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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 5-5: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(V)

Volume 23 Chapter 5-5: The Place Where It All Began... and Where It Shall All End(V)

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This team Northern Ice Land had participated in Lord of the Ring’s team battle with team China once upon a time. However, their leader had been slaughtered by Zhao Zhuikong, with most of the rest dying as well. They had suffered a team wipe in a Final Destination movie later on.

Although the number of movies experienced was different based on God’s differing evaluation of a team’s power, this team was still a resurrected team. Their strength wasn’t too great. A series of veterans dying and newbies joining, and veterans dying and newbies joining again had followed. It was a never ending weeding out by death, the necessary first step of every team.

The final battle starting was undoubtedly the most cruel announcement for them. The previous movie had been supposed to be a time to polish their strength. However, an internal conflict had broken out then because of the impending final battle. In the end, the originally eighteen strong team was reduced to six. And two of them were even newbies who just joined the movie before.

“Seriously dammit… Where is team Celestial! They made us wait after contacting us. How long do we have to blindly wait around like this for?!”

A man cursed loudly as he walked. He was carrying a six-barrelled machine gun in his hand. This fellow was white and tall, almost reaching Kampa’s physique. However, that fierce looking face of his wasn’t something anyone would complement. It wasn’t the kind of strong will born from tension inside and a long service of mercenary work like Kampa. It was instead an externally displayed savageness and cruelty. It was a far cry from Kampa.

The people around the muscular man all distanced themselves slightly, with a pair of man and woman trembling all over especially. It was as if this muscular man would hurt them as soon as he speaked. A closer inspection of their arms and neck would reveal long and thin injuries. It wasn’t known how they had been maltreated or hurt.

“Fuck you, what are you looking at? If you look anymore, watch me dig your eyes out!” The muscular man gave a ferocious glare at a nearby black man.

The black man laughed coldly without saying a word. It was instead another white youth who roared, “Shut. The. Hell. Up! Do you really want Kurt and I to kill you together? If not for you snatching their ranked rewards and acting so vilely against them the last time, do you think they would have immediately rebelled? It’s already the final battle. Do you REALLY want to die here and now?”

The muscular man narrowed his eyes at the youth and black man. It was only after a long time that he laughed coldly. “I’m not going talk so much to you. I’ll immediately leave when we find team Celestial. Being with you trash is so troublesome. If not for you all, I'll long since have become the leader and reached the second stage. It’s all because of you all dragging me down! Fuck, I can’t even play with some newbies without you all criticising me. Fuck off!” The fellow started to curse, while the youth and black man frowned deeply.

However, they didn’t immediately initiate an attack. After all, there was still another veteran with an unclear stance. They didn’t know whether they could win after taking action.

At this moment, several minute specks appeared in the distant sky. From far away, they looked like a dozen or so small birds. But as the black dots approached, it was shown to clearly be flying equipment, and over ten of them at that!

What this signified to the veterans was utterly obvious. A team was approaching, and it was an incredibly strong one!

The veterans' body was better than an ordinary person’s. They had quickly discovered the group of Sky Sticks flying over. However, none dared flee or attack. Even the muscular man carrying a six barrelled machine gun didn’t dare to. That was because they knew a fact. No matter how fast you could run, you couldn’t outrun flight...

Zheng and the rest indeed reached them before noon. This team was really incredibly weak, lacking even a psyche force user. As for now, they seemed to be heading to the city. Based on the team’s power and equipment, this city would most likely take their lives.

When they got off the Sky Stick, those four veterans all felt their heart race. Despair began to assault their hearts. They recognised the foremost person. It was Zheng Zha, who possessed a great reputation in the whole God’s Realm. His might was said to be extraordinary, and team China was the super strong team which defeated team Celestial. Such a team flying to them… basically meant they had no chance of survival.

The four still didn’t dare move as before. The desire for life was what didn’t make them suicide in the first instant, a hope for Zheng to mercifully let them off birthing instead. They entrusted their life to a gamble, just standing still there.

Zheng watched the four’s reaction, as well as the terror on the two behind. He exhaled, “Alright. I won’t say much. This is the final battle, so saying something about letting you off is meaningless. I just need you to help me with something. Whether you’re of the Angel Alliance or people controlled by my clone of team Devil’s faction… No matter which side you belong to or don’t belong to, I’m telling you now to repeat this to your master.”

“We’re going to Raccoon City. There’s a clue on going to the Seventh Underground Laboratory there. If you want to live, or want my life… find me there! I’m waiting. If you see any other teams on the way, repeat what I just said to them. Remember, not the slightest difference!”

As he spoke, Zheng had already walked to the two newbies. He could naturally tell they were newbies without any strengthening, let alone the genetic constraint. The crux was the long and thin injuries on them. It seemed to be from someone using a knife to lightly cut open the flesh, without harming the muscles. These weren’t battle injuries, but injuries from abuse.

“Who abused you?” Zheng said calmly to the two newbies.

The two froze. They subconsciously looked at that muscular man. He had just internally shouted, “Shit!”, as Zheng casually swung his hand at him. His head immediately burst apart like a watermelon, his body collapsing to the ground.

“I know you all will definitely die in this movie. I don’t have the interest in playing the good samaritan to save you. But what I don’t like, I don’t like!” Zheng smiled coldly to the remaining three veterans as he spoke.

He then ignored them, turning around and proceeding to his Sky Stick. When team China took to the air, the three finally fell kneeling to the ground, gasping for breath. A pressure that had crushed down on them for a moment before had almost crushed them to death. That feeling wasn’t much better than death.

“The greatest gain from training in Lord of the Rings is that… I am myself!”

“Even if I change, I still remain myself! There’s no need to imitate others, or hypocritically claim my environment shaped me. I’ve always been the same kind of person, and will remain so henceforth!” Zheng stepped onto the Sky Stick, speaking to everyone else. The pressure emanated from his body… was like Heng had said. It was much stronger than when he maintained his Dragon Transformation. He was indeed hiding something...

Xuan gave him a look. “Now, we’ll find more teams and disseminate our information as much as possible. At the same time, we’ll wait. For the other me, and Adam...”

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