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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 7-2: Gather, Raccoon City!(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 7-2: Gather, Raccoon City!(II)

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Raccoon City wasn't hard to find. As ground zero of the biological crisis, a majority of Americans knew of this originally unknown city. Of course, that referred to those still alive. Those dead couldn't open their mouths even if they knew. Not all teams were good-for-nothings or idiots, with some elites naturally among them. They knew who to ask and what to ask, and could roughly guess that the clue about the Seventh Underground Laboratory was related to Resident Evil and Resident Evil Apocalypse.

This was especially with team China continuously adding fuel to the fire. There were about seven or eight teams advancing to Raccoon City except for those incredibly weak teams. The first team to reach wasn't team Celestial, team Devil or team China, but an obscure team named team North Sea. They didn't have too many members, only nine. It was completely because they were very close to Raccoon City. They drove a car over to the edge of Raccoon City as they lacked individual flying equipment.

“This is Raccoon City? It looks in really bad condition.” A bewitching young woman in the team muttered as she looked at the distant buildings in the city.

Raccoon City was even more dilapidated than imagined. Several buildings had actually collapsed, with those that hadn't also looking really dilapidated. They could faintly make out shadowy figures moving in the alleys. The entire city gave off an eerie feeling, not the slightest bit of that flourishing look from years back remaining.

All the people in the team shook in fright as they looked on. The bewitching woman laughed gently, “Alright, let’s set off. We'll enter Raccoon City and search for the clue to the Seventh Underground Laboratory.”

“Lea... leader… is that fine? This city looks dangerous! Who knows what monsters lurk within? We're better off waiting here, and see if any teams pass by. We’ll cooperate to enter. How about it?” One of the men within the team said.

The woman didn't turn around. She only raised the whip in her hand and lashed out with it. With a loud and clear smack, the man was sent two or three metres away. He spasmed on the ground, and although he didn't seem to be heavily injured, he didn't have the strength to stand up for a time.

“I’ve already made my decision. Lowly men, since when did you all learn to start doubting my decisions?” The woman smiled bewitchingly, before raising her hand towards the distant Raccoon City and taking the lead in walking there.


It had to be mentioned that this Raccoon City was a successor of that huge main battlefield in Resident Evil Apocalypse. God had increased the size of the city, making it many times larger than the cities in real world America. A psyche force user wouldn't be able to scan the whole city, and they would be exceptional if they could scan even a twentieth of it.

From a certain perspective, this city’s size already showed there must be something special inside. And this thing had to be the main clue in this movie world...

As the first team entered Raccoon City, the rest of the teams gradually gathered towards Raccoon City. The second. The third. The city’s enormity was ridiculous. The area the teams entered was very very small compared to the size of the city as a whole. The entire city maintained its calm…


At the same time, in a hidden valley not far from Raccoon City...

“Huff, huffffff…”

A beautiful white woman was running forward nonstop. There were countless tunnels and mechanisms here. Not only that, but there were monsters that were difficult to imagine...

The woman didn’t know where she was. In truth, she didn't know who she was either. She only knew she was in a freezing cold room when she woke up. Her subconsciousness had told her that it was dangerous there. Incredibly dangerous. There was an unknown dangerous monster approaching her. She didn't know what exactly it was, only that she had to flee as fast as possible.

The woman hence started running. She raced along the tunnels after leaving the room. There were many traps set up along the way. However, it was as if she had some inherent premonition. She would always avoid it before the trap befell her. Not only that, but her reaction speed, speed and power far surpassed the common person. She could even strengthen certain parts of her muscles and body when she faced great danger, gaining an explosive power several times that of an ordinary person or even more. She thus avoided danger, her body allowing her to escape several fatal disasters. Her senses told her the exit was near.

All of a sudden, the woman abruptly came to a stop. She looked around in panic. For some reason, her premonition was telling her that some terrifying creature was about that was completely capable of threatening her life.

“Who? Who’s there? Come out!”

The woman suddenly shouted at a nearby tunnel. At the same time, her arms and legs began to swell. As soon as she discovered a creature there, she would immediately launch an attack.

As she shouted, a man who was shaking walked out of the tunnel. He looked like he was in great pain. He consistently rubbed his temples as he walked. However, he wasn't a zombie based on his skin and body, but a truly living human.

“Zheng, Zheng? That's right! I’m Alice!”

As soon as she saw the man, countless memory fragments flashed through her mind. She automatically called out the name of the man before her, while recalling her own name at the same time. At this point, she was even more uncertain. She didn't even remember why she was here or what happened before she fainted, only remembering the two names.

“How are you?” Alice shook her head, pushing this train of thought deep into the back of her mind.

However, Zheng abruptly raised his head and screeched, his eyes utterly bloodshot. They were no longer the eyes of a human. His blood vessels began to bulge as well and his muscles began to squirm as if they were alive. He looked abnormally strange, and Alice stopped her advance upon seeing this.

“Do you not remember me? It’s me, Alice, Zheng. We fought together before.” Alicia carefully asked from afar.

Zheng ignored what she said. The man howled madly as he charged over. That speed had already far exceeded an ordinary person, the dozens of metres crossed in two or three seconds. Alice could only make a backflip backwards in time, while Zheng didn't seem capable of controlling his speed. He slammed into the wall with a bang, causing the wall to cave in. The loud noise reverberated. Alice felt vibrations in her legs. It was obvious how much force that collision had.

Zheng merely shook his head, turning his head around as if nothing had happened. The muscles on his body began to wriggle even more violently.

“ROAR!” Zheng howled loudly. A red line seemed to flow downwards from his forehead until his heart, while another current spread from his lower abdomen. When the two unknown energies converged, Zheng suddenly stepped down with force, his speed much faster than before.

Zheng pushed Alice down onto the ground before she could react. The enormous force sent them skidding across the ground, leaving a trail of flesh and blood.

Alice moaned in pain. She had lost the feeling in her back. When she was just about to use force to push Zheng off, Zheng unexpectedly punched her stomach. The enormous force seemed like it was about to break her in half, and Alice spat out a large mouthful of blood. Zheng’s attacks hadn’t ended, and he opened his mouth, attempting to bite down on her neck. If this bite connected, Alice would really lose her life here.

Alice could feel death nearing. In that instant, it was as if time slowed down around her. She could only see that approaching teeth in her eyes… as well as that gradually blurring space. An enormous force abruptly appeared between the two, actually pushing Zheng back. Depressions formed on the metal wall along the way from this force. Alice rose to her feet, her eyes emotionless. This force was indeed caused by her.

“You’re… not Zheng… you monster... Die!” Alice said as she spat out blood. Her hands came together and the distortions in the air began to become more violent. The force enveloped Zheng within, squeezing and tearing at him. With a tearing sound, one of Zheng’s arms was ripped off, and the force showed no signs of abating, instead gushing forth more frenziedly. Zheng’s life was already at death’s door.

That beast-like man suddenly have a howl. The originally peacefully converging energies suddenly went mad. The produced energy became inconceivably large, as if it wanted to destroy himself. At the same moment his body began to break down, he instantly struggled free of this invisible force and vanished entirely from Alice’s field of vision. Only footprints were left from the ground shattering apart and Alice’s head had already burst apart in the next second. Her corpse was sent flying tens of metres away and disintegrated upon collision with the wall. Only Zheng, with his body in the midst of breaking down, was left standing there.

Zheng howled to the skies. His body seemed unable to withstand this power, and broke down entirely, leaving behind only chunks of flesh and blood...

At the end of the hallway, there was a metal plate hanging there. Several words were written in English on it.

Biological Cloning Seventh Underground Laboratory...

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