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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 8-2

Volume 22 Chapter 8-2

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The ship team China advanced continuously, practically ignoring the location of team East Sea. They only adjusted their course to the Diaoyu Islands. On the way, the storm gradually became fiercer. This weather was definitely something rarely seen in a century. The waves billowed to the skies, and the endless rainwater crashed down. The purple lightning in the sky flashed, and lightning even struck some of the higher installations of the destroyer. It was as if heaven and earth were about to collapse. Let alone team China, but even the naval soldiers who patrolled the seas frequently were speechless from this scene. A destroyer navigating these seas wasn’t much different from a skiff.

“This is too terrifying. In all my years in service, I’ve never seen such a terrifying storm. This truly is a Perfect Storm.” When the discussion for the course of action had ended, Zheng had ran over to the bridge to ask about the ship. So far, the warship basically had no special issues. After all, it was a large object and those small fishing vessels couldn’t compare. There wasn’t the possibility of even such a ridiculous Perfect Storm capsizing this warship. However, the problem wasn’t small in regards to the ship’s speed and direction.

Zheng nodded. “Then, I’ll entrust it to everyone. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you all to silence you. It’s only that we may run into battles on the way, so you all will be in grave danger. My words hold true. After we leave, we’ll give you diamonds. If you prefer gold that’s fine as well, only that you all don’t have a way to carry gold too heavy. Anyways, there’s danger but benefits as well. As long as you don’t die, you all can enjoy the rest of your lives.”

The surrounding soldiers nodded their heads silently. When team China had board the warship, Zheng had given them large quantities of diamonds and gold to appease them. Anyways, it was extremely cheap to exchange these from God, and with the proliferation of the dimensional bags, they could casually carry diamonds and gold on them. If they met this sort of situation where they needed money, they could quickly take them out to use.

The soldiers were both sighing and helpless. However, their eyes were filled with a peculiar light. As they said, risk and reward accompanied one another. A threefold return was enough to make people risk their lives for profit. The benefits here also weren’t just threefold. If they survived, everyone would become millionaires. After all, top-grade diamonds two to three times the size of the thumb would rival the Koh-i-Noor of the British Crown Jewels. Each person would receive a large pocketful of coloured and colourless of these rare treasures. Together with enough gold to fill half a house, they would be able to enjoy the rest of their lives as long as they survived.

“This sir…” An officer in the front, with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel, hesitated for a moment before asking. “Can I ask what kind of battle is coming? Is it our country’s Seventh Fleet? Although this may sound unpleasant, we can be considered to be on the same boat now. It’s not correct to say we defected from our country since we were forced. You’re also so powerful, so it’s pointless to resist. There’s also the remuneration… We won’t have any kind of malice towards you all, but no matter what please tell me about the oncoming battle. Let us have some mental preparation. If we need to hide, how do we hide? If we need to run, how do we run? Could you tell us?”

“Alright.” Zheng nodded his head, not hiding anything. He wasn’t afraid of these soldiers having any other thoughts. Before an absolute power, any tricks or conspiracies were redundant. Unless the person using the tricks and conspiracies were of a similar level, or one not too much lower, it would just be the pranks of the weak.

“We’ll at least be battling several destroyers and cruisers. Airplanes temporarily aren’t possible, while the chances of anti-ship missiles are larger. Submarines are also possible. However, this Perfect Storm will lower the intensity of these battles by not just a bit. I believe this destroyer won’t be completely destroyed. Of course, you should be mentally prepared. The way ahead isn’t free of danger.”

The ones in the room were all officers. Apart from the highest ranked Lieutenant Colonel, there were Lieutenants and Sergeants. They all silently nodded their heads, no longer asking anything else, only staying in the room, relieved.

Zheng left the room. When he walked to the deck, he abruptly felt how much more violent the storm outside had gotten. It was no longer like it was raining, but the water in the sky was directly pouring down with no gaps between the raindrops. Someone in it may choke even just breathing, and the gales were fiercer as well. It was as if the screaming winds wanted to send someone flying. Of course, this was only for normal people. For a God’s Realm team, it wasn’t possible to be blown away even for rookies like Lin Juntian whose body was two to three times stronger than a normal person.

Zheng gazed at the darkness for a while. Just as he intended to return to the cabin, a spray of water shot up not far from the destroyer. That violent sound of an explosion was obviously from a missile exploding. As the location of the explosion wasn’t far off from the destroyer, the entire destroyer trembled. When the spray of water fell back down, Zheng had already shot towards the surface of the water from the deck.

“Torpedo! There’s a submarine!

The soldiers on board began shouting. These people immediately hurried to their stations. However, just as they completed a few steps, they remembered they were American soldiers under duress, and this destroyer was under team China’s control. In other words, the attacking submarine was here to save them.

“Saving my ass! Haven’t you seen through the politician’s tricks? Do you remember when these robbers used that giant cannon in Pearl Harbour. That thing’s power was a hundred times of a nuclear bomb, and this team didn’t fire directly at Pearl Harbour, but it still terrified those politicians. They’re definitely being listed as terrorists now. Those politicians are more concerned about their lives than anything else, and us hostages aren’t important. Even if we’re buried alongside them, it doesn’t matter as long as this team is exterminated. We can only resign ourselves to our fate and hope the next life is more blissful.”

Before, those officers had been startled when they heard the explosion. Their many years of service in the navy let them naturally know what it represented. However, they were extremely helpless. It had to be known that the other side was the American navy. Not only could they not retaliate, they should theoretically be assisting. But how were they supposed to assist? Assist them in killing themselves? They had also received much diamonds and gold from team China, and didn’t have the power to deal with team China. They could only wait. Wait to live, or wait to die.

Not discussing the conflicting emotions of these soldiers for now, as soon as Zheng broke the surface of the water, a spray of nearly ten metres rose up. His body shot ten metres into the water like a cannonball, a radiance flashing across his entire body. Refined Qi and Magic reacted in the outer layer of his skin, and the resultant power under the perfect control by his infinitesimal control, agitated the surrounding water in an even corkscrew. His entire body stayed unmoving over ten metres below the surface, neither rising nor sinking.

The submarine wasn’t within Zheng’s vision. After all, the surroundings were pitch-black, and this was also over ten metres down. Zheng’s vision was limited, and looking left and right, he couldn’t see the submarine. However, the torpedo couldn’t have come from nowhere, and he could only helplessly continue to unlock the genetic constraint, focusing all his concentration on his skin. In these tumultuous waters, he used infinitesimal control to sense the most minute waves in the water.

(Where? Where is the submarine? They’ll definitely still fire torpedoes, since they’re planning to directly first wreck this destroyer. They can surround us in the Pacific as long as the destroyer is gone.) Zheng was clear that without the destroyer, what was awaiting team China in this endless sea and violent storm wasn’t some heaven. At least half would die. So, he could never let the torpedo strike the destroyer!

(It’s here! Over there!) Zheng shut his eyes and floated in the water. Countless miniature vortexes were placed on his body by his power. It formed an equilibrium that let him maintain this state, until a minute wave was transmitted from far off. Zheng’s eyes abruptly opened. A radiance flashed on his back, and an enormous force pushed him forwards to welcome that torpedo. At the same time, Tiger’s Soul appeared on his right hand. He didn’t make any visible actions, and directly collided into the torpedo.

A sabre brushed down. He had merely infused Refined Qi into Tiger’s Soul. Magic harmed both others and oneself, so it was best to use it as little as possible normally. A crimson as blood light blade enveloped the torpedo. With a violent boom, the entire torpedo exploded, but as if it had substance, the light blade ripped through the explosion and suppressed it within itself. The Refined Qi and Magic outside of Zheng’s body reacted once again, and the brilliance flashed. The power blocked the incoming shockwave. Zheng actually directly pierced through the explosion, pouncing on the submarine.

Although Zheng was moving underwater, his speed was still fast when under the influence of Refined Qi and Magic. In the blink of an eye, as if he was a cannonball, Zheng chopped out at the hull of the submarine with a violent boom. He didn’t show any mercy this time, and Magic was infused into Tiger’s Soul’s all out attack. An over ten metres large section of the submarine completely vanished. The scope of the disappearance was still expanding, until the submarine blew apart. Zheng had already broken the surface of the water again and was floating in the sky by now.

“One more day and night… and one more fleet and team… Xuan, Honglu, I hope you two are right this time. A battle like this... may really have casualties!”

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