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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 10-4

Volume 22 Chapter 10-4

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“That’s correct. It’s intimidation!’ Zheng stood on the prow, shouting to the rest of the team. “It’s not just to intimidate team East Sea, but so as the armies of the other countries in this world, as well as the Angel Alliance! We shall completely and utterly annihilate the United States Seventh Fleet, as well as a majority of team East Sea. We’ll tell them not to casually agitate us! In the final battle, us team China are worthy of the reputation of being amongst the three strongest in the Realm!”

“Then, let the battle begin. Zero and Wangxia, you two will be responsible for eliminating any submarines that get near us. Xuan’s eye can temporarily be utilised as a psyche force scan. The three of you will stay behind, to protect the rookies at the same time. Cheng Xiao shall stay back as well. Use your close combat to protect Zero and the rest. You can’t fly after all, so it’s not suitable for you after you go over. Heng will be in charge of all missiles sent over to attack this ship. Your job is the most important. You have to protect everyone well…”

Zheng considered briefly, then continued, “Honglu and Imhotep, you two will follow me to attack. Honglu, summon the little dog. It’s been sleeping so long, and should get some exercise. Just don’t fly too high. The lighting in the skies should be what's restricting the flight of flying lifeforms. I’m afraid it won’t be able to endure it.”

Honglu nodded, as Zheng asked Imhotep, “Then, will your sand ability be impeded greatly in the rain and sea?”

Imhotep immediately nodded. “It will indeed be restricted, but it wouldn’t matter on a ship. It’s not ordinary sand after all, but something produced through my personal magic abilities. It’ll use more magical energies here, but it’ll be sufficient against ordinary people.”

“Is that so? Good, then we’ll move out.”

Suddenly, Liu Yu, who had always been quietly at the side, suddenly opened his mouth. “Wait, wait a bit. Can I join?”

Everyone around were astonished in response, and the boy’s face reddened. He said in a soft voice, “I can stay with Honglu under the protection of the giant dragon, so I shouldn’t have any danger. The important thing I haven’t actually had practical experience for my summon cards. If I use it here, I’ll have personal experience for the final battle… Is that alright?’

“... Ok!” Zheng exhaled, and patted the boy’s hair. He said to the rest, “Then, the arrangements for the battle will be so. Let’s teach team East Sea a lesson about what a God’s Realm team truly is… and what kind of team our team China is!” Finished speaking, Zheng rose into the sky first, flapping his wings as he flew into the distance.

It had to be admitted that the United States Seventh Fleet was indeed a powerful fleet with few peers in the world. It not only had a wide assortment of ships, but its personnel were also well trained. When they saw team China attacking and the warning alarms blaring, thy urgently mobilised. The entire fleet had already made their preparations to intercept the attacking enemies. It was only a pity that… They weren’t facing a conventional combat power of this world, but that of the all-surpassing God’s Realm power, which vastly eclipsed the strength they imagined.

Zheng flapped his wings as he flew over, a brillance flashing non-stop on his body. He reached an incredible flight speed by relying on the power produced through the collision of Refined Qi and Magic. However, it was because of this that he was peerlessly incandescent within this stormy world. On his way over, the warships below attacked him constantly, with the bigger ones even launching anti-air missiles, rocketing towards him as it traced his flight path.

“You’re seeking death!” Zheng didn’t avoid it, only drawing Tiger’s Soul and sending an ordinary slash over. He cleaved several missiles apart and with a thunderous boom, caused them to explode. With just a brief flash of light, he resisted the impact of those explosions, then speedily raced over, directly landing on a destroyer from a height of a hundred metres.

“Instant Destruction!”

The Blood Energy and Qi within Zheng’s body violently collided, and he had already chopped out at the destroyer’s centre viciously at the same moment he entered Instant Destruction. The destroyer was merely of an ordinary steel alloy, so how could it endure a strike from Zheng in his Demidragon Transformation? With a tearing sound, the destroyer actually began to split in two, and Zheng, who just straightforwardly decided he might as well go all out, leapt up into the air and unleashed another few sabre strikes. Every strike possessed the immense force of Instant Destruction, and was as terrifying as if it could collapse mountains. After those strikes, the destroyer truly split into to, the two pieces sinking vertically down into the sea one after another...

“So powerful… What horrifying might…” With a psyche force user, team East Sea naturally saw all this. When they saw Zheng cleave apart a destroyer with a few strikes, all their faces turned pale. Even with their identities of God’s Realm team members, they were still constrained by team East Sea’s weakness and had never battled with the utmost apex of God’s Realm.

Although they had met team Celestial, they had only reached an agreement of alliance, and hadn’t gone through any pitched and heated battle. So, Zheng could be said to be the first great powerhouse they met. He had unlocked the mid fourth stage or even higher, had conquered his heart’s devil, possessed self-created abilities and was a a figure of great personal power. Zheng’s might had far transcended their imaginations, a figure like a demonic god.

“How could he be this strong? How did he train to this stage?” Miyata Kuraki lamented despairingly. He was still a warrior, and although he hadn’t stepped into Zheng’s realm, he had some personal understanding towards power.

He knew the exchanges from God were but the starting point. One needed training and evolution to become strong. Relying on exchanges from large quantities of points and ranked rewards was but a superficial mightiness. They were actually incredibly weak inside. For example, that was how it was for the slaver teams he had heard about. Thus, all the true powerhouses within God’s Realm had relied on themselves to reach there. Those who relied on exchanges didn’t have the qualifications to call themselves a powerhouse.

If so… how did this terrifying person before them train? How many hopeless battles did he experience?

“Let’s fight…” Miyata Kuraki said with a heavy tone as he shut his eyes.

“Are, are you crazy? You want to fight THAT monster?! Is your head even more hard headed than this destroyer?” Koinu Maosu at the side began to wail. His current metal state already seemed deranged, or perhaps to say he had been terrified into this state.

“Correct, we have to battle.” Miyata Kuraki resolutely said as he looked at the rest. “We’re already the weaker party, but we have to maintain the last bit of courage within our hearts. If even this courage disappears, we might as well commit suicide. We won’t have the qualifications to get stronger in this Realm anymore, as we don’t even have the courage to become strong. I don’t care how much you disdain the Chinese, but it’s for a fact that they’re stronger. Giving your enemy respect is giving yourself respect. I won’t die kneeling, and shall die standing. Of course, if team China is willing to make peace, i won’t throw away your chances of survival. Only… won’t you feel ashamed?” Miyata Kuraki didn’t mind the rest after finishing his words. He only gave a deep look at Sora Aoi.

The rest of team East Sea constantly whispered amongst themselves, but their words became increasingly rude towards Miyata Kuraki.

“What a bunch of idiots. Do you really wish to live on as dogs?” Sora Aoi asked disdainfully.

All of their faces changed greatly, with a middle-aged man among them shouting, “Don’t put it so badly! What’s wrong with surviving?”

The rest followed along in gradually scolding, with only Koinu Maosu glaring at Sora Aoi and Yingkong with hatred. Curiously, he didn’t say a word.

“Hmph, how shameless. You kept feeling like you were some expert before. You kept talking about the honourable Yamato people, about yellow pigs and about the sick man of Asia. Now, you’re suddenly changing your tune to making peace upon seeing how powerful the enemy are. You want to survive and don’t want to infuriate the other side. Being teammates with you all is my greatest shame in this life.” Sora Aoi said coldly. She ignored the rest and directly cut off their psyche force scanning of the sea. She carried Yingkong on the ground and walked out.

“Wait… If we’re fighting, count me in.” The old man,

“Count me in as well.” After a long period of silence, a man of age twenty-seven or twenty-eight got up as well. He didn’t speak much, but directly left.

Sora Aoi nodded silently, and bestowed the two with the psyche force map. She then directed the rest with a cold smile, leaving the meeting room with the two.

The first to leave, Miyata Kuraki, had already reached the deck. He looked at the constantly rising explosions in the distance, silently grasping the katana in his hand. He had never been as despairing before than as of this moment, and had never been so calm. Perhaps, these feelings he had never had before had arisen from facing powerhouses that far, far outclassed him.

“Team China… give me a glorious death!”

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