faced man, Miyata Kuraki, was silent for a moment before asking, “Can you tell us the reason why you think so?”

“Alright. I’ll analyse it from the start. Firstly, team China appeared two days after you all entered. Based on this gap, it can be assumed that the area team China appeared at… Mhm, any of you have a pen? It’s best to record the area and place I’m saying on paper. It’ll help you understand.”

Miyata Kuraki and the kimono girl nodded. The girl went to find a pen and placed a stack of white paper on the table, waiting for Adam’s following analysis.

“First, mark the Diaoyu Islands as a point. The surrounding is a sea. Of course, this movie is The Perfect Storm, and the original plot took place in the sea, so we can disregard land for now. With Diaoyu Islands as a centre, the sea in the direction of the Pacific Ocean will be the main region your movie takes place in. Then, mark the point where you all appeared in.”

The girl nodded. She marked two points. Hesitating for a moment, she sketched out the land around the Diaoyu Islands and various important locations.

“This is the position you appeared in. Using the Diaoyu Islands as the centre of the circle, and the position you appeared in as half the diameter, draw a circle. Apart from land, the margins of this circle is where team China will appear in.”

Miyata Kuraki hurriedly asked. “Why? Why would they appear there?”

“Because of time. Team China entered later than you by two days. If God just wanted to give you a advantageous position, why not just throw them further, like the Atlantic? Why instead let them enter two days later? This was to let you obtain better ‘influence’, but unfortunately, you missed the best window for this as your intelligence was too low to grasp all this. Returning to the topic, there’s a seventy percent chance team China will appear at this position based on the different timing you two entered at. This is the basic logic of thinking. Any position other than this would make the timing difference meaningless, which God won’t do. This results in the circumstances where one enters after the other, and at different distances. The actual distance between you and team China is the distance an ordinary fishing vessel covers in two days. Adam said without pause.

“Based on an ordinary fishing vessel…? An ordinary fishing vessel!” The kimono girl was suddenly startled.

“You’ve guessed it?” Adam laughed. “Correct. This gap is the difference made by the different speeds of an ordinary fishing vessel and special vessels. Based on the location you landed, Hawaii, or the Pacific Ocean’s Pearl Harbour, isn’t too far from you. There are large quantities of ships for naval usage there. In violent weather like in The Perfect Storm, large and fast naval ships will outstrip fishing vessels. If it was me, I would definitely do this.”

“But, it’s not a guarantee they’ll catch up to you just based on this. After all, one is going on while the other catches up, and the time gap would end up being roughly three days. If so, I would do something else if it was me. I would attract the attention of the whole world, or at least the larger countries in Asia. I could either destroy Pearl Harbour, disseminate false information through the net, or use a powerful country to eradicate a small country or part of a big country. That would make a large amount of naval forces to get involved in this area. At that time, you all who are passing through this area will be blocked by the navies. Am I right to assume your fishing vessels were snatched over?”

Miyata Kuraki nodded, his voice pained. “Yes. We also killed several who resisted. If the navy stops us and does a check, we'll immediately be attacked.”

“Then that’s how it is. I’m well aware of Xuan’s abilities. He’ll already have grasped the communications between the countries’ navies. When they discover your existence, team China will immediately initiate an attack with the destroyer they hijacked. You now face a difficult choice. In front, you will be intercepted, while behind, there are pursuing enemies. If you don't think of a way, there will be unforeseen events within two days.”

Team East Sea all went quiet. Only that baldie asked, “These are all just your guesses, right? Maybe team China wouldn't think of all this?”

“Impossible. If the opponent is Chu Xuan, he couldn't not think of all this. Or perhaps, if he couldn't think of all this, he wouldn't be Chu Xuan, but an ordinary person just with the name Chu Xuan. Don’t hope for a fluke. Team China is stronger than you imagine!” Adam immediately said certainly.

Miyata Kuraki and the rest of team East Sea exchanged looks. He nodded at them, then asked. “What should we do? Help us, Adam, are we not allies?”

“We’ll help of course. But it’ll be filled with danger. You all are free to choose now. When the operation begins, it can’t be stopped, or you will be team wiped. Now, tell me. What’s your decision? Also, the remaining usage of the device must be used up. You won’t be able to contact us in the final battle.” Adam laughed, and asked in return.

Miyata Kuraki gritted his teeth. Nodding, “Say it! What do we do next!”

“Fine. There is but one chance for survival. While unplanned, people fight the hardest when backed against a corner…”

“Xuan. This in my second time scheming against you from the dark. Will it happen like that time, where team Celestial was completely forced into a retreat by team Devil? I’ll wait and see.”


“Honglu, what would you do if you were team East Sea’s strategist?”

In the destroyer team China were in, the various team China members could only stay in their cabins as they were still far from the Diaoyu Islands and team East Sea, and the storm still hadn't stopped. They were trying their best to maintain their bodies in an optimal condition, so that they could fight all out against the enemy in the upcoming battle.

Only Xuan and Honglu stayed at the prow. They were currently checking the message detection system. It was a tool Xuan had occasionally made in the past to intercept electronic messages, and happened to be usable in this movie. It was only that in this fierce storm, the signal receiver device would easily malfunction, so the two had to check it once every four hours.

Facing Xuan’s question, Honglu paused for a moment before answering. “If I was team East Sea’s strategist, I would first calculate out the rough location of both side’s arrival. I’ll then use the ‘influence’ God gave to initiate a scheme. I’ll basically go along the same path as we are now, snatching a high speed destroyer. Even in this violent storm we’ll be safe and sound. Why? Do you think team East Sea could exceed our expectations?”

“Basically, no. Team East Sea hasn’t done anything that has exceeded our expectations yet. They didn't rationally utilise the ‘influence’ God gave, nor did they make any response to our scheme. So, they basically can’t exceed our expectations, with at least ninety percent chance. We can continue on according to the original plan.” Xuan took out an apple, eating as he spoke.

“Next. Extermination!”


“Team China's next step should be extermination!”

“Xuan’s greatest, and sole flaw, is his intelligence that far surpasses mortals. This flaw, probability, is the sole flaw mortals can attack him through. His intelligence is practically unstoppable by mortals, like an advanced computer countless years ahead of our era. But, as long as he’s still insisting on probability now, it’s very possible to defeat him through using the probabilities less than twenty percent for him. This was tested when we faced team Devil. As long as I’m hidden, the chances of defeating him is over seventy percent if I’m not included in his schemes.”

At this moment in the movie team Celestial was facing, Adam was speaking with a few of the upper echelon members of team Celestial.

“Ahhhhh, the only pity is that although we obtained the legacy of the Western Saints and Magicians(Western Cultivators), it's incomplete. Those damnable Eastern Saints and their Cultivators, they actually placed such a huge trap there! If we could obtain the complete legacy, we wouldn't need to fear team Devil and team China!” A blonde girl at the side pouted. [2]

“There's nothing damnable or not. Compared to those legacies we can’t obtain for now, that second revival chance and that ancient message left behind is much more valuable than any item. Alright. This movie is no longer very important. Let’s see if we can give team China some serious injuries!” Adam smiled.

Luo Yinglong asked in a low voice. “You said there was a seventy percent chance of beating Xuan. What about the other thirty?”

“It's being completely annihilated by him in turn. It is Chu Xuan, after all. Decisiveness and boldness are his qualities. Their leader, Zheng Zha, is powerful and has the ability to unite his team. So, 70% is the highest probability I can calculate. However, this is already not bad. Team East Sea perishing would only have a negligible effect on us. So, let’s use this team’s destiny to gamble on damaging team China!”

“Next, we help team East Sea turn the tables!”


At the same time, the fishing vessel team East Sea was on changed course away from the Diaoyu Islands.

“Leader. I can’t help but feel something is off. If we follow team Celestial’s instructions, we’ll be in extreme danger. Failure would lead to a team wipe. You can’t agree to such an operation.” The kimono girl said to Miyata Kuraki.

Facing the kimono girl’s obstruction, Miyata Kuraki smiled bitterly. “What choice do we have? Although you have a higher than average intelligence, there's an immeasurable distance between you and those monsters. We can’t stop this anymore. Also, especially when it comes to those yellow monkeys, we’ve already retreated once. How can we retreat again!”

“The Chinese?” The kimono girl said softly. When she saw Miyata Kuraki’s sour look, she hurriedly said, “There’s no need to make it like there’s some generations spanning enmity. It’s the previous generation’s hatred. Why not we negotiate with team China, perhaps…”

“Don’t say anything else! My decision has been made! Haven’t those yellow monkeys always been hostile towards us?” Miyata Kuraki gave her a vicious look, proceeding to howl, “Come, storm! Rage harder!”

[1] In the real world, there’s an ongoing dispute between Japan, China and Taiwan over ownership of these islands. China calls it Diaoyu Islands, while Japan calls it Senkaku Islands.

[2] From Volume 19 Chapter 5-4, the Magicians are "The white race have Cultivators but the path they have taken deviated from the correct path. They cast their energy out of the body to form magic. Magic is destructive yet it does not progress the user’s life form. They can not accumulate their power to pass to the next generation."

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