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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 8-2: Initial battle! That Once Upon A Time Comrade!(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 8-2: Initial battle! That Once Upon A Time Comrade!(II)

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Gando’s speed was incredibly fast. It was as if he didn't care about the lightning in the sky as he continuously flew a hundred meters up in the sky. A visible diamond-shaped barrier appeared around him, dissipating the lightning. His speed wasn't impacted at all, and he continued his high speed flight without a care.

Three days of walking distance could be covered in under an hour if it was through flight. With Gando’s speed, he reached team China's hotel in half an hour. Within a few seconds of his arrival, a figure shattered the window and exited, shooting like an arrow towards the hotel’s roof. Gando looked closely, and realised it was Zheng wielding Tiger’s Soul.

“Long time no see, Zheng Zha… We haven't met since I died, right?” Gando was silent for a moment, before shouting at the figure.

Zheng had initially only felt a powerful aura incoming, along with a killing intent that filled the air. This activity naturally hadn't escaped Zheng’s senses. But… who knew the person before Zheng… would be him! The Luo Gando who died in Transformers!

“Luo, Luo Gando?! You’re still alive?” Zheng shouted in pleasant surprise.

Just as Zheng shouted, a voice next to him sounded out. “No, he should be dead. This Luo Gando before us… should be a clone who resurrected in team Devil! Isn't that so, clone Gando?”

“Clone? Haha, yeah! I AM a clone! DIE! CHU XUAN!!!!”

Gando laughed, raising his right hand as the air within distorted strangely. He tossed out that lump of distorted air, the target Xuan who had popped his head out at some unknown time.

Xuan didn't move. Zheng, who was in front of him had already chopped out. The saber passed, and that spatial distortion had vanished without a trace. However, there was suddenly an explosion. Together with the ground shattering on the roof, it was as if Zheng had sliced open a bomb instead. At the same time, everyone apart from Yingkong had gathered on the roof already.

“Haha, come on, all of you come at me together! Let me see if you have the strength to kill me again!” Gando roared. At the same time, the faintly discernible diamond-shaped barrier around him became more obvious, as it was a material object.

“True Light of the Soul? The initial fourth stage?” Zheng frowned. “Careful, Gando. You’re under the control of your heart’s devil. Control your emotions and don’t let the heart’s devil expand any further! Otherwise, you can't enter the mid fourth stage and will likely die!”

Gando instead begun to curse, “Fuck you! You keep going on and on about comrades, and everyone living on together. But you’re the most hypocritical one of them all. Up till now you’re still living well, but your comrades? Who knows how many have died? Me? You didn’t save me, or you purposely put me in a trap so I died! I’m not satisfied! Why do you all full of hypocrisy get to live on? Why did it have to be me who died? Now I’m powerful, and can seek revenge on you hypocrites! Come! Let me see what power all you hypocrites have to maintain your hypocrisy!” Gando charged at the people of team China.

Zheng shouted at the same time, “Are you mistaken about something, Gando? I’ve seen you as my comrade from start till the end! When did I do you wrong?”

Gando didn't reply, only staring hatefully at team China as he charged forward. Suddenly, a streak of azure light flashed over from the distant darkness. It was an ancient sword that shot directly at Gando’s back. Gando had no choice but to turn around and send a punch. A diamond-shaped barrier appeared around his fist, forcefully blocking that sword. The sword seemed intelligent, and after failing to pierce through it immediately turned tail. At this moment, a youth flew over from the distance as well. He was stepping on a flying sword. Multiple sharp ancient swords that emitted an azure light encircled him. The comer was indeed Luo Yinglong.

“Fellow from team Devil, you really are a busy guy! Everywhere I go, I see you! So? Are you here to disrupt things again?” Luo Yinglong wasn't in a good mood upon seeing Gando, and immediately asked mockingly.

Gando didn't reply. At this moment he was clearly full of hatred for everyone before him. He casually tossed out another lump of distorted space. Luo Yinglong was still an experienced person, and knew this was telekinesis… one of the manifestations of Light of the Soul, also known as force of the soul or A.T. Field. This was one of the greatest characteristics of the fourth stage outside of infinitesimal control.

Luo Yinglong had originally been unconcerned about Gando. After all, powerhouses of his level all had an extremely strong pressure. Gando’s pressure wasn’t too strong, although he could still be considered a powerful person.

However, he unexpectedly had Light of the Soul, and it was an innate attribute of his and not something enabled by a skill or enhancement based on his proficiency with it. Luo Yinglong turned serious immediately. His flying swords slammed into the distorted space under his manipulations. With a boom, the distorted space was wiped out of existence without a trace, while the flying swords were unharmed themselves.

“Just that? It seems your strength is just so-so.” Luo Yinglong sneered.

Gando began to laugh uproariously, until everyone started feeling strange. He then laughed coldly, “Unfortunately, my personal power isn’t much. Just based on combat power, some people with strong enhancements can kill me… But fortunately, I’m a piloting genius. This has already been confirmed. Want to see the mech I pilot? No, it’s more apt to call it my combat lifeform... Want to see it? My Evangelion Unit-01!”

A huge region behind Gando began to twist and distort, as if the space there was flowing water.


A purple hand abruptly extended out of that space.

It was bigger than Gando’s entire body. The giant hand placed itself below Gando’s feet, and the man slowly landed on that giant hand. The giant hand didn’t stop extending outwards. An over twenty metre tall enormous half-robot appeared in the air, floating there. A visible translucent diamond-shaped layer appeared over it. It was no longer simply a defensive barrier, looking instead to be part of its body. When Light of the Soul reached such a level, it could be quite terrifying.

“Come! Hypocrites, let’s compose one final song together! Let me hear your cries of pain. Let me know… all my suffering wasn’t pointless! Tell me there was a point to all that misery from life and death crises and bitterness from forcing myself to become strong!”

With a wave of Gando’s hand, the partially mechanised giant lifeform gave a howl. There was a silver cross-like flash in its enormous mouth.

All those on the roof jumped away, taking out their Sky Sticks in the process. The building below them seemed to be bombarded by a massive force, a silver light instantly bursting out. In the next moment, the top floor was sheared off, the entire roof no longer anywhere to be seen.

“Hahaha… fight back, hypocrites. Fight an exciting battle with me. It doesn’t matter if you kill me again!” Gando was nearly insane as he roared, while the giant lifeform behind him roared as well. It attempted to headbutt everyone. The diamond-shaped defensive barrier stood erect, as if it were a diamond-shaped blade. If they were struck by it, they would definitely be hacked to death.

“Stop. Your opponent… is me!”

Luo Yinglong inhaled deeply. He then gave a roar. It was like a sound based attack that attacked the surroundings in a wave-like form. That pouring rain was knocked away by the sound, forming an ellipse. The charging giant lifeform seemed able to hear the sound. It abruptly stopped its ramming, turning its head around as it breathed heavily. The giant lifeform looked like a giant that had been enlarged several dozen times, but its face was covered by metal, with only a ferocious mouth that continuously let out white breath revealed. It gnashed its teeth as it looked at Luo Yinglong, before letting loose a roar.

“You want to get in the way? Fellow from team Celestial, you think you’re badass just because you learnt some Cultivation? SCRAM! My target today is team China! There’s another plan for you team Celestial! If you want to live, scram far, far away!” Gando stood on the palm as he looked straight ahead at Luo Yinglong. His voice turned gloomier, as if he could no longer control the surging killing intent on himself.

TN Note: Two of the abilities of the Eva is to have a flash of silver cross-shaped light at their mouth, which will cause an explosion that is also cross shaped. Another ability is Absolute Terror Field(A.T. Field), a defensive barrier.

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