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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 2-7: Companions(VII)

Volume 23 Chapter 2-7: Companions(VII)

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Lin Juntian had the most direct experience of this. As someone who had received a good education and was once a successful person who mingled in the upper echelons of society, he had a high IQ and EQ. It was hard for him to avoid becoming haughty in the real world. This was one of the reasons he entered. When someone overly arrogant met failure, they often had trouble handling the impact of this failure. Lin Juntian, who hadn’t suicided there and then, had sensed the wish to live on from the companions around him after entering God’s dimension.

Whether for his own unfulfilled dreams, or to go back to the real world and act arrogantly there or to simply live on, any kind of feeling would be magnified countless times in this God’s Realm under the pressure of dying anytime.

And now… he wanted to live on.

As a rookie, he hadn’t unlocked a deep stage of the genetic constraint or self-created an ability, nor did he even have an enhancement from God. Although he had managed to exchange the rank A Marble Phantasm with everyone's subsidies, this ability wasn't as strong as he thought it would be.

First, you would need to imagine the thing in your mind, focusing all your mental energy on it to a high degree. Every detail of the object would have to be imagined. The entire creation process would fall apart if there was the slightest mistake in imagining it. So, even creating a small knife for him would take over ten minutes, with a success rate of only forty percent.

Why would a rank A enhancement be this weak? Juntian, who remained perplexed despite much thought on it, finally seeked Xuan out to clarify. Although he was a rookie, he had still seen some of the behind the scenes matters of the team in any case.

For example, this man named Chu Xuan was terrifying, and was seemingly invincible.

“Marble Phantasm? This is a causality type weapon, or one of its incarnations. Based on the deductions of the team's causality type weapons, their power is great, but with equally great restrictions, far more than any other enhancements.”

This time, Xuan wasn't doing experiments. He was eating an apple as he looked at a journal. Juntian’s luck was good. He had come to look for Xuan during the safest period. His luck was at least better than Honglu and Cheng Xiao based on this.

Juntian paled, murmuring, “What you’re saying is that I lack the qualifications to use this ability?”

Xuan shook his head. “Let's not talk about qualifications or anything. Although there's a certain correlation between causality type weapons and your genetic constraint, there's a bigger relation to you as an individual. Unlocking the genetic constraint can indeed help you use causality type weapons more smoothly, take Zero’s Mystic Eyes of Death Perception for example. It hits the points of death to invert causality. If he uses it when he’s unlocked the fourth stage, he’ll likely hit the point 100% of the time. But if he uses it now, the success of activation will sharply drop as the range increases. This is the effect of the genetic constraint.”

“At the same time, your Marble Phantasm is incredibly terrifying in power, as expected of a rank A enhancement. If used properly, its power can reach from rank AA to rank SS. There’s no strongest weapon, only strongest person. The crux is still who’s using it.”

Juntian frowned. “Just say it straight to me about how I use this ability.”

“I can tell you to how use it. However, I don't have a way to help you use it that way. Can I tell you how to imagine?” Xuan smiled coldly. “I’ll analyse the Marble Phantasm for you. First, we need to confirm, this is a causality type weapon. There’s no objection to this, right?”

Juntian nodded, then listened to Xuan. “Since we’ve ascertained it’s a causality type weapon, it must be an existence that warps causality. In other words, we can't use reality’s concept of causality to views it. Do you know what its strongest possibility is? Although I don't dare be too sure myself, based on this ability’s description and the special properties of causality type weapons, there are two most powerful possibilities. The first is to create a powerful object like a black hole. Understand? Since your imagination creates, you may likely be able to create the ultimate violent forces in the universe when your imagination is limitless, though you may die after. However, this might will be peerless.”

Juntian’s face was full of cold sweat. He didn't know whether he should be laughing or crying. This Xuan was indeed as the rest of the team said he was. He really didn't know how they managed to interact with him.

“This is one of the possibilities. The second is to create a living thing. If your imagination is sufficient, creating living things to battle for you is doable.” Xuan followed up. However, this second possibility didn't sound too strong.

“Living things?” Juntian frowned. After think for a long while, he said, “Even if I construct a Tyrannosaurus Rex or our giant dragon, it may not be able to hold out against a single of Zero’s Mystic Eye shots, right? This ultimate power is a little…”

“Seems a little too little, right? That's because your imagination is lacking. What if you create a Zheng with his complete strength? What do you think will happen if you create such a living thing?”

Xuan laughed coldly. “The reason you would think this ability is weak is because you don’t know how to use it flexibly. This ability ranks highly among causality type weapons as a very powerful ability. This ability can be wielded to a great degree of power. It's just dependant on how much imagination you can display.”

“Is that so? Imagination…” Juntian stood up. After thanking Xuan he began to leave the room. Just as he took a few steps, Xuan behind him spoke up again.

“However much you obtain is however much you have to pay. This world doesn't have an invincible power that comes for no reason. Your ability will get stronger the stronger your imagination gets. The ability to focus your mental energy is also important. I only have one thing to tell you to pay attention to. This kind of causality type weapon and my power of faith has a similarity. If my guess is right, the more powerful the object you create is, the more life force you throw away. This means you’ll age faster. If your body’s strength and quality hasn’t been increased, but your imagination and mental energy focusing is sufficient to construct a large object, I advise you not to try it. Otherwise, you’ll surely die.”

(So, I’ll surely die?)

Juntian was quietly sitting down in his own basement, his mind constantly recollecting what Xuan had told him.

He didn't want to die, he absolutely didn't want to.

At least in team China, he no longer had the will to. Living on, returning to the real world, continuing to battle on… Living on was fundamentally his sole desire now.

“The ability’s increase in power is based on imagination and focusing my mental energy to build the object. The weaker the object is, the lower the imagination and mental energy focused required is. It’s proportional like this, right…” Juntian sat there, silently in thought. After a long while, he sighed helplessly.

He had entered this realm for too short a time after all. He had neither experienced much time, nor had he had the chance to unlock a higher genetic constraint. Even the time after exchanging this ability was too short.

As for the final battle, his awkward position of lacking combat ability wasn't what he wanted, but it was practically unsalvageable...

“Can I survive the final battle?”

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