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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 2-9: Companions(IX)

Volume 23 Chapter 2-9: Companions(IX)

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Every person in team China was attempting to become stronger, and were slowly doing so. It was perhaps due to preparation being the key to success. After accumulating so much for so long and silently gaining strength, they finally had a qualitative change before the final battle. Team China’s strength… was worthy of being hailed as among the top three in God’s Realm. They were much stronger than imagined!

“Yes. Our team China is stronger than we imagined.” Honglu muttered to himself.

As team China’s strategist, Honglu’s intelligence far exceeded ordinary people although he was the inferior strategist. Not even Xuan would deny this. Thus, in all matters, he needed sufficient understanding when it came to the team’s situation before the final battle.

Actually, Honglu was exhausted. Although he was a strategist too, he was still much inferior to Xuan. This was something he couldn’t deny. So, he had to think about much more things, which made him even more tired, such as the comprehensive evaluation of team China’s strength. He didn’t know which tier exactly Zheng’s power fell into.

“If our format for the final battle is king vs king and soldiers against soldiers, I’ll exclude Zheng from the team’s evaluation. No matter how strong he is, before he handles his clone or his clone kills him, he won’t have a way to help us. In other words, the final battle is a battle where we lack Zheng.”

Honglu pinched his hair as he made corrections on the paper. However, after writing some things, he would crush the paper and trash it in dissatisfaction. Then, he would start writing on paper again.

“It can’t be calculated so. I should take him as an influencing factor. If we defeat team Devil and team Celestial first, the remaining team members will help Zheng gain the victory for the final battle, then challenge his clone together. If he defeats his clone first, it’ll be him helping us. But considering the gap between his clone and him… no matter how it’s evaluated, his influence is negative. Isn’t our burden even greater?”

Honglu grabbed his head in vexation, then shouted out as he crushed the paper and threw it in the trash again. When he extended a hand to grab another sheet of paper, a white hand grabbed his arm.

“Xiao, time to eat.” It was a pretty woman, that was of the big sister type. It was the big sister who had taken care of him when he was being researched on in the neurological institute. When he entered God’s Realm, he had created her anew. Although he hadn’t had any profane thoughts at the beginning, there had still been the subconscious thought of ‘It’ll be nice if she loved me’ when he created her.

As expected, this big sister really loved him. Unknowingly, something had sprouted between the two...

Honglu rubbed his head in distress. “Alright! Alright! I’m coming!” Just as he finished speaking, the pretty woman hugged him. He didn’t resist, just silently leaning against her chest. “Recently, there’s been so many matters. It’s also related to the final battle, so I keep forgetting the time to eat. You can eat first, you know? I’ll come over when I’m done.”

“Silly fool…” The woman smiled. “Eating without you there only fills up the stomach. What’s the point? Are you still worried for the final battle?”

“Yes. No matter how I calculate for the final battle, our team is just too lacking compared to team Devil. Ignoring everything else, I have no idea how to scheme even just for their ability or item to observe the other teams. So…” Honglu murmured worriedly.

The woman cut him off, smiling, “How about Xuan? What are his thoughts?”

“That no-nonsense man? Even if he has a decision he wouldn’t tell us. So, for the final battle…”

The woman cut him off again. “There aren't so many ‘so’s. Let nature take its course. Haven't you already fulfilled your responsibilities? You’re more hardworking than most of team China. Even if the final battle is lost, you have nothing to be guilty about.”

“While that’s so, If I do lose and die, we won't be able to be revived any more. You’ll die too.” Honglu sighed.

“But I won't be lonely in the least. If I do die, won’t you be at my side?”

“Yes. My responsibilities have been fulfilled. If I do die… I’ll be dying by your side.” Honglu’s eyes shone, as if some resolve had appeared in his heart regarding the final battle.


Every person of team China were working hard to become stronger and making preparations for the final battle. As their preparations finished, the time for the final battle slowly approached. A day and night were left from that day now.

“Then, I’m going to Lord of the Rings. I’ll rest a day after returning. Then, everyone will prepare to enter the final battle!” Zheng smiled as he said this to everyone. Today was the day he entered Lord of the Rings for training. The whole team, minus Yingkong who no one knew the whereabouts of, were all gathered and looking at him. They were watching him grow stronger, until he could rival his clone.

“But why Lord of the Rings? Isn’t Starship Trooper’s atmosphere of mortal danger better?” Heng asked uncomprehendingly.

“That’s because what I need isn’t battle.”

Zheng didn’t turn his head back. He looked at God, his back facing everyone as he said, “I need insight. The peaceful and vast Lord of the Rings is actually more suitable. Then, I’m going. Don’t worry, I won’t let you all down! I won’t lose again to my clone in the final battle. This time. This time I’ll definitely win!”

“God, exchange entry to…”

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