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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 7-1: Gather, Raccoon City!(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 7-1: Gather, Raccoon City!(I)

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“Is that so? Team China made you say that?”

Team Africa had individual flying devices, but there weren't enough of them. They only had two, so they had no alternative but to be like team China in the early days.

They used a small basket to carry the extra people. This naturally resulted in their speed not being particularly fast. At least five days after the final battle begun, they still hadn't found Raccoon City’s location.

At noon on the sixth day, they met a team of three, two men and one women, slowly walking in the countryside. Just in deductive powers, Neos wasn't too much worse than Xuan. He could clearly infer these three were a God’s Realm team. He immediately gave orders to intercept them.

This team was team Northern Ice Land that had unfortunately met team China before. Unluckily for them, their power was too weak. They had neither a large member count nor individual flying devices. Adding to how dangerous this movie was, they no longer even knew where they were. As soon as team Africa surrounded them, they lay down their arms and surrendered.

Neos enquired about their situation. The three hurriedly gave out team China’s message. Neos immediately sunk deep into thought when he heard the message.

“An interesting thinking. Is team China planning to declare war against team Celestial and team Devil at the same time?” Neos muttered as he ate his chocolate.

The people around him were all used to his contemplations, and all ignored him. Only a muscular white man asked in a low voice. “How about them?”

“Kill them. They can’t live long anyways. They’ll either die by monsters or be wiped given how they’re aimlessly walking around. Why not kill them and accumulate a kill count of three? You all decide who kills them. Don’t disturb me.” Neos looked at the three, before proceeding to talk indifferently.

As the three shouted and cursed, Neos gradually sunk into deep thought. A crack began to slowly open on his forehead. On closer inspection, it was as if there was a third eye there.

“It’s hard to understand team China’s actions. What kind of circumstances would make them act so recklessly without restraint?” Neos muttered. He used his hand to touch the crack on his forehead. The crack slowly opened some, looking really like an eye.

“There are three possibilities. One is that their strength reached a certain level. They don’t need to care about the situation, and just need to kill people as they see them. But this probability is way too low. Based on the current situation, the strongest remains clone Zheng under the current restriction of large scale weapons. Team China shouldn't possess this sort of overwhelming power.”

“The second possibility is that this is Xuan's scheme, where there's a giant trap awaiting in the city for all the teams to fall into. This has a larger chance. But based on Xuan’s level, he couldn't possibly only lay out such a substandard scheme.

“The third possibility… has to do with team Devil and team Celestial?” Neos carefully went through the hypotheses in his heart.

After a long while, he said to the rest, “We’re entering Raccoon City as well. Our goal is to find team China as soon as possible. The items team Celestial discovered in the ruins are very dangerous. I suspect Adam's already used that item, or plans to use it in this movie. I have to quickly tell Xuan that and team Celestial’s weakness. This way, team Celestial will likely be knocked out immediately. What will remain will be for our team to work together with team China against team Devil!”

“Destination! Raccoon City!”


At the same time, at the other end of America where team Celestial was...

“Four teams of the Angel Alliance have contacted us already. Team Northern Ice Land’s communicator is already destroyed, so they were probably eliminated. The remaining three are waiting near Raccoon City for us.” Lina said to Adam.

Adam nodded. “Alright… good job. Use psyche force to contact the team closest to us. Tell them to take note of the zombies and Lickers, and to preserve their fighting strength. They're not to have deaths before the battle with team China.”

Lina nodded. She suddenly hesitated, taking a while before she asked, “Adam, what was Yinglong talking about? Why can’t he tell me? What does ‘rules’ and ‘It’s not that I don’t want to say. It’s that I can’t’ mean?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to say. It’s that I can’t…” Adam smiled gently, saying to Lina, “I’ll reply to you the same way. It’s not that I don’t want to say. It’s that I can’t!”

The blonde beauty looked doubtfully at Adam. That man remained gently smiling as always. She could only helplessly look at the nearby Song Tian. “Song Tian, do you know what Yinglong meant? Why would he curse at you like that? How about you tell me?”

“...It’s not that I don’t want to say. It’s that I can’t.” Song Tian finally closed his eyes as he said after a long pause.

“‘It’s not that I don’t want to say. It’s that I can’t’?... Ah I get it.” Lina was suddenly joyously surprised as she asked, “Did you discover some message from the Saints and Magicians? The message had a rule that only those who saw it can know, and you can’t tell others? Is that how it is?”

Song Tian’s eyes remained closed as he kept his silence, while Adam looked at him with his gentle smile, also not saying anything else. It was instead the four newbies that tried to get a word in as they all started to talk, with the two white men being especially attentive towards Lina, as if she was supposed to choose between the two now that Luo Yinglong was gone.

Adam ignored the rest, instead using his finger to tap his forehead as he considered the problems in his mind.

(There’s basically nothing to be worried about anymore. It seems clone Xuan is already aware of my plan. How much does he know? If he knew everything, he would definitely personally come and stop me, or gotten someone to attack me. But he hasn't. He instead allied with me to take down team China together. What does this mean?)

“Chu Xuan. Whether the clone or the original, they’re a true first generation. Surpassing a mortal’s wisdom?” Adam muttered to himself. He looked at those around him, especially Song Tian who quietly sat there. The gentle smile on his face grew even more pronounced.

“Chu Xuan. Both your original and clone no longer have a chance to stop my plan. It can’t be stopped once it gets going, unless you kill me and all those executing the plan… But is that possible?”

“Let's go. The destination is Raccoon City. We'll deal with team China first!”

At this time, the entire world had seven or eight teams urgently or slowly making their way to Raccoon City. Of course, this was only the first step to not being wiped in Resident Evil Extinction. Weaker teams like team Northern Ice Land wouldn't even be able to find the city’s location, let alone finding the clue to the Seventh Underground Laboratory. For the teams that were qualified to enter Raccoon City, the true battle… had only just begun.

(My plan… The sole way to exterminate team China and team Devil. Luo Yinglong, how will you express your thoughts for you who are unable to say the truth? I look forward to it. A final battle that’s too simple isn't interesting. Isn’t that so, the two Xuans that I’ve determined as my fated enemy…)

Adam smiled gently at those around him, that gentle smile omnipresent as always...

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