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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 2-3: Companions(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 2-3: Companions(III)

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The final battle approached. It wasn’t only Yingkong who had the thought of becoming stronger and resolving the confusion in her inner heart, but everyone. After all, no one knew what the final battle’s conclusion would be. Facing team Devil and team Celestial and the rest of God’s Realm’s teams, made this battle far more dangerous than any before. Everyone had a chance of death. Thus, it was important to settle any sorts of wishes before that.

Zero crawled noiselessly on the ground, looking at the distant shooting target. With a light squeeze of the Gauss sniper rifle, the distant target splintered into pieces, accompanied by a loud bang that spread through the entire basement.

The Gauss sniper rifle’s strength was boundless. It was a weapon originally developed to attack satellites in outer space. Its strength was hence naturally great. It used electromagnetism as its driving force, using it to propel bullets out by accelerating it to the limit through electromagnetism. Its kinetic energy would reach terrifying levels. As an example, even Zheng in Destruction while in his Dragon Transformation wouldn't be able to dodge this bullet once fired. Of course, blocking it wouldn't be an issue.

“The power is enough. But in comparison, the range though…” Zero contemplated in silence. Using the line of sight of his eyes to deduce, he had an over ninety percent chance of scoring a hit within three kilometres. Every kilometre increase would lead to an accuracy drop of ten to twenty percent. This was until the limit of his eyesight, the horizon, and the limit of his range using the naked eye.

Of course, things were different with a psyche force user around.

His personal range limit was the horizon, but he could use psyche force scan to determine the range for what his eyes couldn't see. Although in this case, his accuracy was roughly seventy to eighty percent. It was enough for long distance battles. However, what if he wanted to further increase his range?

Against a long distance sniper with a similar shooting ability, weapon and psyche force user as him, his life and death was fifty-fifty if their levels weren't to different and factoring in the environment and surrounding situation. From this, it could be seen he didn't have too much of an advantage. When this Gauss sniper rifle hit, they died. Even after the Mystic Eyes enhancement was used, they also just died, just in a different manner. So, he didn't actually have much of an advantage against sniper specialists...

“I need to become stronger. I can only survive the final battle then…”

Zero rose from his crawling state. He was lost in thought for a while before finally carrying the gun and walking up the stairs. Up the stairs, there was a young girl there playing computer games. Although the girl had had a male appearance when Zero had first created her, with a handsome appearance, she was a girl after all. She had grown her hair out, and looked like an adorable loli. She was pure and loveable, and was pretty and charming, a true beauty.

When the little girl saw Zero walk up from the basement, she smiled sweetly as she jumped into Zero’s embrace. She called out big brother intimately, attaching herself to him like a koala. Zero dotingly hugged her as well, kissing her small face as he said, “Little lass, go and play your games first. Big brother has some matters to handle.

The girl pouted. However, she was still sensible. She returned Zero’s kiss and jumped out of his embrace before sulkily playing games in front of the computer.

Zero sighed. He felt slightly vexed, amd walked up to the little girl and patted her head. “Little lass, wait a week for big brother. When I come back, we’ll go for a good vacation. The seaside, forests, plains, deserts, snowy mountains, you name it, we’ll go wherever you want.”

The girl immediately turned around happily, making a happy sound of assent. When Zero walked out of the room, that happy smile was still imprinted in his mind.

“Live on! I have to live on!” Zero shouted internally. He then proceeded to go to Xuan’s room. Although he didn't want to admit it, Xuan did indeed surpass mortals when it came to suggestions on how to increase power.

When entering Xuan's room, Zero didn't go about it as pettily as Cheng Xiao did. He knocked softly on the door. Zero only walked in when the door automatically opened. After a few steps, he made the turn to the basement and proceeded down unhesitatingly.

There was actually someone else in the basement. Tengyi was staring at Xuan's hands with a look of terror. He didn't even turn around when Zero came down. It was only when Xuan put what was in his hands into the glass window did Tengyi then sit down limply on the chair, his entire body trembling.

“Did I miss something?” Zero asked curiously.

It seemed the fright Tengyi had received wasn't light. He kept shaking his head, “It’s your good luck if you missed something."

Zero didn't probe more. If the matter pertained to Xuan, he understood why missing it may be a blessing if he missed it. In summary, your heart had better been strong enough if you were going to interact with this man.

“Is anything the matter?” Xuan lifted his head and asked this question when he saw Zero.

“Yes. It’s regarding the Gauss sniper rifle modification that I asked you a few times about before. You said it need large amounts of points and ranked rewards to purchase the materials before it could be modified. Now that we have the points and ranked rewards, can you help me modify it? What kind of power would it have after modification?” Zero asked, thinking about it.

Xuan finally put down what was in his hands. He walked to before Zero and Tengyi, saying, “I originally wanted to call the two of you over. Since you’re already here, I can now discuss with you two the new way of cooperative battling.”

“A new way of cooperative battling?” Zero and Tengyi asked curiously together.

“A new sniping method.”

Xuan walked to a large pile of blueprints accumulated. He searched within for a long time, before finally finding a blueprint within. “This is the new Gauss firearm based on the super railgun from God. Its power isn’t much stronger than the Gauss sniper rifle, but it has a different method of sniping.”

Zero looked curiously at the blueprint. He was a sniper and didn’t have much knowledge of the sciences. Thus, he could only continue to listen to Xuan’s explanation. Tengyi was even more curious. Although he had strengthened his newest enhancement and had gained an incredible calculative and linguistic ability within a short period of time, and he would have great skill in decoding information, he was still utterly ignorant in sniping. How could he create a new method of battle with Zero?

This left the two baffled.

Xuan pushed up his spectacles. “This only exists in God’s Realm. Or perhaps, only God’s Realm team members can form this sniping method. This sniping method can’t exist in the real world. It’s sniping in a parabolic arc.”

Xuan retrieved a globe from close by. He pointed at a certain spot on it. “If you’re here, then with a psyche force user’s assistance, your furthest sniping range should be here and here. It’s basically a really short distance. The main issue is that you can’t shoot an opponent over the horizon, right?”

“The reasoning behind the super railgun and Gauss weapons is the same. They use electromagnetism as the driving force to accelerate the bullet to the limit and generate an extreme kinetic energy to strike the target. But the first large difference it has from Gauss weapons is that the super railgun uses Earth’s magnetic field to provide the acceleration in order to achieve the kinetic energy. Secondly, it doesn’t need to be aimed. It just needs to hit anywhere within a large area around the target like a meteor. This shows some of its essentials. The basic reasoning is like this to construct a new weapon, the super Gauss railgun sniper rifle.”

Xuan pointed to a spot on the globe and said, “The bullets fired by this new weapon has a large magnetic field. It’ll experience influence from the Earth’s magnetic field that will make it curve, which will at the same time cause its range to increase greatly. This is because the Earth’s magnetic field won’t just not decrease its kinetic energy, but will instead increase its kinetic energy the further it’s travelled. Let’s not discuss for now how when it shoots out of the atmosphere, the kinetic energy will decrease due to the distance from the magnetic field and its weakening. Your issue now is that you can’t shoot a target over the horizon, right? If your bullet cam curve due to the magnetic field, your range will go from here to here. It’ll be ten times before.”

Zero’s interest was roused internally, but he couldn't help but ask, “Still, I simply don't know how to grasp these magnetism rules. You yourself said that there’ll be a curved trajectory due to the Earth’s magnetic field, which is completely different from straight line sniping. I simply can't calculate the trajectory at that instant…”

“That’s why, that’s your mission, Qi Tengyi.” Xuan clapped his hands together. “Zero will be in charge of targeting and hitting the enemy. Leave the data for the influence and interaction between the Earth’s magnetic field and the bullet to Tengyi to calculate. Use the psyche force user to help you two share information during this period. Then, we will be able to achieve aiming from an incredible distance when facing an enemy. Calculate. Shoot. Then loop these actions repeatedly…”

“But…” Tengyi froze for a while, before hurriedly saying.

Xuan shook his head. “I know what you’re thinking. Those extreme calculations will be very taxing on the brain. You can only maintain this state for a short time, right? No problem. Cooperate with Zero’s weapon. You two’s cooperation will bring about extraordinary efficacy. It might even reverse the battlefield at critical moments. This, is the new way of cooperative battling I was speaking of!”

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