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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 5-1: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 5-1: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(I)

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“Return to our first battlefield?” The main battlefield of Resident Evil one, the Hive. This was also the first world Zheng entered and the first movie he experienced. He had survived by a hairbreadth there, completely relying on dumb luck to gain points and ranked rewards. That was how he survived.

He had continued to grow in the following movies, slowly reaching his current stage. If he just got slightly stronger… he would stand at the apex of God’s Realm. Of course, there was one thing he needed to accomplish beforehand.

Vanquish his fated enemy!

“But how do we return?”

This was the doubt the rest of team China had, apart from Xuan and Honglu. The rest didn't know how to go back to that laboratory in Resident Evil, including the two who had experienced that movie.

Those who actually had the main idea remained silent. The two had been lost in thought ever since Xuan had asked Honglu a few questions.

“Gentlemen? What are you two doing? Solving riddles? We’ve been walking for four or five hours! How large is this desert? Dammit, are we going to walk for a month to see signs of humanity? Even two or three corpses would be fine!” Cheng Xiao got moodier the more he walked, and was finally unable to resist shouting.

As his words fell, a dense and dark cloud appeared in the distance. Droning sounds faintly carried over.


The benefit of psyche force scans was that it allowed a perfect clarity of every detail in the battlefield. Psyche force had no blind angles, able to show clearly in the mind even past the horizon that eyes couldn't see past.

That dense and dark cloud was formed from thousands upon thousands of crows. It became a giant black mass when it was looked at because there were just so many of them. This number of crows had already turned from crows being individual animals to a swarm-like organism akin to bees and ants. And it was very terrifying swarm organism.

“Weren’t you bored? We’ll leave it to you.” Zheng patted Cheng Xiao’s shoulder, before turning around and walking away as if nothing had happened.

Perhaps for teams that had just entered or were weaker, such a battle formation was enough to threaten their lives. They would likely escape only after sacrifice some. For a team of team China’s level however, these crows weren't worthy of making a fuss about. Just Wangxia’s bombs alone were enough to easily sweep through them.

Cheng Xiao froze, before hurriedly shouting, “Please don't! My Nanto Suicho Ken is a skill that excels in close combat. Are you trying to tire me to death by getting me to handle such numbers?”

Zheng didn't say anything, merely chuckling. As the crows neared, it was Imhotep who couldn't take it anymore in the end. He let go of Anck-Su-Namun’s hand that he had been holding all this while. All that was seen was him inhaling. The sand on the ground gathered before him, forming a giant Imhotep as if it were alive. It didn't have that handsome feeling of his, instead giving others a ferocious impression.

That giant head of sand sucked in a breath in the direction of the sky. When it spat out that breath, a wide expanse of sand shot hundreds of metres into the sky like a wave. The wave of sand completely swallowed up the pouncing crows. Just like that that dense and dark mass of crows vanished with dozens of seconds, only leaving behind a multitude of crow corpses on the sandy ground.

“I can unleash my full potential in the desert. I would even be able to summon sphinxes if there was a temple.” Imhotep, breathed out, smiling to the rest.

“There aren't any temples. How about a church? Can you summon sphinxes there?" Wangxia suddenly asked curiously. At the same time, his hand point at the distance. According to the psyche force scan, there was a half-ruined church there surrounded by ruined houses. It should have been a small town.

“Oh? There are still people there?” Lan focused her psyche force, carefully searching through the area around the church. Seven or eight people were quietly sitting in the church’s basement. Some of the houses also had people in their basement. The psyche force scan showed that these people all had tattered clothes, with some even being injured. From their attire and orderly baggage, these were likely the residents of this small town.

“Go. Ask them what this place is. We can also receive the satellite’s signal tonight at the same time.”

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