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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 5-2: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 5-2: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(II)

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Team China possessed sufficient Sky Sticks, so they actually didn't have to walk on the ground at the start. It was just that Xuan's miniature satellite didn't have a true satellite’s large energy capacity. For example, the ability to stay in low Earth orbit and orbit around the earth. The small satellite would leave the low Earth orbit one revolution after it was fired into space.

In twelve hours, the small satellite would fly over the space above this area. If team China flew very far away on their Sky Sticks, they wouldn’t be able to receive the satellite’s signal when it passed. At the same time, the satellite would deviate from the low Earth orbit, making it a wasted launch.

“Although that's so, a satellite should be able to transmit its signal over quite a large area, right? We shouldn't leave this range even if we fly for a while.”

Facing the other’s doubts, Xuan gave them a sidelong glance, not deigning them with a reply. It was Honglu who sighed. “This question isn’t a very good one. It’s not so much a small satellite as a miniaturized satellite. How much capabilities could it have? Honestly, I’m shocked it even flies. You still expect it to have a high power signal transmission system? Don't be funny, just being able to transmit the signal back is a miracle in itself!”

Everyone understood. It was indeed true that a device that could be picked up by hand couldn't possibly have as many functions as a real satellite. From this, it could be seen that Xuan technological skills hadn't left the realm of common sense yet. Although it was still ridiculous, his evolutionary path was still far from the real Doraemon...

The other group nearby looked curiously at them. These were travellers who were hiding in the desert. According to them, they had reached this town in ruins two days ago. They had lost many people due to suffering crow attacks. They were planning for the crow flock to fly off before continuing south. They were already near the southern border of America. Going further would bring them to the more backwards third world countries.

“Perhaps the virus hasn’t spread to those countries yet.” This was what they said. Perhaps to these born in a developed country, they were under the impression that third world countries were more sparsely populated, or all villages. Holding this thinking, many of the survivors of Resident Evil’s calamity was fleeing towards those countries.

...At the same time, they were virus carriers. Even if if they didn’t bring it themselves, the flow of human traffic would in the end lead to… the world becoming the stage of Resident Evil.

These people were all refugees fleeing from America. They were very curious about team China. Apart from their calmness, they weren’t carrying weapons either, not even a single gun. Who knew where they were from. They actually dared to enter the town without weapons, together with women and children. They were also mostly yellow-skinned. Could they be refugees from third world countries?

A muscular white man in his thirties walked out from the group of refugees. He walked to team China’s bonfire, “Excuse me, are you all from Mexico? How’s the situation over there?”

Seeing how the other party was being polite, Zheng replied good-naturedly, “We didn't come from Mexico. Is this the southern border of America? Where are we roughly?”

That muscular white man paused. “All of us are gathered from the areas around San Antonio. That city is already filled with zombies and monsters. The way east and north are already impassable. If we waited any longer we wouldn't be able to find food, so we wanted to try going to Mexico. What about you all? Where are you all from?”

“San Antonio?”

Zheng wasn't familiar with America. He tried looking at Xuan and Honglu. As Xuan was testing his satellite signal receiver, it fell to Honglu to speak in the end. After considering it, he said, “We came here by boat. We were in a small island in the Gulf of Mexico before, but the virus broke out there. So, we took a boat over to America. Who knew it’ll be the same here.”

“Yep.” The man sighed. “There are zombies and monsters all around, and even crows will attack people. I don't know if us humans still have a future. I heard the army and government have already fallen. I guess we can only take each day as it comes. Right, how about going together with us to Mexico?”

The man pointed at his group. “We started off with a few hundred. A lot died on the way. Some turned into zombies, some were attacked by all sorts of monsters. We still have almost a hundred now. How about it? Join us. There's strength in numbers, and we may be able to survive if we go to Mexico together.”

“No need.” Zheng said. “We still plan to go north to find some relatives. Also, it looks like Mexico isn’t safe either based on the current situation.”

The man froze, before trying to convince them again. “The north shouldn't have any survivors. Even if there are, they’ll be few in number. You haven't seen those big cities. The zombies are always transforming, and some new types of monsters have appeared. Those zombie dogs are slowly starting to transform as well. Then there’s the most terrifying Bloody Claws. There’ll definitely be deaths if you meet it. You have to let them eat their fill to stop them from chasing down the rest. Don’t go. You’ll die.”

Honglu and Zheng exchanged a look, smiling. The boy suddenly asked, “Could I ask a question? Do you know where Raccoon City is?”

“Raccoon City?”

The muscular white man’s face changed greatly. He began to loudly spew expletives without regard of how he looked, before finally angrily shouting, “Those government trash! That was the first city to be infected! The other cities were all fine, but I heard that city had some leaks from some laboratory, which was why the virus spread. They said at first that they were going they were going to nuke and destroy the city. They kept delaying on for this and that reason later on, until they didn’t even nuke it in the end. That’s why the virus spread all over and the world was devastated by it. Those worthless people who took our taxpayer money despite not doing anything, if I find out which idiot ordered not to fire the nuke, I’ll definitely kill him!”

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