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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 5-4: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(IV)

Volume 23 Chapter 5-4: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(IV)

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Team China spent the night in this dipiliated small inn. There weren’t zombies there. It was at the borders of America after all, far from the outbreak of the virus. So, the residents could quickly leave when they heard the news. It wasn’t known whether the owner here had fled to Mexico or further into America. Anyways, the inn was at this moment safer.

But that wasn't a certainty either. The group of Americans had come across such towns a few times on their journey. They found large amounts of food that they couldn't bring away, such as corn and potatoes, and even rice and some vegetables. Thus, they would stay at those towns for a few days. However, some Lickers would follow secretly, and a hunt and kill would follow. This was information the Americans had learnt by paying in blood. They couldn't stay for a town longer than three days, and this was already their third day. So, they were planning to leave during daylight the next day.

“Humans really are the strongest yet weakest organisms at the same time.”

Zheng looked at the sleeping Americans. He sighed, saying softly to the people next to him, “One biological disaster already caused the entire world’s civilisation to collapse. Although I don't know if it can be revived or it’s destroyed utterly, or it’ll start developing many many years later starting from a primitive or feudal society, I at least know human civilisation can't recover within a short time after suffering this sort of calamity.”

Everyone became silent. Wangxia patted his shoulder lightly. “It can't be helped. The foundation human society is built on is order. As long as a biological disaster or nuclear war shakes this order, the chance of society collapsing is huge. That's why there's us. I used to be a soldier, and am one still now, just that where I fight is different. I fight to protect human civilisation, so it won’t be felled by a disaster such as this, and for the ordinary people in the real world.”

Zheng sighed and didn't say anything. Actually, the things weighing on his mind had increased. The return of a team would provide more safeguards for the humans of the real world. Whether they hid, started a war or even dominated the whole humanity, a team that could return to the real world would at least be at a minimum standard of power. They would trigger the strengthening and evolution of those around them, and this effect would slowly propagate.

Even the worst case scenario of the whole humanity being enslaved or human civilisation collapsing, then dominating humanity using their power would also lead to the circulation of how to gain power and evolve. At least, his descendants would obtain this. Perhaps centuries of darkness would pass. But humanity’s tenacity would slowly lead to progress and find back their civilisation.

But that was only in the circumstances where it was a disaster a team could keep control of. However, what if it was one like Resident Evil, or another crisis that posed similar danger to a team? Could humanity persist then?


Zheng gave himself a hard slap on the face, muttering, “I’m overthinking things. Let’s finish the final battle first. If we can't even survive, everything will be in vain… Live on! Then reach the apex…”

(The apex… that still lies in that man’s grasp. Even if it's me who broke through again, can I win against him?)

A wordless night followed. The next day, the Americans left first. These people were quite good-hearted, and weren't as debased as those described in post-apocalyptic novels. They exhorted team China about the matters to take note of up north, and tried to get them to leave the town soon. Perhaps they still had the morality of society as the post-apocalyptic world had only just come. However, no one knew how they would turn out in the end.

“Let's go! We'll meet that team, then proceed to Raccoon City!”

When the group of Americans had left far away, Zheng finally said this to the rest of the team. He took out the Sky Stick, and soared into the air first.

“How strange. Doesn't he have the Dragon Transformation? Why is he using the Sky Stick? Although I shouldn’t say this, he seems much weaker than before. He seems to have received a grievous injury in Lord of the Rings. The him before where he always maintained Dragon Transformation seemed stronger.” Juntian asked the person next to him curiously, while that person happened to be Heng.

Heng looked at Zheng’s figure from behind. “No, it’s not how you think it is. It’s easier to discern someone’s else strength or weakness the stronger you get. You’re currently too weak, so you can’t perceive our level of power or higher. He’s much, much stronger than before he entered Lord of the Rings. If the him before was trying to acclimatize to Dragon Transformation, the current him would then be hiding something… Watch him. He’ll surely triumph over that clone of his!”

Juntian shrugged his shoulders. He had only unlocked the first stage. There wasn’t a problem with operating the Sky Stick, but he couldn’t use the innate abilities of this stage very well. So, he didn’t dare split his attention, focusing completely on following the team. In this way, a team on Sky Sticks had already flown over multiple ruined towns.

The proliferation of the Sky Sticks were all thanks to Xuan. God also had exchangeable flying equipment, but they were generally bulky and not suited for individual use, or were one time consumable items that only lasted a short time. To truly achieve individual flight, and with equipment that didn’t have a short time limit, the amounts of points and ranked rewards needed was a lot. So, unless they were a very strong team or they had someone like Xuan who could modify and manufacture, flying equipment remained an exorbitant equipment.

For example, the team the satellite had discovered. They were… team Northern Ice Land!

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