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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 10-5

Volume 22 Chapter 10-5

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Although Sora Aoi had left the meeting room, she didn’t go to the deck. She carried Yingkong to the hold area. As she was a psyche force user, protecting her own safety was sufficient. There was no need to personally face team China in battle. Psyche force user’s usage lay in the grand scheme of things, and not the minute details.

“Kuraki-kun, when you pass on, I’ll surely follow after.” Sora Aoi said quietly in her heart. After exhaling, she pushed open the door and entered the room. She then put her full attention into manipulating the psych force scan, scanning all the attacking team China members within.

At this moment, team China had already completely launched their attack. The destroyer was charging over to the fleet, and submarines below the sea blew apart one after another. There was simply no submarine with the opportunity to near the destroyer and launch an attack. After the continuous submarine explosions, the destroyer had already neared the perimeter of the fleet.

The outermost warships had already completed their preparations. When team China entered the range of fire, several anti-ship missiles were fired. There was a large impact on the range from the storm, and the two sides were practically close enough to look at each other before they fired their missiles.

When the first missile flew thirty metres out, a silvery light shone on team China’s destroyer. Four arrows flew out at the same time. The arrow behind would strike the tail of the arrow in front, causing a explosive collision. When only a single arrow remained, its momentum was akin to a lightning bolt. It pierced through the foremost missile at a speed that vastly surpassed the limits of what the human eye could follow. The missile paused momentarily in mid-air, before being penetrated by the arrow, exploding.

The arrow that drilled through didn’t stop, but instead struck the side of a cruiser. It pierced through the metal plates and hit the centre of the ship before even a second or two had passed. The arrow’s power didn’t decrease in the slightest, and passed through the other side of the cruiser, finally flying off to places unknown...

Heng silently measured the power of the four arrow explosive shot, then placed one of the four arrows in his hand down. He only pointed three arrows at the remaining missiles. If it was just to annihilate these missiles, the three arrow explosive shot’s might was completely sufficient. This would also let him conserve his strength, so that he wouldn’t be unable to deal with these missiles after being exhausted.

Zero besides him ignored the missiles, only watching the sea surface with rapt attention. Wangxia was standing behind him, several miniature nuclear bombs floating around him. The nukes were already being controlled by his Bomb Dominator, and could initiate an explosion attack at any moment, their power even greater than normal miniature nuclear bombs.

Behind the three was Xuan. He gazed silently at the sea surface, a rune appearing in his right eye. The rune was a little different from the one in Eragon. Apart from the rune, there was a black and white light faintly intersecting, forming a Taiji diagram. They were continuously coming together and coming apart, everchanging. If someone were to look closely into his eyes, they would definitely find their vision going blurry.

“Alright. The remaining submarines are already gathering in the centre of the fleet. Let’s continue our attack.” Xuan looked at the sea surface for a while, and the rune as well as Taiji diagram within his eye vanished, except that he seemed much more haggard.

Not long after Xuan spoke, an enormous roar came from behind. An immense black dragon appeared there. The deck couldn’t accommodate its bulk, so the black dragon had no choice but to stand, and the entire destroyer sunk down slightly. The destroyer only reverted to its original state when the dragon extended its wings and flew forward.

This black dragon was indeed team China’s black dragon doggie that had evolved not long before. Zheng had given it to Honglu as a mount. It had been sleeping in the Tamer Medallion since then, until Honglu released it at this moment. To it, only a second had passed. The black dragon was actually quite obedient, and let Honglu’s group of three sit on its back. With a long howl it flew up and soared towards the distant United States Seventh Fleet. [1]

The soldiers of the Seventh Fleet was flabbergasted. They were but ordinary people, so when had they ever seen such a terrifying organism before? That immense body as well as the very image of the giant dragons in Western fantasy, immediately aroused a disturbance among the naval soldiers as soon as it appeared. A majority of the soldiers at their stations made an uproar, and a few were even terrified that they collapsed, paralysed on the ground. For a moment, apart from a very small minority that held fast to their posts, the counterattack of the fleet at the perimeter of the fleet stopped. The terror this black dragon brought was much greater than team China imagined.

“Ehh? This is good. If I knew earlier they would be this scared, I’ll have called out the little doggy earlier.” When Honglu saw the soldiers below running away, and a few even jumping into the sea, he immediately said laughingly.

There was slightly a whining sound, as the cruiser below fired off an anti-ship missile. No one knew which daring soldier had launched it, and the black dragon happened to be flying close by above. It couldn’t avoid in time, and unable to guard in time as well, the black dragon’s lower abdomen was directly struck by the missile. With a violent booming, the black dragon was immediately enveloped in the explosion’s blaze. The soldiers below were all shocked, and for a time everyone stopped to look silently at the sky, wanting to know whether the black dragon had been blown apart by the missile.

Unexpectedly, when the blaze dissipated, the black dragon was hovering in the air, seemingly unscathed. Its figure was covered by a faintly visible layer of defensive barrier, which had blocked the explosion. Instead, it blew out true fire due to the missile.


The black dragon howled at the skies, belching out a stream of flame. A white colour appeared within those flames. It directly landed on the cruiser. Many navy soldiers transformed into ash before they could let out a sound. The flames continuously began to melt downwards. As if it were chocolate, the steel alloy began to melt, and became molten liquid within a moment. The dragon’s flamethrower lasted for tens of seconds, melting a giant hole in the cruiser’s centre of ten metres in diameter. It was unfathomably deep, practically melting through the entire cruiser. As if it had vented enough, it snorted out black smoke from its nostrils, flying to another warship with he three in tow.

Miyata Kuraki, who was standing on the distant flagship’s deck, saw all this. The psyche force scan imprinted it vividly within his mind. He saw even how that missile was blocked with that visible defensive barrier and that horrifying blazing white flamethrower of that black dragon, as well as the nearing Zheng Zha. It was meaningless to talk anymore about living on. They had wrongly gauged the gap between the two sides, and the painful consequences were about to come. No, it wasn’t just the painful consequences of that, but the painful consequences of always using the words yellow monkeys.

“It really isn’t an unjust death.” Miyata Kuraki muttered to himself. Besides him, the two men, one young and one old, stood there resolutely. The young man patted his shoulder lightly, not saying anything. However, this was enough.

Miyata Kuraki slowly raised his head, black runes appearing faintly on his skin. When he completely raised his head, they completely appeared.

“Kamamiya Tonomoto and Mitarashi, do you think the Chinese still deserve to be called yellow monkeys?” Miyata Kuraki asked mutteringly.

The old man, Kamamiya, laughed hoarsely. “I’ve never thought the words yellow monkey should exist. They self-righteously called out these words as their minds, eyes, ears and souls have been deceived by the right. Those familiar with history and the world won’t say this. It’s just that us few have no power to change anything. That’s why even more we need to live on, so we can return to the real world and change our race’s bad habits. We need to let them understand that the weak aren’t to be bullied, and the strong aren’t to be worshipped. We should actually learn from that indomitable spirit of the Chinese. It’s those who improve themselves who are truly strong, and not those who are already strong that are actually strong.”

The man called Mitarashi nodded lightly. Miyata Kuraki sighed, “Tonomoto hasn’t said those words to me before. I’ll keep these words in my heart. Now that I think about it, our Yamato people’s warrior spirit was long since as you said, Tonomoto, where the weak aren’t to be bullied, and the strong aren’t to be worshipped. It’s only that those in power distorted it, so as to fit in with their militaristic thinking as well as their filthy right wing thinking. Now, the warrior spirit we Yamato people speak of has long since change for the worse, which is why we look down on our past teachers and benefactors. We even committed unforgivable crimes against them. Even now those in power don’t want to admit, which is why we only think the strong are to be respected. That’s why there’s this bad habit of ours that American writers speak of. If we don’t die, I will definitely change all this!”

“These are my final words. Gentlemen, it’s my greatest honour fighting to the death with you two. Kamimiya Tonomoto and Mitarashi-kun, don’t lower your honourable warrior heads. The weak aren’t to be bullied and the strong aren’t to be worshipped. Let’s go and find that true warrior spirit again!”

As the words fell, a heavy boom resounded before them. A person had crashed down in front of them, creating a half metre deep hole in the deck before them. A shrill alarm permeated the entire flagship. The surrounding soldiers all directed their weapons in that direction.

Zheng Zha stood within that depression.

[1] A quick reminder on why it can now fly. Pervious chap, Vol 22 Chapter 10-4, they said 'The lighting in the skies should be what’s restricting the flight of flying lifeforms'. They believe that the lightning is God's method of restricting flying equipment, similar to how the dragonshard in Jurassic Park's dragon was how God nullified technological weapons on the dragon.

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