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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 4-1: Resident Evil Begins(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 4-1: Resident Evil Begins(I)

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Team China…

“So this is the site of the final battle.”

Team China had been transported to a desolate semi-desert. The ground hadn’t completely turned to sand. However, it had already dried to the point where there wasn't the slightest bit of moisture left. All the soil in the surroundings was as such. There wasn’t even the slightest greenery, nor obvious structures. It looked like it was the same scenery all around.

As soon as they descended, Lan immediately spread out her psyche force scan, while transmitting the results of the scans to the others’ minds. They hadn’t had a psyche force scan for a long time, and the rookies were momentarily at a loss. Zheng on the other hand, closed his eyes in nostalgia.

“Lan, good job. You’ll be in great danger in the final battle. However, a large portion of our combat power needs to be sent out to fight, so Honglu and Liu Yu will protect you.” Zheng nodded at Lan.

Lan smiled sweetly. “Good, let’s let two children protect me… Speaking of which, it’s not as if psyche force users have zero power. Hehe, I at least have the power for self defence.”

Zheng froze, before saying regretfully, “Too bad the Nightmare I brought back was a counterfeit made by Gandalf. I hadn’t even finished riding and it’s already a pile of bones. I'll have brought it a mount for you otherwise.” When he finished speaking, he checked out his watch.

“Resident Evil Extinction, matters of importance.”

“The final battle ends when all teams are eliminated, and one remains. The remaining team shall be the victor, able to either return to the real world or know the message left by the creators of God’s dimension. Only one option can be chosen. At the same time, God’s dimension and Realm shall be destroyed, never to be activated again.”

“If no one has achieved the goal of eliminating all other teams, those who survive a hundred days, and kill off ten from other teams will return to God’s dimension to continue the cycle of movie worlds.”

“If no one has achieved the goal of eliminating all other teams, those who enter the Seventh Underground Laboratory alive, and stay within for three hours will return to God’s dimension to continue the cycle of movie worlds.”

“If none of the above three conditions are achieved within a hundred days, you shall be wiped.”

“Resident Evil Extinction shall have no negative point nor reward point rules. Thee shall be no ranked rewards either.”

“Resident Evil Extinction restricts large scale weapons, including both exchangeable weapons and non-exchangeable weapons. The list of restricted exchangeable weapons are as follows. Continental Oscillator. Atomic Annihilation Reaction Missile. Space Laser Cannon. The list of restricted non-exchangeable weapons are as follows. Magic Cannon. Revised Magic Cannon.”

“The final battle, Resident Evil Extinction, begins in three minutes.”

Zheng slowly read through the text on the watch. For a time, all listened quietly to him. When these words were finished, everyone looked at Xuan and Honglu.

Before Xuan could say anything, Honglu was already smiling a step ahead of him. “It’s quite similar to the restrictions I imagined. Still, what’s the Revised Magic Cannon?”

“Oh. I recently had some new discoveries while researching the Cultivation manuals. So, I made some alterations to the Magic Cannon.” Xuan nodded his head in admittance.

“Alright, so the Revised Magic Cannon is ours. How about the Magic Cannon?” Honglu asked.

“...It can't possibly be the other Xuan, right.” Zheng, Heng, Cheng Xiao, Wangxia and the rest said in tandem.


On a tall mountain’s mountainside, clone Xuan sneezed. The surrounding people looked on in surprise, with a woman among them frantically walking over to his side.

“The smoke and dust here is a little much.” Xuan said this, before looking at his watch. “The meaning of the words aren’t too different from my conjectures before. Large scale weapons to kill or injure are indeed restricted. This does fit the concept of the final battle, to force everyone to participate. There are two objectives for survival. The first is to kill off ten from other teams. This stops team from hiding away at the start, and prevents the survival of weaklings. Even if it’s our team that wants to survive, every person would have to kill ten. How many people do the other teams added together have? This is an obstacle the weak can’t cross. This is for powerhouses that work alone, like Zhao Zhuikong.”

A dashing man at the side smiled elegantly. He bowed, “You flatter me too much.”

Xuan ignored him, continuing, “If we want a majority of the team to survive, there are only two options. First is obtain victory in the final battle and be that one and only team. Let’s not discuss the probability of success for this now, and instead look at the other option. Reaching the Seventh Underground Laboratory and staying there for three hours alive. If we decipher this, it means…”


“... That the Seventh Underground Laboratory is dangerous, verily so. It may be an unlimited amount of virus or Resident Evil monsters that have undergone an extreme evolution. We may be attacked by nukes. How to get to that unknown place is a problem, how to safely enter is another, as well as how to survive three hours inside.”

A riverside far away from team Devil. A team of a dozen were stopping there. God’s barrier hadn’t been cancelled yet. Thus, Resident Evil Extinction hadn’t truly started yet. All the teams were forced to be stuck inside to await the time to come.

A blonde youth forcefully bit off a chunk of chocolate. He laughed coldly. “Thus, in order to force all the teams to not hide and try hard to battle, God gave a first chance of survival that weaklings absolutely cannot complete and a second chance where weaklings can try their luck. In truth? It’s a cruel method of weeding out the weak, who have absolutely zilch chance to survive!”

“Then what do you think? Neos, what’s your plan?” There were eleven members around Neos. A black man among them asked curiously.

“Of course it’s to ally with the strong!” Neos sighed, before changing to a cold smile. He bit off a piece of chocolate, saying as he ate, “Our strength isn't enough to survive this final battle safely. Even if this final battle is only a final battle in meaning, that’s only for the powerhouses of the fourth stage. This is the damnable final battle for us on the other hand. We have no alternative but to rely on the strong to battle.”

“The Angel Alliance? Big brother Neos, I don’t like that man Adam. He may smile warmly, but his eyes are filled with violence. I’m scared.” A black little girl pulled at Neos’ hand.

“Of course not. That man Adam is someone who beat me in the real world before. I know his habits well. He’ll be unscrupulous in pursuit of his goals. He’s the one least suited to consider as a partner. Our chances of death would be practically 100% cooperating with him. So we need another choice to rely on. One of the strongest three in God's Realm, and it has to be one that we’ve tangled with before…”

Neos rose, gazing into the distance. He spoke slowly. “Team China! We'll go seek out team China, using team Celestial’s weakness as our qualification for an alliance!”


“Resident Evil Extinction. The final battle. Let’s go find team Celestial.”


“The final battle. It’s here at last…”


“Ah, my little apple. I’m coming…”


“Let’s go. We’ll first join the Angel Alliance.”


Over time, a total of twelve of God's defensive barriers appeared in America. Each barrier held team members ranging from several to over ten in number.

Team Devil, team China and team Celestial appeared in the West Coast, East Coast and near the southern border respectively. The rest of the teams were chaotically dispersed, at complete random.

“Yingkong, you fine?” Zheng had been asking Xuan regarding some of the rules for the final battle. When he saw Yingkong there trembling all over, he immediately asked.

Yingkong turned her head over and smiled slightly, but a light shake of her head. She didn’t utter a word, just sitting on the rock lovelily.

“...She smiled. But it was a slight one and she didn’t show that charming expression. Is it the main or secondary personality?” Cheng Xiao saw her smile as well, before speaking right into Zheng’s ears.

Zheng shook his head doubtfully. No one knew what Yingkong had been doing in those ten days in God’s dimension, apart from her sporadic appearances. She didn’t even go training in a movie world. In addition to that smile just now that was different from the past, Zheng immediately asked curiously, “Yingkong, are you really fine? Tell me earlier if there’s something wrong. The final battle is immediately after. I’m afraid you’ll…”

“Don’t fear.” Yingkong smiled gently. “I won’t drag the team down. Don’t worry. My battle along with the others is coming, which is why I was trembling. Someone must have called me a little apple… I can more or less guess it. Hehe, you should worry about your own battle.” Her face had that gentle expression as before, her eyes lacking that coldness the main personality possessed in her eyes.

(How strange. It’s neither the main nor secondary personality… Did the two merge?) Zheng thought inwardly. Then without waiting for him to open his mouth, sand began to blow in the surroundings.

The barrier around was completely gone.

Resident Evil Extinction, the final battle… henceforth began!

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