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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 5-3: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 5-3: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(III)

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(I don’t think you’ll have a chance anymore. This should be a plot change by God. As expected, the clue is in Raccoon City, or specifically, in that laboratory that the virus leaked from.)

Zheng and the rest exchanged a look. Everyone came to an understanding in their hearts. After all, if the city had been destroyed by nukes, it’ll have been easier on those entering that city. That wouldn’t fit with God’s actions. It was definitely God’s modus operandi to take the chance to eliminate a few more teams. Thus, the originally fired nukes didn’t happen in the end. Of course, the virus would still have spread even if the nukes had been fired based on the original plot. After all, not only humans could contract this virus. Birds, rats and even insects could become the infected...

What remained was Honglu’s responsibility. He asked about Raccoon City’s location in detail, before enquiring about the monster variations. The information all came tumbling out.

On the other side, Zheng was carefully looking at Xuan’s satellite signal receiver. A continuous stream of photos that looked like high altitude photos taken from outer space emerged on the small device.

“There are still some human survivors in the city, but not too many. There are also many low temperature humanoid lifeforms as well as non-humanoid lifeforms. We’ll tentatively take these as infected. There are also some organisms that never appeared in the original plot here, such as this low temperature lifeform spanning four hundred metres in length. It should be one of the variations of the infected.”

Xuan muttered as he looked at the photos. Suddenly, he became lost in thought for a few moments as he looked at one of the photos. He threw it to Zheng. “A God’s Realm team of six. No details on the team and unclear power. They're roughly at the edge of a city to our northwest. Your thoughts?”

Zheng hurriedly accepted the photo. It was filled with colour that indicated temperature. How could he possibly understand it? He could only ask, “How do you know it's another team? It could also be a group of ordinary people gathering.”

“They're setting out for the city. Ordinary people definitely wouldn't enter the city at this time. So, there's at least an eighty percent probability of it being a team.” Xuan explained.

Zheng was endlessly curious. He looked over the photo for a long while, before saying, “Just say it. I can't see how this photo shows they're entering the city. There’s only thermal imaging colouring on it.”

Xuan gave him a sidelong glance, before murmuring something about a mortal’s wisdom under his breath. He then indifferently said, “Looking at a straight line of them and the city. The places they've passed have many zombies that’s cooling down, while there are many ordinary zombies between the city and them. This shows they’ve brought down zombies as they advanced to the city. A six men team of ordinary people couldn't bring down this many zombies without deaths. This isn't easy without a tank or something similar. Based on the quantity and spread of zombies left in their wake and their current location, they didn't cover much distance in a few hours. So, they're only at walking speed. They’ve met zombies while on foot in the wilderness and are advancing continuously while defeating zombies, with some even seeming to have the heat signatures of Lickers. There's at least an eighty percent probability of them being a God’s Realm team based on combat power and direction of advancement.”

“A God’s Realm team…” Zheng let out a breath. “What do you think? Should we head over on the Sky Sticks to attack them? They may only number six, but there's still six of them. Every ten people exchanges a slot for not being wiped. If so…”

Xuan didn't reply. He suddenly asked, “Do you not have confidence in defeating your clone?”

“...Understood. Your meaning?” Zheng sighed.

He immediately understood Xuan’s meaning.

This was the meaning of the final battle for team China. Perhaps it may have been different for other teams, but for team China, it wasn't merely a battle for survival. It was also a fight to the end with team Devil and team Celestial to determine the strongest team. At the same time, it was to possibly obtain the ‘main character’ qualifications Xuan hypothesised about. The second was too vague, but the position of strongest was indeed a concrete gain. It at least ensured the surviving members of team China could safely avoid a wipe.

They just had to enter the Seventh Underground Laboratory and stay there for three hours.

At the same time, the precondition was that they couldn’t be attack or interfered with by too strong a team before that. In God’s Realm, the only ones who could pose a mortal threat to team China was only team Devil and team Celestial, as well as some irregularities.

“Killing ten and not being wiped doesn’t hold much meaning to us. If we go and slaughter any teams we come across, it’s firstly very easy to expose our position, as well as flaws. Just these two already put us in a passive position for influence. Just remember that there’s an endless number of abilities, enhancements and items in God’s Realm. For just satellites alone, we’re not the only ones with them.” Xuan held a photo as he spoke calmly.

The photo was of an outer space shot by Xuan’s satellite. There was the existence of a small triangular satellite in the photo.

“So we ignore them?” Zheng frowned.

“No.” Xuan put down the photo. “We’ll go on the Sky Stick tomorrow to look for this team after daybreak. We should find them around noon considering the Sky Stick’s speed. They should be at the edge of the city then. We won’t kill them, but we won’t let them off lightly either.”

“Eh? What are we doing?” Zheng frowned. “Don’t tell me we’re going to remove all their limbs and set them free. That’s even more cruel than killing them. I definitely won’t agree to this!”

“A mortal’s wisdom.” Xuan gave Zheng a sidelong glance, before saying, “We’ll tell them Raccoon City’s location and give them some help, at least enough for them to reach Raccoon City alive.”

“Why? Aren't you afraid they're of the Angel Alliance?” Zheng’s frown deepened.

“It doesn't matter any longer…”

Xuan gazed to the sky as he muttered, “Whether they are or not no longer matters… Team Celestial, Angel Alliance? We’ll finish them off in Raccoon City! At the same time, the battle you seek will more or less…”


“Yes, we’ll finish off the Angel Alliance and team Celestial in Raccoon City!” At the location team Devil was far away from team China, clone Xuan spoke calmly.

The rest froze. Several among them begin to cheer. “Dammit, this is what we should have done from the start! Did they become cocky just from escaping us that one time? They also formed some Angel Alliance or something? Haha, we’ll kill them off there!”

“That’s right. They thought it was just team leader who was awesome? We can kill them too easily if we so wanted!”

“So can I…”

They cheered and made a racket, until clone Xuan snapped his fingers. They all hurriedly quietened down, listening to this bespectacled man.

“I’ve already given the suggestion to my original. Team China will coordinate with us at that time. Beforehand, I’ll do the member allocation. Target? Team Celestial!”

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