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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 3-2: Zheng’s Transformation and Entry(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 3-2: Zheng’s Transformation and Entry(II)

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“We planned to attack the demon’s nest first. After all, they revealed themselves first. But with the human, elf and dwarf armies then, they were too lacking in either numbers or quality. There were too many demons in the demon’s lands, as well as wraiths and magically transformed orcs. It was hard to deal with them, so for two months, Aragorn and I went to search for forces to join the human alliance, such as the already disappeared cyclops race, giant eagles willing to help, Wildmen and so on. At this time, a large elf troop returned from across the seas, all elites. Although there were merely a thousand, they could all use two arrow explosive shots and had battle-qi protection. Their strength was uncommon.”

“My Death-Defying Art was taught to me by the Wildmen. Their Berserker ability is more or less like my Explosion. They invented it so that they wouldn't immediately collapse in battle and can rush back to their clans to receive treatment. It can consume life force from a long time after in advance, suppressing injuries. These 500 Wildmen completely died out, but not before slaying a demons and monsters a hundred times their number. They were true men."

“We then launched a surprise raid on the devil nest’s entrance near Mount Demise. It really was a good slaughter. Only a few others and I barged in, lightly equipped. We killed seven demons in the end in devil race’s palace.”

Zheng made it sound easy, but anyone would know that it would have been anything but. That battle must have been brutal without compare. Even a narrow escape would have been a good result, and they even had to kill seven demons in one shot. Disregarding everything else, the black armoured cavalrymen before had already been so difficult to deal with. These seven demons’ might must have been...

“Correct. I used Chaos, Genesis Splitter then. Otherwise, we would all have died. I managed to get to the elf country before dying by relying on the Death-Defying Art. Many elf wizards treated me, and also soaked me in some mysterious liquid. It still took me half a year before I regained my combat effectiveness. By that time, the gods’ armies had already captured the elf country and Gondor. I myself had been on the run for over three months. The humans, elves, dwarves and other races’ forces had all had a heavy toll exacted on them. They could only gather in Rohan like candles about to flicker out.”

Zheng was sighing at this point. He said with helplessness, “I’m not omnipotent. Even though I was at the threshold of the late fourth stage after returning from that near death, I hadn't truly entered that stage. I couldn't use Chaos, Genesis Splitter an unlimited amount. The gods’ armies had numerous White Wizards. If I rashly rushed in, I wouldn't be able to survive even if I used Chaos, Genesis Splitter and killed a few gods. After all, I don't know how many of the elf magicians who treated me were dead. I probably wouldn't have been able to find so many elf magicians again.”

“Fortunately, there was half a month left from the time I returned to God’s dimension. So, I brought along the remaining troops in the direction of my entry point to Lord of the Rings. Those gods really were idiots. They actually let us go in that direction. They only mustered troops to set up a net in front of us. I think they wanted to surround us and kill us. What idiots.”

“What happened later is simple. We broke through the encirclement, and battled again, then dragged on till the time for me to return. I activated Chaos, Genesis Splitter. Apart from one god who fled, the rest were all slaughtered by me. Especially that strongest god. He was beaten up by me until his brains became a bloody paste. Hahaha…”

Zheng laughed heartily, but there was much grief intermixed in that laugh. After all, the people inside were all comrades who had fought alongside him. In those previous battles, they had all practically died out, especially in the attack on demonkind and the battle to kill the gods.

“What kinds of organisms are gods and demons?” Xuan suddenly asked.

“Hmm, gods and demons? They look externally like humans, just that their body contains energy. From certain characteristics, they’re more like humans or humanoid organisms who possess great Battle Qi.” Zheng said after thinking about it.

“Oh.” Xuan then turned back to his room. Everyone’s heart jumped, with Zheng having the fastest reaction as he pulled Xuan over. “You must have noticed something? The Lord of the Rings world was constructed by God and is completely different from the Lord of the Rings in the real world. God definitely has a motive for designing it so. I don’t get it, but you must have thought of some possibility. Spit it out, I want to know.”

“Nothing much.” Xuan didn't say more, only indifferently turning his head away.

“You’re untrustworthy! You must have some conspiracy!” Zheng held him in a firm grip, not letting him go as his mouth questioned non-stop.

Honglu, who hadn’t said anything up till now suddenly spoke up. “Could this be an additional hypothesis of the Saints and Cultivators when they created God’s Realm?”

“Additional hypothesis?” Everyone asked curiously.

“Yes. This additional hypothesis means… something like having a certain hypothesis towards something, but you don’t dare to be sure of it. So you have to do some tests, but this test takes too long or is too costly, and the initial principal may not be earned back, and you may not be able to wait for the results to come out. So, you can only add some tests onto the main objectives to check out this hypothesis, such as in Lord of the Rings.”

Honglu stroked the hair in front of his head. He continued, “Based on what we know, the ancient Saints and Cultivators’ power reached a certain level. Then, they discovered step by step that our world is under control. However, no such thing like how we appeared in Lord of the Rings happened. No one informed them, nor did any organisms from outside the box enter. The box was discovered by they themselves. So, they wanted to test out whether an organism could determine their box was a world when they reached a certain level of strength. It was this kind of thinking.”

“So? So what if it’s not? Does it matter?” Zheng asked curiously.

“Yes. It’s important.” Xuan suddenly said.

“If the organisms in a box can determine the world is a box as long as their power reaches a certain level, be it in technology, personal prowess or causality type weapons, this means the Saints and Cultivators have a hope of breaking open this box or resisting the box creators. That’s because this signifies the box isn’t an absolute existence, and they don’t absolutely have no choice but to stay inside. But what if the situation is opposite? If the organisms within can’t discover this no matter how powerful they become or how long they live, Saints and Cultivators can only despairingly accept one fact. It’s that they can never ever resist those outside the box, and all their efforts are for naught.”

“Why?” Everyone asked uncomprehendingly.

“That’s because if even the box’s existence was something those outside the box told them, and even their resistance against the box creators was induced for some unknown reasons, as well as created God’s dimension and the later events, were all part of someone’s plan, do you think there’s a chance of victory?”

Zheng’s third stage was currently active, and he slightly understood the two’s thoughts. If they themselves knew about the box, but the organisms, within the box the Saints and Cultivators created, that were similarly strong, didn’t know about the box, this meant that the Saints and Cultivators knowing about the box was a result of the box creators letting them know. If so, wasn’t everything someone else’s plan?


“Isn’t this thinking too cruel?”

Zheng lay on his bed, recalling the last things Xuan and Honglu had said upon his return. This was a despair inducing thinking. One’s life, struggles, life and death battles, love, friendships, existence and even their feelings and tears… were these all planned out? Were they just the entertainment of those outside the box, just like movies, anime, games or novels. Were his comrades and him… just designed to make someone amused?

“If the final battle is for the qualifications to be the main character, and being the main character is itself the first qualification to challenge those outside the box, then I definitely have to obtain the qualifications to become the main character with my comrades! We must defeat team Devil!”

“No matter what! I will not lose!”

The next day...

“Enter the beam within thirty seconds. Target locked. Resident Evil Extinction. Teleportation begins.”

“Ladies and gentlemen. Team Devil is waiting anxiously for us, here in Resident Evil Extinction. Let’s kill them all! Let’s go!”

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