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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 2-8: Companions(VIII)

Volume 23 Chapter 2-8: Companions(VIII)

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“Can I survive the final battle?”

A rookie similarly, with the same question towards himself. This matter existed for Liu Yu too. In the final battle, there would be no distinction for rookies. All teams would go all-out then. Even if Liu Yu was a rookie, and a small child, he would still need participate, and might be the main combat force in certain areas.

Liu Yu had already enhanced his psyche force and relied on the other members to exchange the Obelisk card. He could summon it for three minutes based on his current psyche force, and he would need to rest for over half an hour after to recover his psyche force. He could only summon it this way. Although it was only three minutes… this Obelisk still surpassed his original expectations. As expected of one of the three Egyptian God cards!

Its full name was Obelisk the Tormentor. A robot made of metal, with a height reaching twenty metres, was summoned. It looked peerlessly tall and mighty. Obelisk also had a special ability, which was that it could absorb defensive barriers. This was perhaps related to the materials that it was constructed from. It could absorb attacker’s defensive barriers, which would allow it to hit its target in the next moment. It could be considered a special characteristic that allowed it to ignore defence. From this, it could be seen that this card and the Obelisk from the real world’s Yugioh had similar characteristics. Both allowed for direct attacks on the opponent, completely ignoring defences.

It was just that Liu Yu had run into a problem. This Obelisk wasn’t like other summon cards that completely listened to its master. When he had first exchanged it, he had happily returned to his room to test it out. In his basement, he had indeed managed to summon out a colossal monster. Obelisk had been almost scraping the ceiling and had covered Liu Yu’s entire field of vision. This little boy was at the age of liking fantasies and robots. Although he had completely consumed his psyche force after summoning, he still cheered weakly. He even ran towards the robot.

However, the robot had instead sent a foot over to step on him. It had stepped down just a few metres from him. With another step, Liu Yu would have turned into a meat paste. The boy had immediately fainted in fright. When the psyche force he contributed vanished, Obelisk had vanished as well. When boy woke up, he had seen a deep footprint embedded on the ground.

It had to be admitted that Obelisk’s power was phenomenal. Whatever it was used for, it would be suitable even to block bullets. However, as Xuan said, something had to be lost to be gained. There was no power in the world that had no cost. Liu Yu was facing such a situation. As one of the three Egyptian God cards, Obelisk’s power needed no doubting. At the same time, apart from the vast amount of energy spent summoning it, it required a constant focus of mental energy concentrated to control it after it was summoned. It would go berserk otherwise. Such a weapon was simply a double-edged sword.

Liu Yu had no choice but to search how to control Obelisk step by step. He would run far away desperately everytime he summoned it. However, the robot would go insane and rampage at its original position every time he started running. Even the ground made from metal couldn't withstand its attacks. Although Liu Yu was safe, Obelisk would madly attack, not listening to his commands. After the ground had been completely ploughed, it vanished again once the time ran out. After this persisted two more times, Liu Yu had no alternative but to look for Xuan.

“If it's a summon monster that needs controlling, how could you focus if you run and hide? Of course, getting you to stand there and take it isn't realistic either. Find Zheng and get him to help you subdue Obelisk, while you try controlling it from the side. Practicing a few times should help you get proficient.” Xuan answered thus.

Zheng was currently sitting down quietly in his basement. Strangely, he hadn’t gone through any sort of high intensity training in the few days since returning to God’s Realm. He just sat there silently everyday, not a word spoken. It was as if he was in a daze thinking about something. He only stretched lazily as if he had just woken up when Liu Yu came to look for him. He followed along the boy to his room.

“Understood. You want me to ensure your safety while you’re controlling it. No problem. Just stand there and control it well. I’ll keep you safe no matter what.” Zheng smiled faintly as he nodded. He stood in front of Liu Yu and watched him summon Obelisk.

The little boy’s heart was slightly panicked. It wasn’t to say he didn't have faith in Zheng, or that his strength was insufficient. It was an instinctive terror. It was like if someone capable of destroying planets told you he would block a comet for you, you would still tremble all over in fear as the comet sped towards you. This was the same logic, a terror born from the inside.

Liu Yu gave a cough to mask his fright, and took out the Obelisk card before beginning to gather his concentration. When the colossal robot appeared, it indeed attempted to ferociously step on the two. The giant metal foot descended from the skies, and Liu Yu cried out in fear. Still, Zheng was responsible. He stepped down, leaping into the air. Without visibly taking any stance, he simply kicked at the robot’s foot.

With a boom, the robot was kicked backwards, retreating several steps, before finally stabilising itself after retreating several steps. Zheng landed on the ground, preparing to receive the robot’s next attack.

Liu Yu was watching, engrossed. Zheng hurriedly shouted out, before Liu Yu finally begin to concentrate on controlling the robot. The difference this time was that his heart was much calmer. He was also much more focused than before. Obelisk slowly came to a stop, no longer attacking.

“Alright! Slowly bend over… yes. Then raise your fist… Just like that. Haha, Zheng, the control is successful! I’m finally in control of this robot!” Liu Yu laughed excitedly.

“That’s right. You’ve succeeded.” Zheng smiled as he patted the boy’s head. “Remember this feeling of control, where your mental energy is highly focused. Don't fear its attacks. It’s YOUR weapon you’ve summoned, so there is absolutely nothing to fear.”

“Yes!” Liu Yu nodded

Zheng laughed. He stealthily walked towards the basement’s exit. For some unknown reason, he felt slightly flustered upon seeing this robot. He suddenly recalled a former member of team China, who also controlled robots, with great latent potential. Just in terms of that, he wouldn't lose out to Zheng. It was a latent potential purely for living on...

“Ah, Gando. If you hadn’t died, you’ll have exchanged the strong series among robots, an Eva, by now, right? Your latent potential was so great, you’ll surely have caught up to me quickly. If so, we could have fought together, then faced the final battle together. What a pity.”

Zheng sighed dejectedly. Pushing open Liu Yu’s door, he walked out. The joyous laughter of Liu Yu and the tremendous noise from that giant robot walking about sounded out from behind him.

TN Note: I'm not entirely sure why the author considers Obelisk a robot. I can't find any information saying it's a robot, nor do I have any recollection of it being one. I'm not misinterpreting it, nor is it an author typo or something either, since contextually, it reminded Zheng of Gando as well. We'll just chalk this up to the author's take on Obelisk.

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