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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 8-4

Volume 22 Chapter 8-4

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“The psyche force screening my power of faith can activate from the Bell of the East Emperor is too weak. This is also coincidentally suitable for our current situation, so I won’t discuss this for now. But when it’s activated, I won’t be able to voluntarily move. It’ll last for twenty four hours, and we have to let one of us be captured in this time period, and this person definitely cannot faint.” This was the scheme Xuan and Honglu had collaborated on before. When it had been decided, Xuan had said this to everyone.

The entire plan had one important point, which was to make team Celestial believe that team China had lost. They were to have team Celestial underestimate them, whether in terms of Xuan’s attitude towards probability or team China’s reaction speed towards sudden events. This was so that team Celestial wouldn’t realise team China had already met clone Zheng.

“This is very important. We can't let team Celestial know their ability to traverse worlds has been discovered. This way, we’ll be able to put it to great effect in the final battle.”

This was the reason team China had to show team Celestial a loss. The words about feigning weakness for the final battle were a joke. The weaker one was, the more enemies would be drawn. Even if it were team Celestial, they wouldn't let team China off due to them being worried about team Devil.

So, feigning weakness didn’t seem to have much meaning. For Adam’s tier of strategists, the act of feigning weakness would only make him feel disdain. The true reason was this, which was to make Adam think he had won and team China had lost due to ignorance.

“But I keep feeling something is off! Eh, that’s right! Even if we don’t know team Celestial can transverse worlds, we can still crush team East Sea! Wouldn’t we know all this if we captured team East Sea?” Zheng asked curiously.

Honglu coughed lightly, smiling. “Why not I explain this? Accurately speaking, it doesn’t really matter if we know of team Celestial’s existence. However, we can’t find out ourselves, but we have to find out from team East Sea. This is the real reason we have to lose and let one or two people be captured.”

“Why?” Several people said in tandem.

“Because clone Zheng never appeared, or at least not to team Celestial’s knowledge. If so, as long as we let Adam think we’ve lost. If the information isn’t enough, he’ll be completely unaware that team Devil met us. We’ll use this to set up the scheme for the final battle, achieving our goal of king versus king and soldier versus soldier. This way, the interference from the other teams will be at a minimum. That’s the reason.” Plucking out a strand of hair, Honglu smiled at everyone.

“Then why do they need to be captured? If that’s the reason, we just need to blockade the Diaoyu Islands, and have a direct confrontation with them.” This was actually the detail he was most averse to in the scheme. How could they casually use their members’ lives as bait?

Who knew what kind of people team East Sea were? If team China members were captured, perhaps they would disregard everything and kill them, or use other techniques to control them. Zheng couldn’t sit well with using his comrades as bait. In fact, this had the core of the conflict back when he had first met Xuan.

“Because… we need their psyche force user. If we have a head-to-head battle, killing the opponent wouldn't be a problem. However, it’ll be difficult capturing the psyche force user alive. We have to remember the other side’s a God’s Realm team. Underestimating the enemy is underestimating yourself. The basic situation is like that. They'll initiate their surprise attack in a few hours.” Xuan gave Zheng a sidelong glance, murmuring.

This was what had been discussed before. Team China, who knew of the coming attack from team East Sea, couldn't not still assign several small squads to continue patrolling. A large reason, was in fact to make it easier for the enemy to have a surprise attack. It truly was ironic.

“I’ve already stuck the silver coloured metal piece onto the bottom of your watch. As long as you don't remove the watch, it’s effective for communication within twelve hours. After all, the silver coloured metal piece us too small. It won't be capable of communicating past that time. During that time, you firstly have to see clearly their method of communication with team Celestial. Secondly, remember which is their psyche force user. Thirdly, when we launch our counterattack, be close to the psyche force user to catch them. That's the basic situation.”

Zheng recalled Xuan’s words. He took a look at the watch on his wrist, which had a silver coloured metal piece stuck to the bottom. Although it was a near zero chance the enemy would capture him, and it was questionable whether they would even dare do so, he had still requested one stuck on his watch. Speaking of which, Xuan truly had the qualities to be dubbed Doraemon. He could always build such useful things.

“Strictly speaking… the Magic Cannon seems to have been built by that fellow too, right?”

Ignoring Zheng’s random thoughts for now, in the sea far from the destroyer, several assault ships were sailing over at high speeds. Five members of team East Sea were on-board to participate in this surprise attack. Apart from team leader Miyata Kuraki and the psyche force user kimono girl, there was a slender and tall man, a cross dressing old man in his fifties, and that bald muscular man with eyes filled with licentiousness, standing on the deck.

“So, how is it, Sora Aoi?” Has there been any changes on team China’s end?” Miyata Kuraki asked.

The kimono girl, Sora Aoi, shook her head. “Nothing much changed. The psyche force screening is still weak as before. Their psyche force user is either weak, has some mortal wound, or…”

Miyata Kuraki gave a bitter smile and continued her words. “Or they’re waiting in a trap for us? I know what you mean. This surprise attack is indeed risky, but before this, we didn’t even have an opportunity to take a risk. We found this opportunity with great difficulty, so it’s not up to us if we want to take it. How could us team East Sea rival those yellow monkeys of team China? I was completely clear long ago on this. As a fighter, I naturally wished to have an honourable duel with my opponent. But, do you know why I accepted Adam’s suggestions and scheme?”

“It’s because I am team East Sea’s leader and I am responsible for all of you. If there’s a sliver of chance, I won’t leave you all to fate’s decision. It should be decided by your own actions. We can’t not initiate a surprise attack, or else what chip will we have to negotiate with team China?”

Sora Aoi froze momentarily. She asked hurriedly, “Leader, you mean that…”

“Yes! We have to capture one of them no matter what this time. I’ll give up on fighting to the death with them, and only hope to negotiate a settlement. We just need to safely leave this movie world! I’m not foolish enough to trust another team’s leader, even one of the same alliance! I only believe in my own teammates! Don’t worry, I will never abandon you all!” Eyes shut, Miyata Kuraki spoke seriously. One of his hands grasped his katana tightly. His feelings were obviously agitated, seeing as how his fingers were turning white from holding it so tightly.

From his side, Sora Aoi gave him an affectionate look. Her eyes then recovered normalcy, saying, “Then we’ll discuss this surprise attack first. Everyone, first of all, the other side’s psyche force user’s showing is very weak. Not discussing whether or not it’s a trap, we’ll take it as him being weak since we want to attack. It’s not difficult breaking through this level of psyche force screening, but it’ll only last for a short time and the other side will notice. So, I don’t intend to break through it. On the other hand, since the other side is so weak, we have another way to sneak in, We can merge into the psyche force screen, our existence completely unnoticed by them.”

“Really? Psyche force users have such techniques?” The muscular baldie at the side asked hurriedly. However, his eyes kept staring at Sora Aoi’s chest as he spoke, as if those licentious eyes wanted to see through her kimono.

Sora Aoi turned her upper body slightly unnaturally, then said, “It naturally won’t be possible in normal circumstances, but it can be accomplished if your psyche force is much stronger than the other side. It just can’t be maintained for long, and you’re not invisible. We’ll still be discovered if we’re seen, heard or noticed by any other methods. So, the chance of this surprise attack failing remains high.”

Miyata Kuraki sighed. “No matter what, we can’t lose against those yellow monkeys. Kamimiya Tonomoto, how’s your shikigami coming along?

The cross dressing old man shook his head. “The protoghost has been completely nurtured, but the neoghost is still far from…”

“It’s enough. The protoghost you nurtured was the Swift Windscythe Ghost, right?” Miyata Kuraki asked.

The old man nodded, and Miyata Kuraki continued, “Then I’ll had the responsibility of fleeing quickly to you. Please bring all our comrades, even if you have to sacrifice the protoghost. It’ll be the final battle after we return. Our team will definitely gather enough points and ranked rewards to nurture your protoghost and neoghost.”

“Comrades, I won’t abandon any of my companions! So, let’s live on! Together!”

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