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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 8-3: Initial battle! That Once Upon A Time Comrade!(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 8-3: Initial battle! That Once Upon A Time Comrade!(III)

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Luo Yinglong was both anxious and angry in his heart. He was anxious because he had some urgent things to tell Xuan, while he didn't know how to broach the topic. He was angry because he had consumed a significant amount of Refined Qi and vitality to divine team China’s position. Who knew a fellow from team Devil would suddenly appear to fight. Wasn't his Refined Qi and vitality wasted if so? He grit his teeth, disregarding what Gando said. He just put his hands together to form a seal as he stepped forward with a majestic air.

“Borrowing the force of heaven and earth! Eight Trigrams form!”

“Water! Floods!”

As his hands came together, a continuously revolving Eight Trigrams formation diagram appeared in the sky. At the same moment it appeared, the surrounding rainwater seemed to fall under some sort of control, flowing backwards as it rose up and rapidly gushed towards the formation diagram. For a moment, there was not even a single drop of water left in the area for kilometres around. All of it had flown into that Eight Trigrams formation diagram.

Gando knew it was no longer time to hold back. With a wave of his hand, a cross-shaped silver light flashed past in the Eva’s mouth again. The area Luo Yinglong was in was completed enveloped in the resultant cross-shaped explosion, which was much stronger than the one before. Several of the nearby buildings were shattered to the point of collapse. It was a level of power equal to Wangxia’s miniature nukes.

When the explosion of silver light passed, Luo Yinglong who had been in the centre of it was unharmed. Those ancient swords swam around in his surroundings. He didn’t do anything flashy. All he did was put his hands together and stomp down with force twice as he shouted, “River Surges Forth!”

The Eight Trigrams formation accelerated in its rotation, a stream of water flowing forth. At first, it wasn’t too large. Its diameter was at most metres. But when it reached a hundred metres from the ground, it began to rapidly expand, reaching over a hundred metres in diameter. The mid-air Gando and Eva were swallowed within. This wasn’t an ordinary water stream. The water stream carried a strange collision force with it, like a knife, and the buildings struck by it were instantly pulverised. The Eva which had been the first to be struck could only let out a howl as it was smashed into the ground. The water flowed ceaselessly, and the ground quickly became a vast and boundless body of water...

“Hahaha, it’s just a robot. How could it be the equal of Cultivation? This ‘borrowing the force of heaven and earth’ draws power from all things in the world. The water spell is several times stronger than usual in this rainstorm. Let’s see if you survive this or not!”

Luo Yinglong’s reaction was as how team China remembered him, still that hothead from in Lord of the Rings. He began to make a ruckus, before finally recovering a few seconds later. He anxiously shouted at Xuan, “Hey! Chu Xuan! I have something urgent to tell you! That fellow, Adam, he… errrrr… he…”

Xuan was lost in thought for a moment, before asking with some surprise, “Huh? What about Adam?”

“I can't tell you!” Luo Yinglong was dazed for a moment, before muttering.

“Did you specially come over on a flying sword to mess with us…?” Zheng was both in a good mood and amused when he heard this, and he loudly asked, “Since you can’t say anything, don’t say anything. If you want to say it, just say it.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to say. It’s that I can’t...” Luo Yinglong replied with a bitter expression. He was planning on continuing to speak, when he suddenly waved his hand and manipulated an ancient sword. A silver laser shot up from below, much more intense than the explosion before. Its might was much greater than before, and even Zheng who was standing far away had to squint his eyes slightly. The shockwaves spread hundreds of metres away, and the buildings in this area had already completely collapsed.

At this time, a giant lifeform slowly floated up from the ground. The figure was purple and had a metallic body surface. A ridiculous amount of Light of the Soul, or A.T. Field, was visible on its body. The Eva Unit-01 had been completely unharmed in the turbulence before, and so was Luo Gando who stood in its palm.

“Alright, fine. I admit I underestimated you before. Forgive me for calling you this, but, Cultivation Man, I’ll start getting slightly serious. That’s the only way to live up to our team Devil’s position as one of the three strongest…:

Gando extended his arms, and nine pairs of wings abruptly extended out of his back as well as the Eva’s. They clearly weren't just for show, as the wings of light could be seen continuously drawing in minute points of light that faintly appeared in the surroundings. What exactly the points of lights were was unknown, but their absorption caused the suppression the Eva was emanating to spike up.

Luo Yinglong appeared within that explosion of silver light unscathed. However, on closer inspection, the azure light on the ancient sword had dimmed some...


“As expected. An ‘accident’ occurred. Although there were already omens of it happening, it appearing in this manner when Gando provoked team China… looks like fate is our enemy now.” Xuan sighed. He suddenly gave Zhang Xiaoxue a look, before muttering.

Zhang Xiaoxue froze. “Should we give him some help through the Godseal Board? Quickly defeat that Cultivator then continue to deplete team China’s power?”

“No… Matters have their own momentum when they unfold. The momentum the accident before us produced can’t be easily counteracted. It has begun. The final battle has truly begun, the prologue opened by these two surnamed Luo…” Xuan looked up at the sky. He quietened down after he finished speaking. After a long while, he continued, “It’s a true pity. You can’t see the stars in this sort of weather…”

“Stars?” The people around repeated curiously.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “No good! Zhao Zhuikong is gone!”

“No need to look for him. As I said, matters unfolding tend to have their own momentum to it. When it starts, it usually needs a much greater power to force it to a stop. Instead of wasting energy stopping it, why not just go with the flow and exert energy alongside it? Let’s begin. Our team Devil shall join the final battle as well…”


In a plaza not far from team Devil’s base, Zhao Zhuikong was gently smiling as he stood there. Facing him was another man gently smiling as well. The man was very similar looking to him, practically identical to him.

“So? Has it been exchanged? Don’t tell me you haven't.” Zhao Zhuikong smiled at the man he was facing.

“Ah, but of course I’ve exchanged it. How interesting. If I weren't about to meet with little apple, I’ll really want to go at it with you before we fuse. Right, my clone?” The other Zhao Zhuikong smiled gently to the other him.

“Ah yes. Apart from my little apple, you’re much more to my taste than the rest of those vegetables and potatoes. But it’s no good. Little apple is already waiting anxiously. If I don't quickly handle you, she’ll get mad. A pity that we can't split again after fusing using this item. Fighting with myself does sound quite entertaining otherwise.”

The two gazed at the other in silence for a long while. They then took out the thing in their own hand, a pair of earrings where each held one of the pair. Each put it on their left and right ears. In an instant, an indescribable power sent the two colliding towards each other. There was a flash of bright light, and the two lost their consciousness at the same time...

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