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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 1-2: Training Begins(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 1-2: Training Begins(II)

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The stage God had set for the final battle was Resident Evil: Extinction. It was a movie world that had the whole world as its scope. Of course, saying it was the whole world was slightly exaggerating. The main battlefield would be the American mainland, only that the T-virus had broken out across the whole world.

“This series of movies really does have an affinity with us. We started with Resident Evil and our turning point was there too. Now, the conclusion will be at Resident Evil too.” Although their training had started, information about the final battle still remained important. Thus, on third day after everyone had rested and reorganised, Zheng gathered everyone to discuss some matters pertaining to the final battle.

“According to the information from God, the team's entry times won't be determined by strength. Everyone will be randomly thrown in during a period of twenty four hours. In other words, the influence gained from the gap in time won't be too great. Secondly, the entry point is the entire America with a random drop point. I have actually some uncertainties about this. The American territory is huge and only slightly smaller than China. If we enter as small teams, and at random at that, two teams may appear at the East and West Coasts. The final battle may take years to finish. If so, we can basically confirm the mission in the final battle.”

As usual, Xuan was silently fiddling with his toys while Honglu analysed as he pinched his hair.

“Generally, there are three possibilities for the final battle. The first is a mutual slaughter, with only one team, or even one person left standing. However, considering that God’s Realm teams have always been calculated using teams, only one team surviving is logical. This has the largest probability. Secondly, we would all have to reach a place, likely either somewhere underground or some symbolic structure. Only one team can enter and survive. The third possibility would be them using the random drop points to calculate a place to reach within a certain time. This location would be somewhere that can't be entered freely, with the ticket in being… the number of kills.”

Honglu plucked off a hair, smiling at everyone. “That’s my conclusion. The first possibility is the largest, followed by the third possibility, with the second being the least. The final battle will be a festival of death of all teams, and only the strongest, smartest and luckiest will survive…”

“Luck?” Heng seemed to think of something, and asked Xuan, “Are we not the main characters? Our team China should be luckier than the other teams, right?”

“They too, are main characters…” Xuan raised his head, saying indifferently. “Anyone can be a main character, with the crux being whether you can win this title. We’re preparing for a team battle, and so are the other teams. If you’re relying on being a main character, you might as well just lie down and wait to become a world creating god. Unfortunately, even if the main character really exists, and we really are the main characters of this box, this box isn’t one of those power fantasy novels, mangas or movies. This is a box of genuine horror movies, and we’re completely different from those boxes of power fantasy worlds.”

“True…” Heng also regularly read some fantasy novels. Although a vast majority were power fantasies through and through, there was no lack of novels with hard work, where the main character had close shaves with death. There were even many with the main characters dying, so Xuan saying this was believable.

Zheng sighed and suddenly rose to his feet. “Then Xuan and Honglu will arrange everyone’s training. I’ll be going off to train too.” He turned around and left the room, directly returning to the basement.

“What happened to him? He looks so listless.” Cheng Xiao asked curiously.

Zero, who was besides him, was silent for a while before he replied. “He’s conserving mental energy to break through his limits. Now, his entire focus is concentrated there, so where would he have the leisure to think about other things?”

Indeed, Zheng’s mind was currently completely engrossed in Explosion, Destruction and Chaos, Genesis Splitter. His mind was only on things like Qi, Blood Energy, Refined Qi and Magic and how to raise his strength and become more powerful. This was what he was contemplating now.

“Since we need to go a movie world to train, I won’t be able to have a full body repair for a long time. In other words, I can’t use Chaos, Genesis Splitter. No, I should still be able to train it, only that I can’t use it. I can test out having Refined Qi and Magic having some slight contact, or create the technique ‘Instant Chaos’. Although, the difficulty will be huge.”

Zheng stood in the basement. He merely stood there without making any special movement. He looked to be an ordinary person standing there in a daze. However, under the control of infinitesimal control beneath his skin, Qi and Blood Energy, as well as Refined Qi and Magic, had been divided into tiny strands. They were all stored into his Dantian and head. This division was settled within mere minutes. He then merged a strand of Qi and Magic together.

Unexpectedly, the Qi was directly assimilated within when it approached the Magic, and the Magic didn’t have the slightest change. It was just like a pebble falling into the ocean.

Zheng was momentarily struck by disappointment. After all, the gap in quality between the two was incredibly wide. It took a vast amount of Qi to refind a strand of Refined Qi. The same logic pertained to Magic. That was why a single strand of Qi was like a stone within a river, and was unable to draw a reaction from the Magic. If he was to mobilise all the Qi in his body to react with Magic, he wouldn’t need to bother thinking about using Destruction.

“Alright then. I’ll test out the scaled-down version of Chaos!”

Zheng thought about it for a long time, before being unable to resist fusing a strand of Refined Qi and Magic. This was different from the fusion that occured on his skin. It was a complete fusion of it within his body, the mechanism behind it exactly the same as Chaos, Genesis Splitter, just scaled down.

The two minute quantities of Refined Qi and Magic merged and within an instant, they annihilated each other and vanished. At the same time, an enormous energy seethed and erupted from that point, an energy much greater than Destruction. It was still smaller than Chaos, Genesis Splitter. Although it was huge, it was insufficient to wreck Zheng’s body while in his Demidragon Transformation. He was immediately overjoyed. Zheng thought that he had finally found a balance between Destruction and Chaos. However, who would have expected that abnormalities would occur in the next moment?

Although the quantity used to provoke a reaction was but a strand each, the remaining Refined Qi and Magic seemed to experience a tug as the reaction burst out. The energy wasn’t one from a reaction produced on his skin, but an enormous energy that was erupting within his body. It drew all his Refined Qi and Magic together. Without even a second of leeway, Zheng truly entered Chaos, Genesis Splitter.


Zheng didn't hesitate. He stomped down forcefully, the ground immediately cracking apart. The scars on the ground spread dozens of metres away, with the man himself disappearing.

Everyone within Zheng’s home sensed the entire room trembling violently. Then, that thunderous roar was carried over. Before the roar ended, the room’s door was broken down and everyone rushed out of the room, only to see Zheng sitting down there at God’s platform in a daze. The light beam of God’s full body repair had just retracted, which meant he had just been fully healed.

“Still so far…”

Zheng looked at everyone who was surrounding him. He didn't rise, only laughing bitterly non-stop. “The gap from my clone remains huge. He himself must be increasing his power now. How will I obtain victory over this fated opponent of mine in the final battle?”

This fated opponent… Perhaps it truly was fate. The man who bore a scar opposite of Zheng, clone Zheng, as well as the strongest team of God’s Realm he represented, team Devil. There was also the position he stood at, that of the apex of God’s Realm...

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