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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 6-2

Volume 22 Chapter 6-2

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The Perfect Storm was a disaster film. Accurately speaking, the battle between team China and team East Sea would be waged here in this violent storm, which looked much more violent than the real Perfect Storm. At the very least, The Perfect Storm hadn’t had purple lightning falling.

“I don’t know why, but I have a bad premonition.”

In the destroyer’s lounge, the various members of team China were having a leisurely free time. For example, Wangxia was reading the fantasy novel, Terror Infinity, Yingkong was reading romance novels, while Heng and Cheng Xiao were playing video games. The rest all had their own entertainment, and it looked very relaxed within the destroyer. Only Honglu was there thinking nonsense, pulling at his hair nonstop.

“Oh? Explain.” Xuan muttered, his head not even rising from his documents.

“There’s no omen, nor is it really any rational inference. It’s just my premonition. I said it before, right? I can see the premonition of someone about to die on their body. Although all teams would have this feeling in movie worlds, and one very strong at that, so it can’t be used as the basis for deduction. However, Wangxia, Liu Yu and I have a very thick air of death around us that far surpasses normal. I have a very bad premonition about this.”

“Hmm, 13%... continue, the probability is too low.” As always, Xuan didn’t raise his head as he spoke.

“13%? What’s that?” Honglu asked slightly dumbly.

“The probability of there being variables…”

Just from these two words, Honglu immediately understood what Xuan meant. It referred to the probability of team East Sea having a variable, based on the information they had grasped. The so-called 13% was too high. The probability was more likely to be below 5%.

(Am I too sensitive?) Honglu smiled self-mockingly, hiding these feelings in his heart. However, he didn’t do so completely, still devoting a portion of his thoughts to scheming If team East Sea were really to have a deviation, what kind would it be?

On that day’s afternoon, the premonition in his heart got more and more acute, until the point that he couldn’t resist looking for Xuan, and asking him regarding this matter.

“If a deviation really appears for team East Sea, it could only be them hiding their power, and it’s one we can’t ignore, or one that is enough to give us heavy losses. This power could be either strength or intelligence, but if that 13% of variance really occurs, it could only be strength based on the current situation. A change in their strength can’t bring a large change to our scheme. Zheng is enough to deal with any changes in strength. So, if there are any deviations, we only need to guard against sneak attacks. We shouldn’t divide our forces, so that team East Sea won’t get a chance. The basic situation is like that.” Xuan pushed up his spectacles.

“Indeed. Team East Sea’s decimation is already determined no matter how you reason it. Even if their luck is great and they manage to escape to the Diaoyu Islands, it wouldn’t cause us any harm. The only thing that could harm us is a powerful sneak attack. Alright, I agree with your suggestion. We won’t divide our forces. The whole team will stay together. We’ll proceed with team East Sea’s elimination like this.”

(But… even if it’s just a 1% chance, what if team East Sea’s threat is wit, and not power?)


“In summary, team China, or Xuan, can already determine team East Sea’s strength and intelligence from team East Sea’s previous crude actions. But, these crude actions happened to be able to form the foundation for my plan. With this as the idea, team China will next keep their team together and won’t divide their troops. If so, the next part of the plan can unfold smoothly.”

Ever since team East Sea had contacted team Celestial, the entire team Celestial had stopped their operations in their movie world, and thus Adam had sufficient time and mental energy to wholeheartedly plan and scheme.

“But based on your plan, we can only kill a few of team China.” A tall and slender blonde youth was sitting besides Adam. He was playing with two short flying swords in his hands. The transparent glass-like swords looked like toys. This man was currently in charge of Adam’s protection.

“A few is enough.” Adam smiled gently. “Who do you think they are? It’s team China, the strongest team apart from team Devil and us. No, perhaps, they win out slightly over us now. Neither belittle yourself nor be conceited. To handle team China, or to kill the leaders like Zheng, it would only be possible with a nuclear bomb or over ten warships in The Perfect Storm era. So, it’s sufficient killing just over three of them using a small team like team East Sea.”

The blonde youth laughed coldly. With some slight mockery, he said, “Hilarious. Does an allianceless team really need you to take them so seriously? You said before that there are only three types of battle. First, a battle between leaders, and a battle between soldiers. However, this is only suitable to teams with powerful individuals like us, team Devil and team China. Second, a hidden battle. Using sneak attacks, assassination or special battle methods in a vast area, which is primarily for unique enhancements or abilities, which is usually the battle style of slaver teams. The third one is a team alliance battle. With a powerhouse as the core, the team members and allies will complement him, systematically advancing and exhausting and defeating all powerful opponents. There are only these three types of battle, right? I don’t believe team China is a match for our Angel Alliance.”

“Haha. That’s just because you’re too inexperienced.” Adam maintained his mild and harmless expression and tone as always. However, he continued sarcastically, “With your experience and intelligence, all you do is parrot me. You don’t have the qualifications to evaluate a strong team like team China.”

The blonde youth’s face changed abruptly and he tightened his grip on his flying sword. However, a wave of killing intent was instantly transmitted from behind, and he could no longer move, cold sweat flowing from his pores.

“Song Tian, back so early?” His expression unchanged, Adam looked at behind the blonde youth, where an Asian man carrying an antique looking Chinese broadsword on his back was standing.

Song Tian silently nodded his head. “Fortunately I came back, or else our team would decrease by one person. For a team with as few numbers as us, we can’t lose members over something so trivial.”

The blonde youth finally feebly slumped down when Song Tian sat down. However, he immediately retreated ten metres away from Song Tian, before carefully sitting down. His eyes continued to lock onto Song Tian.

The blonde youth was the most recent addition from another team’s leader to team Celestial. As he had already unlocked the third stage, and his enhancement and self-created abilities pertained to flying swords, his offence exceedingly great. He was extremely prideful towards his personal power, and even considered himself to be amongst team Celestial’s foremost combatants. He had also made huge contributions for a few movies, so it was hard to avoid having some slight disdain towards team Celestial’s leader, Adam, being a former team leader himself.

However, who would have expected that the silent man who usually didn’t flaunt his power would be able to stop him from daring to move in a moment with mere killing intent? He had felt as if there had been a peerlessly sharp sword directed at his neck from behind. If he had dared move, that sword would have mercilessly cut him down. He had only dared retreat when Song Tian sat down, keeping his attention on him. Even so, he didn’t dare attack even armed with a flying sword. Just Song Tian merely sitting down there casually exerted a mountain-like pressure on him, giving him no chance to act.

“Newbie, some advice. Don’t act against the other members of team Celestial. Those who can enter this team aren't second-rate. If you want to survive the final battle, protect our strategist. If not for him, team Celestial would have been wiped several times over by now.” Song Tian gave the blonde youth a look, and said slowly.

Under that pressure, the blonde youth could only nod involuntarily. Only when he nodded and kept his flying sword did Song Tian gradually weaken the pressure on him. When it completely disappeared, Song Tian reverted back to being an ordinary man carrying a sword.

The blonde youth exhaled. He sat there silently for over ten minutes, before jumping up, startled. “Impossible! With your strength and Adam’s intelligence, you still lost to team China before?”

Song Tian and Adam exchanged a look, before Adam gave a warm smile. “A loss is a loss. There’s nothing to be surprised about. After all, no one can guarantee that they are invincible. The so-called invincible is only a relative thing. For example, you are invincible against an ordinary human, while clone Zheng Zha is similarly invincible against us. Of course, Song Tian and Luo Yinglong are invincible against you as well.”

“Impossible!” The blonde youth jumped up. “That variety show-like henpecked man? Don’t make such jokes. No matter how weak I am, I can definitely dispose of him in a moment…”

“Excuse me. Please slander others when they’re not around.” As the blonde youth started making a ruckus, Luo Yinglong and a girl of Western ancestry walked over. He had a livid expression, as if he was particularly sensitive to the word henpecked. The girl besides him however, was full of smiles, as if she was particularly happy.

“Power isn’t what’s flaunted outside, but the real thing innately.” Adam said smilingly, “When you understand this, you’ll understand their might. Relax. We’re not team Devil, we won’t use the cruel law of the jungle to treat our members. However, don’t pull that with us, or else I’ll feel very regretful.”

Adam carried his gentle smile as always, but the blonde youth had chills running down his back. It was a instinctive sense of danger, and was even stronger than the pressure Song Tian had exerted on him before. In his heart, at this moment, he understood the man before him definitely wasn’t simple. He wasn’t an existence of merely ‘intelligence’...

“Then, I’ll answer your previous question. Team China indeed doesn’t have an alliance. They don’t have the transworld communicator or team Devil’s strength, only one team. In this aspect, your words aren’t wrong. But you guessed wrongly on two counts. First, it’s team China’s relationship with us and team Devil. We are enemies, but not enemies to the death. The biggest enemies to the death in the Realm is team Devil! This isn’t changeable in the final battle. Second, your guesses regarding team China’s strength are… wrong to the utmost!”

“Team China indeed has no alliance. However, they are still stronger than ordinary alliances. If our Angel Alliance didn't have team Celestial, team China would be stronger than those remaining teams added together!”

“So, it’ll be a heavy blow even if we only kill two or three of them for this abnormally united team. Each person there has a fixed position in the team, and is practically irreplaceable. So, it’s a good bargain to exchange team East Sea for two or three of their lives!”

“You make it sound so easy!” Luo Yinglong smiled coldly. “The opponent is Chu Xuan. Supposedly, he’s the only person who beat you in the real world. Do you have confidence in scheming against him?”

“Yes!” Adam nodded assuredly. “As long as no other variables appear, based on the information he’s collected so far, we can definitely scheme against him. Intelligence isn’t omnipotent. Our thinking is broader than ordinary human’s as our fundamental thinking process is different. However, we need sufficient information to infer and make judgements. If you want to have workable schemes out of nowhere, that won’t be intelligence, but precognizance or… a god!”

“So, Xuan will surely fail this time!”


At the same time, in another world...

“The probability of the other me losing is below 30%...” A bespectacled man with a cold expression was sitting on a rock, looking at a document while speaking.

“Is that so? The probability is still 30%...”

Ten others were sitting around him, with a total of eleven present. The one leading them was a man with a scar across his face… Zheng Zha. Yes. This man looked exactly like Zheng, merely with more steadiness and killing intent.

“Yes. Even with the hint you gave them, the chances of them being confused is still 30% based on their current situation. After all, team East Sea’s previous rash actions were perfect for the situation. Adam’s appearance was also flawless. If you didn't appear, at least three would die in team China for this battle, with an over 90% chance.” The bespectacled man raised his head, revealing the likeness of Xuan!

Clone Zheng began laughing, and a black aura appeared faintly around him. Although it was only momentary, it still made the surrounding people avoid him.

“If team China couldn’t seize the hint I gave them, they deserve to fail. They wouldn't have the qualifications to be our opponent. If your original fails too, it shows that he was long since corrupted in team China’s environment by that cowardly mindset. He’ll just be an ordinary person. It won’t be a pity to kill him off.” Finished speaking, he ignored the rest and extended his wings, shooting into the sky.

The rest weren't surprised. They sat in a circle as before, and after a long time, a girl suddenly said, “Xuan! The causality point has been used up, so I can no longer surveill them!” Finished speaking, she waved a newspaper in her hand.

“It’s enough. It’s reasonable being able to surveill to this point for the two rank S rewards you consumed to exchange it. This could be our opportunity to be victorious in the final battle, so safe keep ‘it’ well.” Clone Xuan nodded his head coldly, before looking at the documents in hand.

The girl gave a sound of agreement, keeping her head down and not saying a word. Only, someone at the side suddenly said, “Xuan, Why are leader’s actions so weird? Why are we helping team China conserve their strength? And you’re even helping him think of ways, and using up Zhang Xiaoxue’s causality points that were accumulated with great difficulty. It’s not worthwhile…”


Xuan didn’t respond, and a youth besides him suddenly laughed coldly. When he raised his head, this person was shockingly… Gando, the former member of team China!

“This is the mentality of the mighty! It’s because you don’t understand, that you remain weak and trash. Idiot, you can only slowly close the gap between us when you understand this.”

The man’s face darkened, and his mouth twitched, seemingly about to erupt. The girl named Zhang Xiaoxue immediately pulled at him, before the man sat back down, no longer saying anything.

Gando slowly floated up from the ground. However, he didn’t have wings on his back, and he floated up in the sky without equipment.

“Not just leader, but I too don't want anyone to die now from team China. Because… I want to have my revenge on them during the final battle! Hahaha…” As his words fell, Gando floated towards the sky as well, and the sound of that laughter drifted far away...

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