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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 6-3: The Limitless War of Wits(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 6-3: The Limitless War of Wits(III)

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“Five days have passed.” Zheng looked leisurely at Xuan.

Annoyance abruptly welled up in his heart, and he immediately started shouting while Xuan gave him a sidelong glance. He didn’t say anything, just continuing to eat his apple as always.

“Dammit, you’re not here for sightseeing, are you? We’ve already found the general position of the city. Why are we not going over? All those schemes and calculations you go on about… no more! We’ll break through all tricks with force! We’ll go in for the kill! If we see a human, we’ll kill a human. If we see a buddha, we’ll kill a buddha.” Zheng said loudly. Although he didn’t really believe his own words, he had to force Xuan to make his position known.

Xuan only looked at the sky. “The satellite my clone made has a slightly poorer performance.”

“Eh? What does that mean? Does that mean your intelligence is higher than his by a little?” Zheng paused, asking.

“No, I have something he doesn’t.”

Xuan shut his eyes. “God definitely has no omniscient enhancements or abilities. If it’s self-created… it’s obviously exceeded the scope of normal causality, instead reaching the domain of causality type weapons. It may be slightly possible if it’s clone Zheng who unlocked the fifth stage. Based on the current situation, his power hasn’t reached that level yet. I think you know this best.”

Zheng froze, before sighing. “Correct. I’m already half a step into the realm of the late fourth stage. This is a realm that astonishes me. I don’t have the foggiest idea how to enter it, let alone the fifth stage. I’ve met my clone. He’s not strong to the point I can’t rival him. If a comparison must be made, I think he belongs to the late fourth stage. The middle and late stages… is already a world shaking difference.”

“That’s exactly so. So, it can basically be considered that team Devil obtained ancient relics, a legacy of the Saints or cultivators basically on the same level of ours. We just don’t know which race or portion it is. But that omniscience is undoubtedly a legacy.” Xuan muttered.

“Omniscience? What’s that?” Zheng asked curiously.

“Anyway, team Devil has things we don’t have, while we have things team Devil doesn’t. But overall, we’re in the situationally inferior position.” Xuan gave Zheng a look.

“Why? Although I know we’re in the situationally inferior position, what do you mean by ‘team Devil has things we don’t have, while we have things team Devil doesn’t’?”

Xuan said seriously, “The small satellite I made uses Cultivation techniques as the basis to create a new product. Although natural science can do it as well, its performance loses out greatly. Team Devil’s satellite is like that. Thus, it can be confirmed that they have no Cultivation techniques. At the same time, I don’t have team Devil’s omniscience. Overall, as you’re weaker than your clone, and I’m stronger than my clone, but we’re in a slightly situationally inferior position, so we are in general much weaker than team Devil.”

“What who’s weaker than who? I’m confused. And why do you say you’re stronger than your clone? How would you know?” Zheng said with some displeasure.

“If in pure combat power, he’s definitely weaker than me. I want to ask you something. If there’s two teams, one stronger, one weaker, and the stronger team also stands on a situationally superior position, and you were the weaker side’s leader, what would do when you have no other choice?” Xuan suddenly opened his mouth.

Zheng was finally serious. This was because Xuan never asked anyone anything. If he did ask, it meant that Xuan was about to have some excessive plan. How excessive it was was related to the answer.

“If it was me. If any possible chance still exists for those both weaker and situationally inferior, it’s to fish in troubled waters. I’ll completely flip over the game board and make a mess. A weak and situationally inferior team could possibly have a path to survival then. Otherwise, there’ll be no chance.” Zheng said after thinking about it for a while.

“Correct. Since the situation is already so horrible, then make it even more so…”

A while later...

“What? You want to go where? What’s there?” Zheng looked on curiously as Xuan held a map of America. This man was currently using his finger to point at a place as he spoke.

“Nuclear missile bases, where the American army in the Resident Evil world stores nuclear missiles.” Xuan said bluntly. “Here. And here, here. These are the four nuclear missile bases I know of. What we need to do is…”

“Take control of it, then shoot nuclear missiles at Raccoon City? We’ll blow up all the teams when they enter the city?” Zheng said, enlightened. An expression of understanding appeared on his face.

“No. Those nuclear missiles are no longer of importance. I need the silo and missile warhead part. Nuclear missiles may not necessarily be able to kill the Angel Alliance. It definitely won’t be of use on team Devil. As long as they avoid it in advance, any team with individual flying devices won’t be afraid of such missiles. So, we won’t use a nuclear missile. I want to spread a virus…”

Xuan retrieved several metal spheres from his bag. “These are virus containers triple sealed with alloys. We’ll put them in the missile warhead. Then, something interesting will happen.” Xuan’s mouth suddenly twitched. Although it was very minute, this look was no matter what, described as a ‘smile’.

(He smiled? He SMILED? He really is excited. Is it for spreading this virus? And, thinking over his words… a virus container triple sealed with alloys? What, what virus is this?)

Zheng’s hands were trembling as he accepted the metal spheres. He suddenly caught Cheng Xiao at the side turning pale, and immediately asked him, “You know this virus? You’ve seen Doraemon do the experiments?”

“That, that’s right… I heard it’s a new virus made from mixing your genes and the T-virus evolutionary liquids… Listen to me. Do not do not release this virus next to you. I saw with my own eyes Xuan turning a slab of meat into a monster! Seriously! I swear on it!” Cheng Xiao laughed bitterly as he patted Zheng on the shoulder. Zheng’s trembling began to become more intense.

Honglu suddenly said, “Is it fine, Xuan? Even an ordinary missile warhead will explode. Won't the virus be killed instantly by the high temperature?”

“No problem. I specially used high temperatures to test it out. Then, Zheng. Deploy the team.” Xuan gave a thumbs up, speaking seriously.

“Wait, wait a moment!”

Zheng shouted, “Although I don't know how you created such a monstrous virus, do you plan to spread it through this world? What about us? The virus sounds terrifying! I can still alter my genes to eliminate any invading viruses, but how about everyone else? Will this virus kill off your own team members?”

“Don't worry. If there's a virus, there's a vaccine. Z-virus 2.0 has already had vaccines manufactured. However, there's always a cost to every gain. This virus is based on your unlocked fourth stage genes as the source material, with the T-virus’s evolutionary method to create a new virus. In other words, it has some of the traits of the fourth stage. Even if you have a vaccine, you can only resist this virus for around eight hours. It’ll lose effectiveness after due to the virus changing its genes. Injecting the vaccine again won't work, as the virus the vaccine works against is gone. Unless you're someone who's unlocked the fourth stage and can alter your genes, eradicating the virus in the most optimised way, all other living things can't survive.”

Xuan said seriously, “So, I’m telling you the truth in advance this time round. This battle is dangerous, and the slightest bit of carelessness would turn you into a monster, or get you get killed by a monster. You all also don't have any revival chances left. At the same time, the situation our team is in is grave. We’re facing that superior team Devil, and the Angel Alliance will likely make us their first target, so we're actually in a weak position… Zheng, you can't participate in high level battles before you fight your clone, so our team’s power is actually weakened to the worst in the three factions. Choose. Release the virus, and inject the vaccine after entering Raccoon City. Or, don't follow my plan and directly enter Raccoon City. Decide yourselves.”

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