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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 8-1: Initial battle! That Once Upon A Time Comrade!(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 8-1: Initial battle! That Once Upon A Time Comrade!(I)

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“Xuan… my patience is reaching an end!” A voice resounded. No one needed to turn their head back to know it was Gando’s gloomy voice. The man had become gloomier and more unfriendly ever since they had entered Raccoon City. Apart from him, there were several others who acted strange…

Such as Zhao Zhuikong, Ming Yanwei...

Clone Xuan didn't even turn around as he replied, “I’m helpless with regards to your request. We’re still three days away from team China. We should be able to make it in time if we want to intercept and attack them before they reach the Hive. But we still have an important matter to do before that. I hope you won't interfere with my plan.”

“And if I interfere?” Gando stood up, laughing coldly as he looked at clone Xuan. His expression had provocation written all over it.

“You would die. I will surely kill you.” Clone Xuan put down the apple in his hand, saying indifferently to Gando.

Gando began to roar as if he had received some stimulation. “You’ll kill me? YOU’VE DONE THAT ONCE BEFORE ALREADY! Would I still be scared of it? Fuck your whole family! I wouldn't be standing here if I was scared of that. I’ve braved countless dangers that were surely fatal all for the sake of revenge… You can’t stop me!” When he finished, Gando instead calmed down. His body slowly rose up, but those eyes continued to stare at clone Xuan. It could be seen that he did indeed dread clone Xuan to the utmost.

However, contrary to his expectations, as well as everyone else’s, Xuan didn't seem to make a move. He allowed him to fly off. After a long while, the fellow picked an apple up again and began to take bites, as if nothing had happened.

“Xu, Xuan. You’re just allowing him to leave? Is it fine?” Zhang Xiaoxue was seemingly stupefied as she asked dumbly.

“It doesn't matter any longer…” Clone Xuan shut his eyes. “I know you all have your doubts, ever since this movie started. Why would I keep monitoring team China and team Celestial? Logically speaking, we have an absolute situational advantage. Our Zheng is very strong, especially since he broke through to the peak fourth stage and self-created that infinitely powerful move. It can be said that he’s stronger than all of us put together. Although he keeps saying his fated enemy is the original Zheng Zha, I believe it shouldn't take that long handling him… So, why am I taking it so seriously? It’s because our luck is poor…”

“This isn't me saying luck as a lamentation, but luck in the truest sense of the word. Even if we suffer the rejection of spacetime reversal, we don't belong to this world. As outsiders who used the Godseal Board, the greatest negative side effect will be the spacetime reversal. Let me make an analogy, the banana peel theory. It’s an interesting hypothesis in spacetime theory. If we could travel back in time and take actions that would change the world, like killing a famous person or yourself, although time has its own self restorative abilities in the long term, in the short term spacetime reversal will be reaction against the invader. This person would experience many accidents and be unable to achieve his goal, such as stepping on a banana peel. Remember the Final Destination we experienced? That was God telling us the dangers of causality type weapons. If we reach the limit, such a thing would happen. It’s the rejection from the world…”

Clone Xuan sighed. “Unfortunately, the Godseal Board is exactly that sort of super powerful weapon that can cause a spacetime reversal. It’s enough to defy the heavens and that's not an exaggeration. Collecting information is just an incredibly small use of it. For example, Xiaoxue can transform causality points into a barrier to protect me during battle. I’ll be invincible as long as there are sufficient causality points. If it’s enough, I could even create an independent God under my control. That wouldn't be a problem…”

“It’s because we used too many causality points that our luck is getting poorer and poorer in this movie. This rain is just one of them. It increases the effectiveness of team China’s virus and prevents us from speedily reaching them through using our psyche force user. This practically counteracts my original plan of exterminating team China within a short time.

Clone Xuan looked at that uninterrupted rain. “Team Celestial as well. Adam has a very very dangerous item. Although its technological level is far less than the Godseal Board, it’s an item jointly created by the white race’s Saints and Cultivators. It fits with some of their beliefs. If Adam really finished that plan, even us with the Godseal Board won’t escape from doom. That's why I laid that scheme before.”

“The entire scheme started before team China experienced The Perfect Storm. We found out that team China has a large scale weapon in that movie, and it’s different from the Magic Cannon that used materials collected from the movie worlds. His weapon is self created, so it won’t be restricted by God. Although I don't know what kind of weapon it is, there is something we can use to oppress team China. We can let my original know I have some sort of omniscience. When in a situationally inferior position, my original will have the same thinking process as me, which is to throw the final battle into chaos. Since they’re in a situationally inferior position, how the situation is no longer matters to them. Thus, why not risk their lives to even out the playing field rather than be oppressed by us? That's roughly my original’s thinking. Although I didn't know beforehand he would create such a terrifying virus, everything else was basically within my expectations. The scheme progressed smoothly…”

“There were two unintended occurrences. Luo Yinglong’s defection was one. He’s different from Song Tian. Song Tian only thinks about martial dao. Even if he disappears when Adam completes his plan, he can still gain the martial dao he dreams of. Luo Yinglong only wants to live on, and in a passionate way at that. His defection caused a huge threat to Adam’s plan. If team China knows of his plan, it’ll likely fail. At the same time, my scheme will be broken.”

“My scheme is simple. I’ll let team China use that large scale weapon to whittle down the Angel Alliance and let Adam’s plan succeed. However, its effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Adam will definitely attack team China first after the plan is complete, because of the rage of the dead… He’ll be unable to act rational and team China will lose a portion of their combat power in this attack. At that time, we’ll appear to battle, and team China will have an irreversible defeat. However, there were the accidents, which was our bad luck, of Luo Yinglong defecting and this rainstorm. The power of team China’s virus is greatly increased, as well as its speed of spreading. I don’t know how much of the Angel Alliance will survive... Adam will inevitably fail if so. The rainstorm also hampers our speed of advance. If we can’t use force to oppress team China… I’m worried something more will happen.”

Clone Xuan looked at Zhang Xiaoxue. Only she understood the meaning within that gaze. It was a question. She immediately shook her head. Team China had been constantly monitored. Although the Godseal Board utilised the vague words of prophecy to give its hints, Zhang Xiaoxue’s enhancement happened to be seer. That was why she had been the one in charge of it. According to the Godseal Board’s prompt, team China’s Xuan had hidden a piece of paper in one of the virus capsules. However, the words and numbers had no order to it. The Godseal Board was still a lifeless object in the end. Although it could crack codes and translate, it couldn’t decipher a meaning from meaningless words and numbers. She had told clone Xuan about this already, and he had been often deep in thought since then.

“It’s because all these accidents happened that the chaotic situation has become a foregone conclusion. So, we’ll just let Luo Gando test team China’s power in advance. This isn’t something unacceptable. What I’m worried about is something else… If our luck continues to worsen, can Luo Gando really battle with team China? Perhaps, some other accident will happen that makes him fight someone else instead…”

(The Godseal Board has such a huge negative side-effect. There must be some item, skill or enhancement to handle it. It should be in the yellow race Cultivator’s legacy, right? Is it with my original?)

Clone Xuan looked at the sky. Purple lightning streaked across that overcast sky and water poured down. The rainstorm was getting heavier…

TN Note: This is very, very interesting! On further googling when I was doing research for this chapter, I actually discovered that this banana peel thing is an actual theory!

If you’re interested, enter this link and use your search function(F3 or whatever) to find the word ‘banana peel’ on the page. It was quite interesting for me! An excerpt from it on if you decide to travel back in time and kill your past self:

`Now consider the time traveller setting off to kill her younger self. As discussed, no contradiction need ensue—this is prevented not by chaperones or mysterious forces, but by a run of ordinary occurrences in which the trigger falls off the time traveller’s gun, a gust of wind pushes her bullet off course, she slips on a banana peel, and so on. But now consider this run of ordinary occurrences. Whenever the time traveller contemplates auto-infanticide, someone nearby will drop a banana peel ready for her to slip on, or a bird will begin to fly so that it will be in the path of the time traveller’s bullet by the time she fires, and so on.`

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