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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 3-1: Zheng’s Transformation and Entry(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 3-1: Zheng’s Transformation and Entry(I)

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Zheng’s Transformation and Entry

Zheng’s entry and return was instantaneous. A second before, Zheng had been waving his hand in farewell, looking leisurely. A moment later, another Zheng, this one flustered and panting, appeared. He seemed to be shouting something, and was mounted on a Nightmare. His hand was wielding Tiger’s Soul as well. Although his body was covered in wounds and his clothes were in tatters, he looked lively.

“Hahaha, you deserve it you idiot! I already calculated out the time to use Chaos! You thought you could kill me? You wanted to scheme against me, dammit, it’s not like you’re Chu Xuan! How could you do it so easily! What a joke, I can easily see through such a childish plot. Hahaha, I’ve been schemed against by Xuan so many times. How could this child’s play faze me in the slightest? Weren't you still killed by me in the end? Hahaha…”

Zheng ignored all the dumbfounded expressions of those around him. He was letting out all his delight. He only laughed towards the others after a long time. “I’m back. I thought I could rest quietly in the Lord of the RIngs. Who knew the battles inside would be more fierce than Starship Troopers? Hahaha, that’s fine. There was an increase anyways. I can go wild on a killing spree in the final battle now.”

Everyone was still slightly stupefied. Disregarding all else, Zheng’s current state was strange to them. Before he had entered Lord of the Rings, his mood hadn’t been good. Instead, due to the need to persistently looking for his insight, his mood was better described as slightly down. Who knew that after entering Lord of the Rings, his mood was excited, like he wanted to go to the final battle for a rampage.

“Did you attract hundreds of elf beauties inside? Then you went a few hundred rounds, and you feel incredibly heroic upon your return?” Cheng Xiao smiled filthily.

“Beauties… More like hundreds of monsters.”

Everyone then realized something strange regarding Zheng’s body. He hadn’t entered his Dragon Transformation, and was sitting on the Nightmare like a normal person. Even that oppressive pressure around him before was lost as well. There was only mildness and tranquility left, his aura like a normal person’s.

“You said you just used Chaos, Genesis Splitter?” Xuan suddenly asked.

Zheng laughed, nodding at the same time. He didn't look like he had just used it, as he lacked the extreme fatigue and injuries from the past.

“Don't look at how relaxed I look here. Actually, I’m so tired that I’m about to collapse. Let me repair my body first. Hahaha. I’ll tell you my experiences in Lord of the Rings in a while. As his words fell, Zheng had already shouted for a full body repair from God.

As Zheng said himself, the body repair this time was long, lasting only slightly less than the times he was on the brink of death.

“This is the new skill I learnt in Lord of the Rings, Death-Defying Art, from the Wildmen, the Dunlendings. I found the effect aren’t too bad after testing it out. I won't immediately lose my combat ability after using Chaos, Genesis Splitter at least. There’s another bit of hope now for the final battle.” Zheng smiled to the rest, before beginning to detail out what happened in Lord of the Rings.

Nothing much had happened at first. He had exchanged a lot of time, totalling over twenty thousand points worth of days. So, he had just travelled through the elf and human territories and met up with some friends he had fought alongside in the past. This period had still been a leisurely time, as he continuously searched for a chance at enlightenment.

Still, good times don’t last long. A new situation had arisen a month later. Black armoured cavalry began appearing in the human territories from some unknown place. Their goal was a simple one. To seek out and capture Zheng.

“Those cavalryman were ridiculously strong. They were the equal of seven, no, eight Ringwraiths, and there were over eighty of them. You simply don't know how horrifying that pressure of theirs was. They routed the human cavalry troops like they were playing around. I just happened to be in the snow mountains at that time. When I got back, Rohan was nigh destroyed.” Zheng said sighingly, his mind recalling the scene of the battle then.

Even if he was injured all over and finally using Destruction before being able to kill off over half of their number, dozens had still fled away in various directions. That battle had had the dead and wounded all over, with Rohan suffering grave losses.

“That was just the beginning. The elf territories were attacked as well after. Although a majority of elves made their way to Valinor, the group that stayed on the continent that's led by the elf queen still remains strong. There were several archers even capable of the three arrow Explosive Shot. Even still, their country was very nearly breached, with the attack this time being from magically transformed orcs.”

Zheng gestured with his hands, “Still recall? Gandalf the White died and revived. He said Eru had revived him and was assisting us. He was the one who attacked me. Those gods, no demons. They're the same type of organism anyways.”

“Lord of the Rings has living things like gods(Valar). Although they're just higher tier organisms that are stronger, they indeed exist. They discovered something… that they’re livings things in a box. Hilarious, isn't it? They discovered our God, and intended to enter God’s dimension. Their method was simple, which was to capture and control me.”

“There are two groups of these organisms. One which is named positively as gods(Valar), while one named negatively as demons(Umaiar). The ones that attacked us this time were the armies of the demons. In fact, the armies of the gods were starting to stir as well. They didn't know how long I’ll stay there. They surrounded the elf and human territories so as to prevent me from escaping and because my power shocked them in that initial battle. They wanted to force me out. How naive! They’re don’t even count as the level of little kids when you compare them to Xuan, hahaha!” Zheng roared with laughter.

(He… does he have so much pent-up unspoken grievances from Xuan, that when he sees these slightly poorer schemes, he disdains them?)

Everyone around was sweating as they listened, while Zheng continued to speak on.

“What happens next is interesting. The outstanding figures among humans and elves seeked me out and told me their planned. They’ve long since disliked the god’s and demon’s manipulations from the shadows. Especially the early events in Lord of the Rings that greatly weakened the humans, elves and dwarves, actually had the meddling of the gods and demons involved. So, they decided to borrow my strength to counterattack, as well as contact other races to participate in the war.”

“We can’t not mention the god and demon’s dimension at this point." Zheng said seriously. “Gods and demons live within another dimension in that world. The world can be described as a folded paper. The god and demon’s dimensions are above and below the main dimension respectively, just slightly smaller. The entrance to the god’s dimension lies in the sea while the demon’s dimensions entrance is underground. This is information the outstanding personages of that world found in ancient records. Gods and demons can use certain means to open the entrance temporarily and appear on the human world’s continent. However, they have to wait for the time for it to close to come by itself. They can't close it otherwise. That was the intention of those outstanding personages. They’ll dispose the gods and demons when they reveal themselves…”

Xuan asked with interest, “Oh? What exactly did you do?”

TL note: Based on my research, the LOTR movies, unlike the books, seemed to have cut out the things about the gods(Eru, Valar) outside of a few references. Thus, the author isn't really going against movie lore. Correct me if I’m wrong since I haven't watched the movies myself. Also, like Eragon, remember that movie world and book world are different.

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