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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 7-3

Volume 22 Chapter 7-3

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Team China… were the main characters?

“Actually, apart from team China, all who entered God’s Realm have the possibility of becoming main characters. It’s only that there are only three teams approaching this goal, team Devil, team Celestial and us, right?” Honglu frowned at Xuan.

Xuan nodded. “Yes. The three of us are closest to this goal. The meaning the final battle has is completely different. It is now a battle to obtain the position of the ‘main character’.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll admit you're right, we are the main characters. But this doesn’t cover up what you did this time. Let’s put all that theoretical stuff aside. After all, no matter what, we have to face the final battle. What are you trying to do?” Zheng felt as if he was being conned. Honestly, he didn’t really understand much about the discussion regarding ‘main characters’. Even if he had unlocked the third stage and simulated Honglu, he still didn’t understand it completely. However there was one thing he understood. In this movie, Xuan had placed team China in danger. Based on Honglu’s deductions, team China would likely have deaths, something he couldn’t accept.

Xuan gave Zheng a sidelong glance. “How big of a chance did you think there is for us to get through the final battle with no deaths?”

“Errr…” Zheng hesitated for a while, unable to say anything. Although his mouth moved, he still swallowed the words that welled up in his mouth. Although he wasn’t willing to admit it, he was well aware of the situation for the final battle. People would die in team China, and not just one or two.

“The basic situation is like that. As of now, the three strongest teams of God’s Realm, team Celestial, team Devil and us, each possesses treasures to break through God’s Realm. We have two, the Bell of the East Emperor and the Jade Disc of Creation. It’s only that the two items are temporarily unusable, so, us team China are already in a inferior position before the final battle has started.”

Xuan pushed up his spectacles. He looked indifferently at the rest. “Correct. When clone Zheng appeared without saying anything actually meaningful, I suspected that team East Sea had something up their sleeves. Team East Sea can basically be divided into two phases. At first, their mentality was just to snatch a fishing vessel, and trying their utmost to escape to the Diaoyu Islands. At this time, it was team East Sea themselves. This was until Honglu noticed issues, when at that time team East Sea had intelligent directives. Team East Sea at that point had already contacted team Celestial. In other words, what awaits before us is Adam’s scheme…”

“Right! It’s this that I’m angry about!” Zheng suddenly shouted. “Since you know Adam’s scheme was in front of us, why didn’t you tell everyone? And you just went quietly to the side without making a sound! Were you going to let everyone fall into team East Sea’s trap like that? Then, watch some among us die…”

Xuan smiled coldly. He stared at Zheng, “What is the team China in your heart? Something that keeps being protected under my and your wings? They’re your comrades that you don’t want to die, so you’ll block all the blood and fire for them? Such a team… we’re still far from team Devil. Such a team isn’t qualified to obtain the position of the strongest.”

“You…” Just as Zheng opened his mouth, intending to say something, Honglu stopped him just as he said his first word.

Honglu sighed. “Yes, Xuan’s right. We’re too reliant on him and you. Actually, team China is already strong. It’s only that we often fearful in our hearts for the battle with team Devil. This isn’t doable. If we’re scared and don’t dare to face it, we will continue to be scared. Zheng, the circumstances around the scheme this time is very complicated. Xuan doing this was indeed to prepare for the final battle. There’s nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, it took me so much effort to understand all this clearly. It can be said that I failed in my duty for this battle.”

“This is no longer just a matter of a match with team East Sea, but a contest between team Celestial, team Devil and us. So, we must lose…”


Team Devil...

“Xuan, the accumulation of causality points is going too slowly. It’s always so hard to accumulate causality points in these movie worlds.”

At team Devil’s temporary base, the various members were all relaxing after a day of battle. It was a flat rocky slope, incomparably vast in all directions. Apart from a distant field of corpses, there were no special features here.

A beautiful girl with pitch-black hair was sitting beside clone Xuan. She smiled gently at clone Xuan, her gentle and graceful smile looking indescribably cute.

“Oh…” Clone Xuan didn’t even lift his head up, with no desire to continue speaking.

After waiting for a moment, the girl said displeased, “Hey, I’m talking to you, Xuan… Alright, stop looking at those documents. These causality points are important for the final battle. If they’re too few, it won’t let you use it freely to scheme. Why not we obtain more during this movie? How do you feel about disseminating information to the whole world?”

“Careful of the reverse in spacetime.” As before, clone Xuan didn’t raise his head. He said as he looked at his documents. “The causality points obtained in each world cannot exceed 1000, or else spacetime reversal will occur. Bad luck can’t be determined using probability. Unpredictable circumstances that kill you will likely appear, that may even involve the entire team. So, we’ll do it as usual. After we return to God’s dimension, use points to go to various worlds to obtain it.”

In a slightly spoilt manner, the girl said, “That’s too troublesome. We won’t come back to this world ever again anyways, so there shouldn’t be any problems obtaining a bit more causality points, right?’

“A mortal’s wisdom…” Clone Xuan laughed coldly, only continuing to look at his documents.

The girl seemed to be very disappointed, “Then how about our remaining 1000 causality points? Do we continue to surveill team China?”

“No need. I already basically know about their situation. Conserve the causality points well. It might save your life when it’s needed. You’re the one in the greatest danger in our team. The risk of this SS rank item is extremely great. If you’re not careful, you may be rejected by the spacetime reversal. It’ll be too late for regrets then.” Clone Xuan finally lifted his head up, and said this indifferently, before lowering his head again.

The girl seemed to have been frightened, and rubbed the pocket at her chest. “Then, this thing’s usability isn’t too great? Instead of repairing it, we should have exchanged a SS rank enhancement or ability.”

“There will always be pros and cons. The stronger the power, the greater the limitations. For example, Zheng obtained his power through untold painstaking effort. This exchanged item of yours is extremely strong. If pursued to the peak, even breaking out of the box isn’t an impossibility. It’s no surprise that God required SS rank rewards to repair it to even an incomplete state after we recovered this thing’s main body from a historical ruins. I think that message wasn’t speaking nonsense. This Board should be the pinnacle of causality-type weapons. It’s no wonder that the Godseal Board was the fuse that led to the great battle of the Saints and Cultivators.” As clone Xuan spoke, the emotions in his eyes became more and more fanatical. However, that girl was still incredibly disappointed. That was because she knew that the fanaticism was merely for the Godseal Board in her embrace, with nothing to do with her.

“But it’s still not a complete item after all, and its restrictions are too great. The stronger the causality-type weapon, the greater the spacetime reversal endured. This weapon should have been invented in order to contend with the box creators. So, after being created, even its name was Godseal Board, which should be to seal those box creators. However, I still feel like something is missing. If an ordinary person uses this, they’ll definitely die. There must be a lead I haven’t found yet. That lead may very well be in the yellow race’s inheritance.” Clone Xuan looked fanatically at the girl, sighingly saying after a long while.

“Xuan, talk about team China’s situation instead.” A voice at the side suddenly interjected itself in. His expression cold, Gando walked over. Without any politeness, he plonked himself down besides clone Xuan, then asked.

Clone Xuan gave him a sideway glance, but Gando ignored it, only continuing to look at clone Xuan coldly. After a long time, clone Xuan finally said, “Revenge can increase one’s power, but if you waste our team’s time for revenge, I will kill you. Team China and team Celestial are having a contest in The Perfect Storm. Team Celestial wants to weaken team China, while team China wants zero casualties and to capture team East Sea’s psyche force user. It looks hard, but if my original perfectly uses their current situation, it’s not impossible for team China to completely win and team Celestial to lose this and team East Sea. However, this isn’t enough to harm the Angel Alliance’s foundation. If my original is thinking the same as me, then team China… will lose! If team China really considers us to be their final enemy, and is insisting on a tactic of king against king and soldiers against soldiers, at least in the grand scheme of things, team China must lose in this movie!”

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