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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 1-3: Training Begins(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 1-3: Training Begins(III)

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Clone Zheng stood on God’s platform, looking relatively unchanged from before. A pair of wings on his back, with a face with an icy expression and bearing a scar. The sole difference was that the black flames on his body looked deeper. Looking at it with one’s eyes made it feel as if their soul was about to be sucked in. the black flames continuously encircled his body, expanding and contracting ceaselessly.

“Seven days left. Seven days until we can control God. We just need to pass Resident Evil: Extinction.” Luo Gando looked at God with a complicated expression, murmuring.

“But team China’s leader, that real Zheng Zha, is incredibly strong!” An Asian girl besides him suddenly opened her mouth.

Gando abruptly turned his around, with a serious look. “You used the God Sealing Board again? Those causality points weren't easily accumulated. Even I almost died a few times for those points, and you just randomly used them? You stupid woman, that’s an important weapon for the final battle!”

The girl's expression was panicked, and she said softly, “But… Xuan said to gather data on Zheng Zha’s strength, and it was fine to use around 100 causality points. So, I…”

“Chu Xuan! Chu Xuan! Is that all your mind thinks about? Stupid woman!” Gando inhaled deeply and began to shout.


Clone Zheng raised his head silently, the black flames on his body violently surging up. Everyone around him retreated several steps back in terror, and only then did the flames subside. He spoke to Gando, “That's enough. Save your anger now. Let it burst forth when we face team China in the final battle. Don't use it on the important battle forces in our team…”

“Seven days left. I’m going to a movie world for a year to sleep, until my Light of the Soul recovers from the injuries that time back to its current peak. Then, everyone prepare for battle! Before that, Xuan. I authorise your plan. Use 1000 causality points and analyse all strengths, enhancements and possible internal conflicts of team Celestial! Xuan, you’ll be planning out team Celestial’s downfall. I don't want any flies bothering my fight with him. No one is allowed to. This is our fight. A battle between team Devil and team China, between evil and kindness. So, team Celestial must be eliminated!”

Clone Zheng turned towards God when he finished speaking...


Team Celestial...

Adam was sitting in the centre of God’s platform. A bottle of red wine was next to his hands, while he himself stared at God in a daze. From time to time, he would take a sip of the red wine, thinking about something no one knew. It was only that that handsome smiling face of his looked cold.

“Adam… something on your mind?”

A woman with light black skin sat down besides Adam. Her figure was tall and graceful, her breasts and buttocks shapely. Her appearance wasn’t that of a black girl’s. She seemed to be of mixed descent, with an appearance closer to that of a European or American woman.

“Hmm? Yes. I’m thinking of some matters about the final battle.” Adam smiled slightly towards the woman, before returning to silent contemplation.

“The final battle? It really is approaching. It’s just seven days away.” The mixed-blood woman mumbled. She lay gently on Adam’s chest, gently tracing it with her finger.

“Aliyas, are you scared of dying?” Adam suddenly asked.

“... Of course I am. Who wouldn’t be?” Aliyas paused momentarily, before speaking charmingly.

“Scared of death… Did you know? I’m generation 2.0, or to be accurate, generation 1.5. That's because there shall be no generation two. All the data was destroyed. It’s as they say. Inspiration burgeons only with the meagre revelation of the heavens. This technology should never have existed in the world, and was only coincidentally discovered by man. Or perhaps, the old man who created him was a genius even more exceptional than us? That’s obviously not possible. To use a saying of the Chinese, everything in this universe is preordained. Perhaps those outside the box, the box creators, invented this technique. The old man then obtained it, and then there was him and me…”

Adam ignored Aliyah, his eyes staring blankly at somewhere unknown. “He is a perfect existence. Although from some aspects, that perfection represents imperfection. He lacks pain, taste, smell, feelings and hormones, and seems to be merely a human-shaped computer. It sounds like a erroneous method of creation. However, when everything is rounded out, he obtained wisdom that surpasses mortals. At the same time, to remedy those imperfections, I, the generation 1.5, was given slight hormones and feelings, while becoming slightly inferior to him. What a joke…”

Adam suddenly laughed. “Aliyas, do you believe everything in the universe has already been willed?”

Aliyas frowned, showing a coquettish and seductive expression. After a long time, she finally spoke. “I believe it. My clan members once told me that all the myriad things in the universe have spirits…”

“No, when I speak of everything having already been willed, I’m not talking about the saying that the myriad things in the universe have spirits. I’m talking about destiny. What a fanciful word. An unseen hand is manipulating everything? A long time ago, when I was about four, I already knew my destiny. Yes, it was to defeat him. That's why there's the existence of the God and Xian Thieves. That’s why I destroyed all the data, but the result was one mocking and which brings one to tears… He never considered me an opponent, whether in the real world or God’s Realm. The only thing in his eyes were the unknown that could be absorbed. I completely have zero idea what he’s thinking. Even when our two teams faced off, he didn’t take me as an opponent… Isn’t this insulting?”

Adam smiled gently as he shut his eyes. He finally opened his eyes after a long while. “Perhaps there are only two things he can consider his opponent. One is destiny itself, that unseen hand that is manipulating everything, and secondly, a himself, that is completely and utterly the same. Only these two…”

Adam suddenly kissed the beauty in his embrace. “Letting it all out really was nice. Then let's continuing to think down the doubts before. Why would Chu Xuan have a team China member be a hostage? Or, how did a team China member become a hostage? This is important. Although I still don't understand why he would do so, there's some important information hidden within. This information will influence the safety of us team Celestial, and even the conclusion of the final battle. What exactly is it?”


“No matter what… no matter what Adam thinks it is, he can't stop something from happening, which is team Devil acting against team Celestial…”

Xuan head didn’t even rise as he busied himself in the basement. Honglu was sitting on a chair behind him. He thought hard about it, finally saying, “Impossible. This hypothesis can’t be substantiated. Why would you think so?”

“Because, based on analysis of clone Zheng’s words in The Perfect Storm, what he desires is an all-out battle with Zheng. An all-out battle can't not mention their teams. As the team leaders of team China and team Devil , the entire team is part of their strength. Mhm, putting it another way, team Celestial is strong enough to pose a threat to our teams. It’s like a triangle, a sturdy shape. Three forces is the most balanced. If you want a decisive battle between team Devil and team China in the final battle, whatever team Celestial wants to do, whether make peace, cooperate, help one side attack the other, or act as the fisherman waiting at the side to reap the rewards, their very existence is a threat.”

Xuan raised his head. “That’s why I made such a scheme in the previous movie. My scheme is but the beginning. The next part will be handled by my clone. If he and I are the same… What I would do in his place would be make the suggestion to destroy team Celestial to clone Zheng. I’ll use the method for observing the other teams to create a scheme to eradicate team Celestial. If he was me, he’ll definitely do that.”

(What a horrifying level. A single Chu Xuan is enough to overturn the skies and shake the world. If two of them cooperate, with even two strong teams and different influences behind them… Who can rival them? Two Zhengs?)

Honglu stood up with a bitter smile. He had lost this round, and it was a sincerely convincing defeat at that. They could begin a scheme for the final battle in the previous movie. The two Xuans had neither met nor discussed before they were familiar with the other party. They had used the other’s scheme as a starting point for their own… Honglu really was speechless.

“Alright. Since my queries have been solved, I’ll go train.” Honglu stretched lazily, walking to the room door as he said.

“Hmm? Not staying behind to look at me experiment?” Xuan asked without raising his head.

“I don’t have enough lives for that. Speaking of which, that technique you obtained from Independence Day, the dual particle annihilation reaction, can indeed provide enough energy to slightly activate the Bell of the East Emperor… But is it safe?”

“Err… The Bell of the East Emperor’s defensive abilities is strong and is able to block this level of explosion…”

When Honglu heard that, he ran towards the room’s door, not even turning his head back. When he ran out of the room, faint tremors were transmitted from within in the instant he shut the door behind him. He didn't dare turn back, hurriedly returning to his room with his face pale.

(I really am gutsy. I actually sat in such a dangerous spot for five minutes! Looks like it isn't wrong when they say experts are courageous. I’ve already enhanced the Weave. I only need to increase the variety of magics. And those legendary magics. Can I pick one of those?)

The little boy gave God's platform a look before he entered his room. Multiple team members were standing there silently. They were making the final preparations for the final battle, considering their enhancements and techniques...

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