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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 2-4: Companions(IV)

Volume 23 Chapter 2-4: Companions(IV)

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Zero never knew that sniping could be done like this, with a range of thirty kilometres. This was already a new method of sniping that transcended the concept of sniping. Its strength was also so great. If he was unprepared, even someone of Zheng’s level might be seriously injured. Of course, it was only a possibility. If someone like Zheng or his clone activated their Light of the Soul, seriously injuring them would be a pipe dream with their level of power.

“What if we add in the Mystic Eyes?”

Zero asked this question, and the answer went without saying. In the final battle, even if it was him, he would be able to pose a threat to clone Zheng, and it wasn't a negligible one. It was like how in the Lord of the Rings, he had killed Luo Yinglong in one strike. Although clone Zheng was surely much stronger, if Zero managed to take him by surprise in an evenly matched battle....

“But, will Zheng let us participate in his fight?” Zero wasn't a blabbermouth like Cheng Xiao. As someone who had been battling together with Zheng since practically the start, he knew Zheng better than most. And it was because he knew more that he knew one single fact.

Zheng and his clone were fated enemies. It was the kind of fate where it couldn’t be settled through the hands of others. It was the most important battle Zheng had to face, a battle for him and him alone.

“The final battle. Can we still battle together? Or is it like before… all the way till death…” Zero silently thought this. He proceeded to walk back to his room. The materials to modify his firearm had already been purchased. The remaining work would all be left to Xuan. Next, was the final battle.


Speaking of Zero, Kampa couldn't not be mentioned. Assassins and mercenaries seemed like similar professions. In truth, the two lived in the same world. It was just that one killed in cold blood, while the other would hot-bloodedly kill directly and openly.

Kampa, who had been sleeping since Nightmare on Elm Street, had finally awoken. Although he only felt as if he had gone to sleep, with at most a very lifelike nightmare, it had still left an indelible shadow on his heart.

“...I saw my war comrades in the nightmare... It really was a lifelike nightmare. It's as if I really did see them…” Kampa was looking at the busy blonde beauty before him, and said slightly absent-mindedly.

When Kampa was asleep, this woman had been the one most worried for him. She had been the one attentively taking care of him whenever he had been staying in God’s dimension. Although Kampa had had her personality set as sexy and straightforward when he created her, he had also inputted the information of deeply loving him. So, no matter how straightforward or irresponsible she was, she would give her all for him sincerely as long she loved him deeply.

Ever since Kampa had returned, this woman had been all smiles. She had even personally cooked for him, which all displayed how deep her love for him was. It was just that Kampa had too many things weighing on his heart, so he didn’t notice all these details.

The blonde beauty was currently cutting vegetables, and immediately frowned.”Stop thinking about that nightmare. If it’s a nightmare, everything inside must be fake. Does the life in reality not match up to a nightmare in deserving your attention?”

Kampa froze. He laughed, before pulling the woman over for a hard kiss, until her breathing became hurried. “Correct. That nightmare was an illusion. Only reality is true. Hahahah…”

Kampa had also recovered that unrestrained smile of him. After eating a meal with that blonde beauty, he made a trip to his basement alone. He sat there and quietly reminisced about his past war comrades. These memories had been etched deep into his soul. As a person who had put almost his whole life into the mercenary world, his life had been one of war, war comrades, war, war comrades. So, he couldn’t forget them even if he told himself it was a nightmare.

(Forget it. I won’t forget it if it’s so hard to. I just need to win the final battle.) That was Kampa’s inner thoughts. However, he didn’t expect that this was the greatest flaw in the deepest recesses of his heart...

Regardless, Kampa had still accumulated a lot of points although he had always been asleep. As for ranked rewards, he just had to ask the rest of the team. For team China after their harvest, they could take out some ranked rewards no matter what.

Kampa exchanged the high level werewolf bloodline and Xuan had used the super railgun system to construct a Gauss railgun cannon for him. Of course, this wasn’t a cannon in the broadest sense of the word. It just sprayed Gauss bullets out over a large area. It could thus be called a machine gun instead, or even a machine cannon. It was a huge weapon weighing over 3600 kilograms. Only someone of Kampa’s stature would be able to use this agilely. Its strength wasn’t inferior to Zero’s Gauss sniper rifle, only that its range and accuracy were far inferior.


The other person who had woken up, Lan, had widely different feelings from Kampa. She had felt only refreshed since her awakening, as if all the burdens in her heart had been thrown away. Although the shadow of her previous boyfriend remained in her heart, only the feelings of nostalgia and first love remained. She would no longer be fettered by this obsession. Although she hadn’t overcome the heart’s devil, the flaw in her psyche was no longer so obvious, or had even begun to gradually begin to vanish.

Lan didn’t even know this herself.

When Zheng had called her when in her heart, she had actually wanted to respond to him. Even if she was in the middle layer of the consciousness, she had actually wanted to respond. It was just that she hadn’t had any control in that situation then. She could no longer control her consciousness, which was why she had asked him that when she awoke. She hadn’t been wanting to go to his side, but a genuine gratitude and fondness.

Lan wore a long dress, humming a song as she cooked. Since the return to God’s dimension five days back, she hadn’t showed the slightest bit of fluster and anxiousness. She spent each day reading, watching movies, cooking delicious food. Her afternoons were either spent brewing a pot of red tea and playing computers games, or an afternoon nap. It was like she was in the real world, and was one of those ordinary slightly well off girls from Shanghai, relaxed and free, without a single worry for the next day.

As for her points and ranked rewards, Lan didn’t waste them. If other team members or rookies needed something, she would do her best to help them exchange for it. She had also exchanged some psyche force enhancements and abilities. It was a highly consuming active ability for psyche force, which could forcibly break open the opponent’s psyche force screening for a short period of time. Although it was only for a few seconds, these few seconds were enough to change it greatly whether for battle or scheming.

Apart from this, Lan hadn’t done anything else. She hadn't gone to talk to Zheng or ask Xuan about the final battle. She only happily enjoyed her every day, as if she wasn't in God's Realm.

(I’ll bury my love for him deep in the heart. I’ll put him together with that man from the past. These are all my cherished memories. No one knows what will happen in the future. Perhaps I’ll meet someone better, or meet another like him. Love needs fate after all. I definitely won't break his and her happiness. Let’s handle it like this. I can also be happy… alone.)

Such a girl, who was so beautiful and easy going...

Lan was indeed too relaxed. She could perhaps have been the one most relaxed in team China. As compared to her, the remaining members were all training individually.

They would all rather have had their time extended several folds. This went especially so for those with a great sense of responsibility. After all, everyone was an important combatant who could possibly reverse the battlefield in the coming battle.

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