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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 1-1: Training Begins(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 1-1: Training Begins(I)

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Volume 23: Final Battle of Evolution

“Not bad. This is the first time since we entered God’s Realm that we obtained so much points and ranked rewards.” Zheng was laughing stupidly below God, looking unbelievably dumb. However, everyone was looking dumbfounded at their points, so they didn’t care how stupidly Zheng was laughing. They themselves weren’t much better.

“In summary, we struck it rich this time. Hahaha, in the future we can two bowls of rice instead when we eat!” Zheng laughed exaggeratedly. Despite having the airs of an expert while battling other teams, he would completely and utterly become a normal human when he relaxed.

“What, looking at you, it’s as if you’ve never seen this much points and ranked rewards before?” Cheng Xiao said disdainfully at the side.

“Don’t say it like that. I really haven’t.” Zheng replied so.

Ignoring the idle talk for now, team China did indeed have a great harvest in this team battle. Just their basic points earned was over ten thousand. There were also two members among team East Sea with their genetic constraint unlocked. Those were another two great profits. With the ranked rewards as well, team China could practically exchange their desired abilities and enhancements.

“It really was a team battle to perfect team China’s strengths. How about the other teams?” Zheng finally recovered after making a ruckus with the others for a long while, and asked Xuan curiously.

Xuan was currently fiddling with a strange object, so it was instead Honglu who spoke up. “Every team’s circumstances are different. For example, we needed to wake up our team members. We also had consecutive uphill battles, so we lacked a surplus of points and ranked rewards. Thus, we were given a team battle. Other teams may have it differently, and should have gotten movies or team battles to perfect their strength.”

“When you say it like that, then how about team East Sea?” Zheng was curious in his heart, asking, “Team East Sea met us, so they couldn’t have perfected their strength. How could this be counted as perfecting their strength for the final battle? Where’s the fairness?”

“Fairness? You want to find fairness in this God’s Realm? The so-called fairness is something you grasp yourself using your own power whether it be in the real world or fake worlds. You want others to give you their fairness as a handout?” Honglu laughed coldly. “You are right. It’s unfair for team East Sea. If it does need explaining, why not use Xuan's ‘main character’ theory? You need to display your strength if you want to seize the appellation of ‘main character’ of God’s Realm. You need to continuously unlock your genetic constraint until God can’t do anything to you. You’ll be the main character then, just like many mangas, novels, movies, television shows or even a game. Side characters exist only to prop up and support the main character. To God, we’re strong contenders to be the main characters, while team East Sea are but side characters. This fairness is for us, and fairness couldn't possibly exist for them!”

The surrounding people all froze inside when they heard that. Zheng smiled bitterly. “If you say it like that, aren't we still under God’s control? This fairness is only a relative fairness we were forced into.”

“Correct. If we want to talk about the fairness for teams in the final battle, why not we split the teams into three tiers. The first tier is team China, team Devil and team Celestial, the three strongest and most likely teams to become the main characters. Second tier are the teams of Neos and Zhao Zhuikong, or those teams with similar powerhouses or brains. They may become secondary main characters by luck or coincidence. The third tier is of teams like team East Sea. They practically have no chance to be the main character, so they can only be the other team’s stepping stones. If so, we can roughly gauge the true number of teams in the final battle.” Honglu muttered as he pinched his hair.

“Oh? What does that mean?”

“It means that, do you think team East Sea still has the strength to battle? Not just them, but the teams that were decimated in a team battles with strong teams as well, do you think they have the strength left to battle? The logic is simple. Their strength is already whittled down to the utmost. They can only survive with great difficulty in the final battle, with even the most ordinary of monsters being able to endanger them. They can only rely on strong teams or be annihilated by them. The crux will be whether killing others accumulates points in the final battle or completes missions. At the same time, we need to be mentally prepared.” As he spoke, Honglu suddenly started giggling.

“Prepare for what? Prepare to destroy the weak teams?” Zheng frowned.

“No, prepare for weak teams to rely on us. This is the final battle, so there won't be too many restrictions like in normal team battles. But they’ll definitely exist, and will be very strange. We don’t know what kind of restrictions will be used to ensure the teams have no choice but to fight.” Honglu muttered.

“Alright, let’s not discuss the final battle for now. It’s the next movie anyways. All we can do before that is continuously improve ourselves, meeting all changes by sticking to this strategy. I also have to fully grasp all my current power… My clone is very strong. I really don’t know if I can beat him.” Zheng smiled bitterly when he said this.

In The Perfect Storm, clone Zheng had specially come to see him. Although the two hadn’t faced off and only conversed a few sentences, one could glean much information from the other side just through pressure alone when someone reached their level. This included their approximate power. However, clone Zheng’s power had still remained as obscure as before. It was as if it was hidden in an enormous sea, and was unfathomably deep...

Zheng sighed to the rest, “Everyone should have their own goal for strengthening yourselves already. Come look for me or the others if you lack the points or ranked rewards to exchange it. Honglu, I’ll leave this to you to arrange. I may be going into closed door training in the basement after this. I’ll go to the Lord of the Rings world to expend all my points after that. Before that, in case someone doesn’t have points and comes to look for me, I’ll be going on the last day. That’ll be it. Any questions?”

Everyone nodded their heads silently. Only Lan opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, before stopping. She ended up lowering her head, not saying a word.

“Lan…” Zheng silently said in his mind. “I know. Thank you for all the times you’ve silently supported me from behind along the way. It’s because I received so much of your help that I stand here alive today. The final battle comes. When we win it, I’ll have a solution. Trust me…’

“It’s not that…” Lan said silently in her mind. “I just wanted to ask. When I was sleeping before, I seemed to hear a voice calling me. It wasn’t team East Sea’s psyche force user. Was it you? Was it you calling me?”

“Er… Yes. It was me calling you.” Zheng was silent for a moment before finally opening his mouth to answer. When he finished speaking, he returned to his room, not even turning his head back.

The vast majority of the team began to question Honglu. Only a few silently returned to their rooms, like Yingkong and Zero. As the main combatants of the team, they also had to undergo certain kinds of training. First, they had to completely familiarise themselves with the enhancements they were going to strengthen later. Secondly, they had to readjust their states, whether mentally or physically.


Zheng and Lori feel asleep immediately after, and a wordless night passed after.

On the second day, when Zheng went alone to the basement and stood there alone, thinking. When one’s strength reached his stage, it was difficult to have a qualitative change in their body’s quality. What he needed was a change in regards to his insights.

“The final battle… My clone, as well as everyone…” Countless thoughts filled Zheng’s mind. He suppressed all these thoughts, and began to ponder on his strength.

“Like I said before. I don’t have any fortes outside of power and speed. I don’t have Zero’s long distance sniping, the main personality Yingkong’s combat techniques, Heng’s archery skills or even Cheng Xiao’s martial accomplishments or Xuan’s intelligence. I don’t have any of these, and only have the power and speed that continuously evolved on the edge between life and death. First, let’s consider Explosion. This level is enough to equal anyone below the third stage, unless they possess an extremely abnormal enhancement. Otherwise, I can definitely match any of them.” When Zheng thought of this, he naturally activated his Explosion.

“If it’s Destruction, they can only rival me if they have the fourth stage. Even an ordinary fourth stage isn’t enough. This is a great weapon capable of battling with the mid fourth stage. Although my body now is already very strong, it still can’t use this move for long periods. In other words, this can be considered my trump card.”

Zheng’s body then naturally released the power of Destruction.

“Then lastly, there’s the strongest technique that can rival my clone. Chaos, Genesis Splitter. It’s a double-edged sword that harms others as well as myself. I can only use it if there’s no other alternative.” Zheng’s pressure began to surge, but Chaos wasn’t activated in the end.

“It looks like I still have a long way to go. I can’t rely on this must-kill technique to beat my clone. It’s like relying on luck and handing my life to destiny. The first thing to train now is my maximum power I can unleash without activating Chaos, Genesis Splitter…”

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