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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 22 Chapter 10-7

Volume 22 Chapter 10-7

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“As a God’s Realm team member, your strength is admittedly enough. But at the same time, the gap between the powerhouses of the Realm and you remains huge. The most important reasons are, how do you plan to become strong? What is it you chase after?” Zheng silently stood at his original position.

The three from team East Sea were half-kneeling before him. Within a short minute, the three had already been completely knocked to the ground by him. They were unable to keep up with him just using the power and speed of Explosion. In truth, the current Explosion far exceeded that from when it had just been created. It near rivalled Destruction at its time of creation, an indication of his body being much stronger than before.

“What I chase after… the warrior spirit? No… honour? No… what I chase after should be survival, to live on together with those important to me…” Miyata Kuraki half-knelt on the ground, allowing the rain to wash over his body. This short minute had allowed him to finally experience what was called a power that surpassed his level. His two comrades and him didn't even have the qualifications to counterattack. No, it wasn't about the so-called qualifications, but an utter lack of opportunity to do so.

Within a few exchanges, they had been knocked down to the ground by attacks they couldn't even see.

“That reason isn’t half bad. As you saw, I’m a person without any special abilities, aside from speed and strength. Apart from the level of genetic constraint to direct this speed and strength, I don't possess psyche force attacks, special techniques or special enhancements. I only have the battle style I ceaselessly polished and refined, a power I obtained in the midst of life and death.”

Zheng muttered, “This is my personal experience, and it’s my compensation for this operation. We’re not a charity organisation, so we won't let off those who need be killed. If you wish to survive, become stronger, until you can protect your belief and convictions.” As he finished his speech, Zheng looked behind him. Yingkong was currently at the entrance to the ship's hold, giggling as she held an unconscious girl.

“Hehe, you came so late. Even my clothes have been torn and my chest was seen by others. You’re really not doing your job as a leader.” Yingkong slowly made her way over. She giggled as she spoke, but her eyes were utterly cold.

“What of the rest of team East Sea?” Zheng rubbed his head. He roughly knew what had happened to Yingkong through the surveillance, so it wasn’t good to probe deeper. Thus, he could only ask about the rest of team East Sea.

“They're all inside ‘practicing’ yoga.” Yingkong giggled in reply.

“Alright alright, even if you’ve twisted them into a human pretzel, there's no need to be so happy. Yingkong, you've worked hard. I’ll get the others to move them over to team China. You can rest.” Zheng breathed out. One of his hands pulled Yingkong’s head over, and as his words finished, Yingkong smiled and shut her eyes as her main personality sunk back into sleep.

It was very safe besides Zheng, so Yingkong naturally didn't require her main personality to appear. This would exhaust her mental energy, and team East Sea at this moment could no longer fight. Team China's surprise attack had been pulled off flawlessly!

“Correct, I finally understand how team Devil could do so so leisurely when they faced us that time. When an immense disparity exists, and schemes aren’t able to bridge the gap, it’s easy to determine the victor when the two sides have no choice but to battle.”

Zheng was standing on the deck silent. However, in truth he was discussing with Xuan through the metal piece. This battle with team East Sea made him recall the battle with team Devil in Resident Evil Apocalypse. A strange feeling existed in his heart when recalling that time. Team China had easily fallen before team Devil just as team East Sea… Yes, it had been so effortless. Team China’s wit and might had been much too lacking as compared to team Devil at that time.

They didn’t chat long. The black dragon ferried Honglu’s group of three over to the flagship. It was fortunate that it was the flagship, as there wasn’t any problems with a giant dragon landing. The most important thing was, those soldiers who didn’t dare attack before were more so now. They fled away to the fringes of the deck, or hid away in some cabins.

“Imhotep, I’ll have to trouble you. There are many people in the hold who can’t move, so wrap them up in a sandstorm. Bring them together to our destroyer. Honglu, help the other two up to the black dragon. Careful not to let them be hit by stray bullets. I still have some matters, so you all return first.”

They busied themselves upon hearing the commands, and Zheng contemplated for a while before going to the three team East Sea members. “I’ll be borrowing your psyche force user. Those who need killing I’ll naturally execute, while I definitely won’t kill those who don’t need to be. We’ll be waiting for you outside the Diaoyu Islands. If there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, look for me there.” When he finished speaking, Zheng didn’t say anything else. He flew away together with Imhotep who had already turned into a sandstorm, leaving the three there half-kneeling and immobile.

“Release her! If you want to kill, kill! Why do you need to take her captive! Release her!” Miyata Kuraki tried his best to rise to his feet, but Zheng had been extremely skillful before. Although he hadn’t actually hurt them, he had exhausted them, and they could no longer get up. Miyata Kuraki was trying his best to stand up right now, but he could only raise half his body. There was the sound of his wrist dislocating, and he crashed back to the ground, his head beginning to bleed.

“Release her! Release her…” That howl travelled far, and still continued to linger by the ears when Zheng and the rest reached their destroyer.

“The Japanese… also have good people among them.” Zheng was in the meeting room’s hall, muttering to the rest. “There are no horrible races, only horrible individuals. Those words are correct. Team East Sea’s leader isn't bad. He has the spirit of never accepting humiliation even in death, something China has extolled since time immemorial.”

“Whatever the case, this team battle is our victory. Some don't need to be killed, but we can't let go of too much points and ranked rewards. Xuan, allocate who should kill some team East Sea members. Make sure everyone can get their individual advanced enhancements, so that team China can go all-out in the final battle.”

They had captured ten team East Sea members. Apart from the psyche force user who couldn't be killed, the rest were free game. Based on their surveillance, these nine had already split off from team East Sea, and were the most insane kind of scoundrels. There was absolutely no problem killing them.

In other words, not discussing the ranked rewards for now, just the points earned would be over ten thousand. This terrifying amount of team points was team China’s first time. Now, they finally understood why some teams could enhance such high tiers of enhancements and abilities, of even rank A and rank S. A single team battle was a huge harvest for them.

Zheng didn't care about how the nine were distributed, and only asked Xuan, “we’ve captured the psyche force user. Can we wake them up now?”

“Yes. There’s been a large increase in the chances of the psyche force user being able to save them as you had already raised their consciousness to the middle layer of the consciousness. But there’s still a problem. When the psyche force user enters their consciousness, there definitely can’t be even the slightest bit of disturbance. They haven’t overcome the heart’s devil like you and unlocked the fourth stage. Their consciousness body is very fragile, especially when in the middle layer where the slightest external disruption will be fatal. So, we can’t let them be disturbed during their process of awakening,” Xuan nodded.

Zheng froze. “Haven’t we dealt with team East Sea already? They can’t attack us in anytime soon, and we’ve crippled the United States Seventh Fleet. Could it be that more enemies will appear soon?”

“Yes, it’ll attract more attention as we used too great a power. Those countries’ fleets will target us. If even their fleet can’t resist us, what do you think a country will do if they think we pose too great a threat to them and they can’t oppose us?”

“You mean… nukes?” Zheng was immediately startled. He unlocked the third stage, speaking as he thought. “This possibility isn’t impossible, especially after we used power out of this world to attack the United States Seventh Fleet. The situation regarding us will definitely be placed upon great attention by the various countries. Now, they don’t just want our weapons. They should be able to draw the conclusion that we’re heading towards Asia from our route. Do you know what’ll happen if so?” Zheng nodded heavily, “They’ll think we’re planning to disembark and merge into the population. If in the situation where their military can’t beat us and they can’t fire nukes into their country’s densely populated areas, their first thought will be eliminate us at sea, even if it means nukes. Is that what you mean?”

“Correct. This storm may be giving us great convenience, but we may once again be thrust into danger if these countries disregard all else.”

“Understood. Help me contact the United States Seventh Fleet fleet commander. I wish to discuss with him.”

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